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Work experience

Aug 2011Jun 2014

Assistant Bar and Lounge Manager

At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Emaar Hospitality Group

Overview of Outlet.

At.mosphere lounge operates with 3 meal periods, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and evening/dinner service. Each period had its own set of challenges and separate menus or promotions.

Overseeing service procedures. (Ensuring daily all associates were adhering to company standards as well as ensuring that all associates were proficient in knowledge of the menus for all the meal periods as well as beverages and promotional items)

Coaching and training associates. (I was elected by management as the training leader for the lounge team hence i was responsible for scheduling associates for external trainings as well as internal. Trainings that were conducted by myself include Verbiage/Phraseology, Sequence of service for each meal period, Opening wines and Champagne a professional manner, Opening and Closing procedures, Dealing with difficult guests, Food Service, Beverage Service, Product Knowledge, Table set up for Meals and meal periods, Grooming and Hygiene standards, Body Language, Up-selling, Guest Engagement and Service Etiquette. Coaching associates by means of 1 on 1 discussions about a procedure that the associate might be having difficulty with. Disciplinary coaching was also necessary for associates that were not behaving in accordance with company standards. All trinings were recorded and training attendance sheets were submitted to the Training and Development department for their records as well as our training budget)

Engaging and resolving complaints with guests.(Engaging with guests is an everyday duty in any restaurant, in At.mosphere it comes allot easier as you have the view and destinations to chat about. There was a complaint to 'turn around' everyday , mostly due to the high minimum spend in place.)

Conducting daily briefings.(Discussing station allocation, upcoming events, VIP guests, checking grooming, addressing any difficulties,upcoming trainings, promotions and products)

Overseeing monthly and annual beverage inventories. ( The company was very strict when it came to alcohol so inventories were always closely monitored by the finance department. The Inventories were for all spirits,Beers and Wines. There was a period where we had no active Sommelier I took the responsibility of handling all Wine related inventories and ordering)

Overseeing all orders of Beverages. ( Beverage orders were delegated to the Bar Captain and I would oversee the orders before approving the request and question and orders that seemed too large as they would affect the overall beverage cost. A system was implemented to create a par stock for all wines and spirits as we were challenged as far as storage space is concerned.)

Weekly roster for associates. ( All shifts had to be covered with sufficient manning as well as upcoming events and public holidays, unlike most outlets At.mosphere is busy everyday where most other outlets are particularly busier on weekends , this proved challenging when associates were on sick leave or annual leave)

Monthly training schedule for associates. ( Each Associate had to be scheduled for Internal trainings in the outlet, HR trainings and External trainings from suppliers. Besides being a part of the outlets MBO's and KPI's it was to ensure that all associates were being developed and growing)

Annual vacation plan for associates. ( Vacations had to be balanced so that the operation did not suffer, during the peak seasons some vacations had to be moved or cancelled and had to be discussed with the concerned associates.)

Delegation of associates side duties and responsibilities (Duties were broken down into Daily, Weekly and Monthly according to the relevance or importance of the duty, Delegation was implemented, delegated by me and disciplinary action was taken for associates that did not complete their allocated duty)

Implementation of new beverage menu.  (In At.mosphere the food menu would change seasonally and beverage menu would change twice a year. An opportunity for bartenders was given to introduce new cocktails, after their proposed cocktails were tasted and reviewed ,some were selected, others had to be created to add more diversity to the cocktails. Slow moving items were taken off the menu and new items added. The new cocktails and beverages had to go through cost control and suggested pricing had to be approved by finance. Once approved and costed a purchase order for the printing had to be raised as all menus are printed externally. Before sending the finalized menu to the printers I had to send the menu to our corporate office graphic designer for the approved format, I have an eye for detail in this respect and would often have to send the menu back to the graphic designer as there were many issues such as spacing, font and punctuation errors.And all this had to be completed by the arranged deadline)

Raising new Purchase requests and following up with suppliers. ( In At.mosphere there was no Co-ordination to handle all the admin, I was responsible for a majority of the admin duties.purchase orders were done using a system called EAM, I had to first get 3 quotes from the purchasing department for any particular item. Once received the order would be raised and sent to HOD for approval, I was in charge of approving on behalf of the HOD, this meant querying any orders form other departments that seemed questionable. Once approved the order would go through 7 more approvals before the PO would reach the supplier, this could take weeks and in cases with Capex items Months. Once the PO was sent to the supplier I would follow up and document the order and follow up with them where necessary.)

Compiling monthly revenue analysis reports. (These reports were not mandatory, I started compiling them to help when information was requested by the HOD in regards to sales and covers for each meal period, Sales of our specials and average spend for each day, these figures would be compared to the monthly budget. Exclusive events and promotions were highlighted as well.)

Costing of new cocktail recipes.( Costing of new beverages and cocktails had a few guidelines that had to be followed, The beverage cost could not be affected by the items, fortunately in Atmosphere the price margin is higher than other outlets and it was very easy to manage.Garnish was also included to the costing, I tried to come up with new and fresh ideas based on IBA trends.)

Revision and updating of all outlet SOP's.(The original SOP's were made during the opening of At.mosphere and had long been outdated, with the format provided by the Quality Manager, I was given the task of updating every SOP from Preparation of the side stations to Closing the outlet. Everything was covered and my SOP's were used in other outlets for opening and serving wines.)

Quarterly 1 on 1 with associates and annual and bi-annual performance appraisals of associates. (The 1 on 1's and appraisals with associates were delegated between the manager, the other assistant manager and myself. I was in charge of the Bar team. A team of 8, as had would be the one to compile all the others before sending them to HR i was given the smallest group.)

Compiling and review of monthly snag list.( The Snag list was done monthly by walking through the 2 outlets, kitchen and back areas taking notes and pictures of and damage, maintenance requirements or issues, the list would be compiled and sent to the HOD, Engineering and Housekeeping to constantly keep the outlets in perfect order. I would also follow up items with the respective departments and send messages of thanks for outstanding work.)

Bi-annual application of entertainment licenses for musicians.(In UAE for any live entertainment an entertainer license is required for each artist, we had 2 DJ, a Violinist and 2 Harpists, every 3 months I had to re apply for the licenses, this took up half a day as it involves an Advance from Finance, a handover of forms and cash to the Government representative and an Arabic translation of the forms. Once the forms received the receipts were to be submitted to finance to avoid the outlet being charged.)


WSET Level 2 Wine and spirits training ( Wine and Spirits Education Trust. I received an award with Merit in August 2012)

A&E bar tender training ( I attended the coarse with the bar team however it was on my own as I wanted to learn, I never received and Certificate for this)

Associate of the month: Dec 2012 (I was nominated by my HOD for outstanding performance)

HACCP-PIC international certification ( Level 3 Person in charge award with merit for supervising food safety)

5 years of service with Emaar. 

Dec 2010Jul 2011

Restaurant Captain

At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa, Emaar Hospitality Group

Outlet Overview

At.mosphere Grill (Now called At.mosphere Restaurant)is the highest restaurant in the world with a modern, eclectic grill restaurant that focused on sustainability. There were two meal periods namely lunch and dinner with a fine dinning feel.

Pre-opening OSE handling. ( During the pre-opening of At.mosphere , I was the only captain with pre-opening experience and took the lead on maintaining and tracking all of the OSE.)

Monthly wine inventories. (Since we had no sommelier for the first 8 year in At.mosphere i took the responsibility of maintaining the wine stock and inventories , this sparked an interest in wines.)

Lunch and Dinner a la carte service . ( Taking orders and suggestive selling on selected items, Guest engagement and product knowledge.)

Station supervision. (In charge of a station and 1 or 2 waiters respectively)

Wine service and cellar maintenance and weekly wine orders..(In the absence of the sommilier I was in charge of ordering and maintaing the par levels for wines in At.mosphere using the FIFO system. On a monthly basis I would clean all the shelves and arrange the wines neatly in accordance with HACCP standards.)

Supervision of opening and closing procedures. (Delegating duties to the waters and checking that everything was completed before leaving the outlet or before service.)


WSET level 1- Foundation in Wines. (Wine and Spirit Education Trust. I recived a certificate on 27 July 2011)

Pre-Opening team

Implimentation of Ideas (I recieved certificates for the implimentation of my revenue boosting ideas, although not all were implemented.)

Promoted to Assistant Manager


Jun 2009Dec 2010


Calabar, Latin Lounge , The Address Hotel Downtown, Emaar Hospitality group

Outlet Overview

Calabar is busy a latin lounge bar in the Address hotel, it has tapas style food and very vibrant cocktails with live DJ with an out door area filled with beanbags. Only open for evening service.

General service and station supervision. ( I was in charge of a station with one waiter , ensureing all the guests were served and free from dirty glasses and plates.) Supervision of opening and closing procedures. (Opening and closing procedures were monitored and supervised before associates went home or before operation started. Cashiering duties in absence of cashier.(All the captains in Calabar were responsible for cashiering duties when the cashier was off or on leave , we rotated this duty between us.) Cigar humidor, maintenance, inventories and ordering.( The Cigar humidor had to be moved to the storeroom every night as the temperatures in Calabar were too high during the day, The air conditioning was on an automatic timer and switched off during the day. I was in charge of ordering Cigars every 2 weeks and training associates on cigar cutting, serving and lighting) Daily monitoring of breakage log book. ( we kept a breakage log book in Calabar and every night after service I would count all the broken items and log them, as to track effectively the breakage for our outlet, this was very helpful when it came to the end of year equipment inventory.) Compiling weekly engineering snag list.( I was incharge of implimenting and maintaing a weekly maintenace log book for Engineering, including light bulbs to be changed, scratched wooden surfaces and furniture maintenance.) Organizationand monitoring of associates side duties.(I was given the responsibility to Organize,Implement, and delegate new updated side duties in Calabar, I broke all the duties into Daily, weekly and monthly duties. A log book was made to check on all the duties and responsibilities.)


Successfull Partisipation of the Aabian Travel Market Function.

Transfer to At.mosphere, Burj Khalifa

Aug 2008Jun 2010


Fazaris, All day Dining, The Address Hotel, Downtown Dubai, Emaar Hospitality Group

Outlet Overview

Fazaris was a international cuisine restaurant (changed to Japanese/Italian fusion). There were four show kitchens and three kitchens in the back area. Cuisines served included, Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, Arabic Grill, South East Asian, Cold section and Pastry. This came with its own set of challenges.)

Pre- opening OSE handling.(As it was a pre-opening a great deal of time went into picking up the delivered OSE ,arranging it according to outlet, washing and packing it accordingly)

General a la carte service.(Breakfast was buffet service however Lunch and Dinner were a la carte, I prided myself on having the best product knowledge and knowing every ingredient in every dish, this set me apart as one of the top associates and helped when taking orders as guests often needed advice on our extensive menu.)

Food pick up duties. ( With 8 pick up stations time management was key as all orders were served as courses, Initially a walkie talkie system was used between kitchen and pick up team but proved to be too complicated.)

General Buffet service and maintenance.(I was often delegated as the buffet maintenance person as I was always anticipating what was needed by the kitchen team or the guests on the buffet, product knowledge way key here.)

Monthly operation and equipment inventories.( Equipment Inventories were done on a monthly basis , this was my delegated side duty.)


Pre-Opening team. Private service for German TV crew on a yacht. (Christmas Special)(I was picked as the waiter that would accompany the executive chef on a Christmas Special to serve turkey and wine on a yacht around the palm Islands in Dubai.It was one of the highlights of my career.)

HACCP - certification

Transferred and Promoted to Captain in Calabar

Feb 2007Apr 2008

General Hotel Assistant

Glenapp Castle , Relais & Chateaux, Ballantrae, Scotland

Hotel Overview

Glenapp Castle is a luxury castle/hotel. All the General assistants work various jobs on various days, The kitchen was Micheline stared and it is one of the leading hotels in Scotland.

Housekeeping assistant.(Although most house keeping duties are delegated to the female members of staff, often we(male staff) were asked to assit in turning down a room, flipping mattresses, vacuuming floors or general dusting.)

Kitchen porter duties.( AKA stewarding, some nights I was delegated to scrub pots and wash plates, the placement of the washing station was right in the kitchen, this gave a chance to learn more about the European food and ingredients.)

Luggage porter duties.(Only delegated to male members of staff, I would stand at the door, direct the car where to park, and would greet and welcome the guests and introduce them to the GM, I would then pick up the luggage and ,place it according to standard, in the allocated room and leave before the guest arrives. We would also pick up luggage for guests when they were checking out.)

Wine cellar organization and maintenance.(This was one of our Monthly duties that I would often try to do before anyone else, I enjoyed reading the labels of the wines and being introduced to wine.)

Engineering duties.( The assistant manager and myself converted a parking garage into a laundy room, building a wall with a door and windows, ceilings, lighting and painting the room. One of the Daily duties was to check every light bulb in the hotel and change them if fused.)

Kitchen helper duties. ( On some occasions the kitchen , a team of 4, would need an extra pair of hands for simple jobs like , peeling , cutting or portioning. this was fun as I got even closer to the food and started building a passion for it.)

Bar duties. ( All drinks in the hotel was made by general assistants, I shook my first cocktail in Glenapp castle, I also had a lot of exposure to Single malts from all over Scotland.)

May 2004Dec 2006

Waiter , Full Time

Calisto's Portuguese Restaurant, Johannesburg , South Africa

Restaurant Overview

A family owned restaurant, in the classic Portuguese way. It is still a very popular and busy casual dining restaurant in Johannesburg. All the waiters work only for tips, so guest engagement and satisfaction is key.

General a la carte service. (Taking orders and posting them, joking with the guests and spoiling the kids all come as part of the expierience, I've had dares from guests to down strong drinks for tips, Stip on the table for a ladies pary and many other crazy requests. It was a great experience.)

Opening and closing procedures.( Setting up and cleaning up my allocated section, and completing daily duties.)

Handling a cash float.( Each waiter will bring in his own cash float and settle up with the Manager at the end of the evening when cashing up.)

Taking and Making Telephone Reservations. (If the phone rings and you are near , we were expected to take a booking as long as there was space.)

Greeting and seating Guests (Since we were working for tips, the more tables we had the more we would make, so picking up new guests at the door was always a sure way to get new tables.)

Nov 2000Aug 2003

Waiter, Part Time

Shafts Family Restaurant, Gold reef city,outh Africa

Restaurant Overview

No longer in operation, Shafts was at the heart of the Gold Reef City Theme park, and was broken into 3 sections, the Beer Garden and Bar, The Restaurant and the Take Away section. My first Job!

Beer garden service.(The beer garden was a very lively, outdoor area where families could sit down from a day in the park and enjoy an ice cold drink with burgers and steaks.)

Fast food counter service.(The take away section was always busy and working with cash at a high pace environment was a great challenge.)

Guest Adviser.(Since we were working in a theme park it is not uncommon for guests to ask questions about the park or for directions.)


Feb 1998Nov 2000

Grade 10 (ISSC) International Secondary School Certificate

The Hill High School

High School certificate, allowing students to leave school in grade 10 and pursue a NSC(National senior Certificate) in a more specific Field, In my case, Graphic Design.


Relationship Building
I have a natural ability to build relationships with guests and staff alike.
Food Knowladge
I am passionate about food from all around the world and often taste something new and imagine a cocktail that might match.
Beverage Knowlage
I have a fair understanding of Beverages as well as beverage cost, I am particularly drawn to cocktails and Spirits as the combinations are limitless. I am also partial to wines .
I am able to learn a new skill set and train others on that in a short amount of time in a manor that is professional and up to 5 star standards. Trainings will be conducted in groups and later 1 on 1, where staff could ask questions on points they didn't understand.
I am a very organized person and constantly take notes and create filing systems that are ''user friendly'' in order to have an easy referance of the past if needed.
I have a good understanding of many cultures and many accents as well as making others comfortable to ask me questions when they don't understand. English is my mother tongue but I always like to learn helpful phases in other languages.


Mr.Jakob Yamac, Operations Director

'I have been constantly impressed with Charl's calmness, positive attitude, organization and leadership skills.'

Mr.Jerome Pichon, Hotel Manager

'Charl had been leading the team by example, being a referance on operational know how'


Dec 2013Dec 2018

International HACCP PIC certification

TSI quality services
Award with Merit. The Certification of being the HACCP Person In charge.
Jul 2011Present

Level 1 -Foundation in Wine

WSET - wine & spirit education trust.
A course covering the basics of wines as well as touching on spirits by an internationally recognized authority on Wines and Spirits based in the UK.
Aug 2012Present

Level 2 - Wine and Spirits

WSET - wine & spirit education trust.
Pass with Merit. A course covering wines in more depth and giving a better understanding of regions, terriors and grapes as well as process of wine making and all the technical points.