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Books planned to read this quarter

Tale of Despereaux

By Kate Dicamillo


By Michael Kane

Robinson Crusoe

By Daniel Defoe



High School Student

Kalani High School


What I can do as a Book Reviewer

-Reading through first copies of book, gauging and judging things like the quality of the plot,prose, and character development



Reading Experience

-Not a big fan of reading, most of the time only reads through half of the book, and rely on third sources such as spark notes. However when really interesting books come by, will continue reading until the end of it as soon as possible.

Skill as a Reader

If the book is interesting, able to finish the entire book in a very short amount of time, with great understanding of the book, however if not interested in the book, time duration might be long.


Wish to understand the element of reading, not just simply stop reading the book whenever it is inkling.