Chandi Heffner has devoted more than two decades to serving the community in rural India. Ms. Heffner is currently the President of the CDH International Fund, a nonprofit organization she founded in 1998. In that role, Chandi Heffner is responsible for managing the direction of the organization, handling funds, and developing community programs.Under Chandi Heffner’s direction, the CDH International Fund has grown from a small group of volunteers working in the field to a large organization providing free medical care and other services to more than 80,000 human patients and 50,000 animals yearly. Medical services provided by Ms. Heffner’s organization include tuberculosis treatments, malaria control programs, vaccinations, wheelchairs, and emergency food distribution, all free of charge. The organization also has a unique “village program” in which a team of doctors and veterinarians travels from village to village, providing free health screenings and writing prescriptions, which are filled from the traveling pharmacy. Because of the high threat of zoonosis (infectious disease being transmitted from animals to humans) in rural India, Ms. Heffner has devoted much of the organization’s efforts toward researching ways to control the 70 or more diseases that are common in the region. Thanks to Ms. Heffner, rural residents are better protected than ever from illnesses such as rabies and other zoonotic diseases that they are in contact with daily. In addition to these free medical services, the CDH International Fund has created numerous community development projects. In February of 2012, it organized a major river cleanup project in which more than 500 local residents were employed for over four months. The project successfully cleared the Jamuna River, a vital waterway to the Vrindavan region, which had been polluted by sewage.It has been more than 20 years since Chandi Heffner first visited rural India and saw the need for health care and community services. Today, that need is greater than ever. But with organizations like the CDH International Fund, there is also hope.

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Work experience
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