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Chantel Alexis Grey

Customer Service Professional

Work experience


Shift Supervisor


Outgoing friendly and cheerful Subway Shift Leader knows that customers make the business.Believes in delivering high-quality sandwiches and cookies every time.Able to supervise other staff and resolve all customer issues and complaints.Trusted to open and close the store depending on the shift (Weekend opener for my boss)
Trusted with money and bank deposits, and manage the store when owners are out of town
Only employee supplied with access to the safe
Help train new employees and work well with existing ones
Have learned communication skills and am expected by co-workers to handle tense situations.

• Excellent outgoing personality
• Strong believer in good customer service
• Knowledgeable about food safety standards
• Natural leadership abilities
• Good with math for cash counting
• Completes all documentation
• Good complaint resolution skills
• Reports to management
• Reduces food waste through tracking average daily     sales of food drinks and cookies.

• Made certain all staff wore gloves in the food prep area.
• Interacted with customers.
• Ensured food was rotated according to schedule.
• Tracked food waste.
• Made shift bank deposits.
• Ensured cleaning checklists were followed and accomplished.
• Rotated food stock and monitored expiration dates.
• Reduced food waste by planning how much to prep for the day according to usage patterns.

• Performed all opening duties each morning.
• Baked bread prepped vegetables and mixed salads.
• Set up the sandwich making display area.
• Prepared the cash drawer.
• Wrote schedules for other shift staff.
• Handled customer complaints.
• Monitored performance of cleaning duties.
• Made sure employees took scheduled breaks in accordance with the law.
• Interacted with officials during random health department checks.




Efficient in working on WMS and handling warehouse operations
Detail-oriented with extraordinary problem-solving skills
Good in calculating numbers, and interpreting purchase orders and invoices
Skilled in receiving freight, shipping, maintaining and tracking inventory
Experience in organizing inventory to maximize store space
Excellent typing speed and data entry skills
Effective communication and interpersonal skills
Expert in wrapping, boxing, labeling and maintaining logs
Possess great physical strength and agility


Team member / Team Leader

Six Flags Over Georgia

Dedicated Ride Operator and Attendant motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success by being fast, clean, friendly, and safe.

Customer Service
Worked with thousands of guests daily, providing them with assistance in a friendly manner.
Rapidly resolved client conflicts to prevent loss of future business

Customer Interface
Greeted customers upon entrance and answered any questions they had
Made customers feel welcome by engaging with them

Got multiple accolades and awards from supervisors for being an expedient worker
Played an orchestral part in maintaining guest satisfaction by working as quickly (and safely) as possible to keep lines moving.

• Active listening skills
• Sharp problem solver
• Energetic work attitude
• Courteous demeanor
• Adaptive team player
• Able to operate rides
• Great with People
• Extremely efficient




Georgia State University



College prep

Creekside High School

Graduated with Honors


Ms. Fountain (known 5yrs)-(517) 614-4508

Mrs.Nichols-Johnson ( known 6yrs)- (407) 435-8437