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Work experience


Aug 2013Present

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician

Location: Huntsville, AL

Description: Work with a team to complete prescription orders, greet and assist customers with drug-related questions, and collaborate with insurance companies to resolve medication coverage issues

Fabio Hair Designs

Jul 2012Present

Operations Executive 

Operations Executive and Assistant Logistics Manager

Location: Bowie, MD

Description: Update and enhance online social media for the company, plan and schedule meetings and events, collaborate with design team to produce merchandise and new product presentation

Beauty Care

Sep 2011Aug 2012

Sale Representative

Customer Service and Sales Representative

Location: New Carrollton, MD

Description: Oversee duties of consumer assistance while doing periodic inventory checks, and restocking shelves and display areas


Kennesaw State University

Aug 2010Present

Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Studies

I am currently a Junior in college in an academic program called Integrative Studies. I worked closely with my adviser to map out a customized degree route that allows me to include my two areas of study; Chemistry and Business. As I was completing my science requirements for Pharmacy school I found myself involved in two business ventures. This encouraged me to expand my academic knowledge base. I am expected to graduate in the fall of 2015.


Pharmacy technician Capability
The technical knowledge and skill needed to handle a pharmacy technician position. This includes knowledge on how to handle high-pressure situations, lack of support from teammates, higher than average workload, etc.
Inventory Management
The proficiency used to manage inventory and other clerical functions such as data entry, creating business documents, ordering and tracking items, etc.
Medical Equipment Capability
The competency and experience with medical devices such as Cholestech LDX, body fat analyzer, blood pressure, and BMI assessments used at health screenings.
Computer Capability
The level of proficiency when using computer software like Microsoft Office. Also I type 38 words per minute, am versed in Video Editing and Troubleshooting Comprehension.
Customer Service Experience
The ability to determine the when customer service is necessary while completing the task correctly and fully. I am a dynamic customer service specialist with the ability to influence or sell to others. I also know how to to communicate effectively with clients of diverse backgrounds.


Georgia State Board of Pharmacy

Aug 2014Present

Registered Pharmacy Technician

License # PHTC025895

Alabama State Board of Pharmacy

Jul 2013Present

Registered Pharmacy Technician

CPE # 730641 T40301



I am currently working on my first book. I decided to enhance my skills and talents by taking my writing capability to the next level. I have written my short stories in the past as long as proofread three children books for publication. I hope to have a transcript to send out to publishing companies by the end of 2015. 


I have recently entered into the stock market along with other business ventures. When the opportunity to get involved in other areas of business came to my attention I knew I had to learned more about the field of marketing and stocks. I made changes to my degree program to aid my the pursuit to obtain knowledge about business. I also set up two mentoring opportunities for the beginning of 2015. My contacts are will to take me under their wing to teach me the keys to success in the marketplace. 


Omega Zeta Rho

The Women of Great Esteem, also known as Omega Zeta Rho, is a Christian sisterhood organization that is designed to create uplifting experiences for college women by promoting service to the community, mentoring, academic success, professionalism and healthy living. As a co-founder of this organization I am very much involved in the mentoring of young college students and the spread of philanthropy. The office I currently hold is Secretary and Historian. 



Jennifer Bulak/ Supervising Pharmacist

Jennifer hired me as a new employee with no prior experience working in the pharmacy. She taught all of the policies and procedures CVS/Pharmacy requires of their workers. My time spent at her location prepared me for the work I do now. 

Curtis McNish/ CEO of Fabio Hair Designs

Mr. McNish is founder of this budding company and after countless meetings he asked me to join as the company was getting its legs. Since then I have worked on and off with Fabio Hair Designs, FHD, to provide all my services whenever they need my assistance. Though this is a contract job, my performance is still at its highest.