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A passionate technologist with more than 15 yrs of experience conceptualising, architecting and building rich B2C  and B2B products with global appeal. 
I enjoy creating smart, intelligent consumer products which simplify daily problems and help them grow into businesses. I also love building agile, efficient technology teams and to help them achieve their full potential. I have managed team sizes of up to 37 engineers.

Work History

July 2018present

Engineering Manager (UGC)

Expedia Group

At Expedia, I am helping build out a unified platform for user generate content, collection, curation and playback. In 10 months with a 15 member team, we have the following significant achievements 

1. Major initiatives to onboard & Homeaway on Expedia reviews platform are underway. Expected to create significant platform leverage and synergies across brands

2. Dynamic collection platform, a customisable personalized platform to collect feedback from travellers. We brought down the time taken to launch a collection test from months to a few weeks. 

3. Launched MVP for Answer traveller questions product, help travellers get answer to their questions prior to booking a property. 

4. Maintaining, scaling and optimizing our APIs which handle as much load as 7k TPS with performance expectations of 99.9% response times < 100msec

I am involved in Team building, hiring, coaching, mentoring, working with product & team to come up with project schedules, evangelizing, conflict resolution, coordination with stake holders, helping team member solve roadblocks technical or otherwise.

Dec 2017June 2018

Head of Engineering

Dineout (Times Internet)

At Dineout, I saw a promising business although limited by its  tech stack and culture in the team. The team size was 37 when I joined however it needed restructuring  and transformation.

Within one month of joining I helped launch GIRF 2018 (Dineout's annual festival) with very aggressive and tight timelines.

I helped establish an Agile process and bring a metrics driven approach to software development and testing  in the technology team. 

In the meanwhile I also worked to consolidate  the stack, right size the team, brainstorm with Product team and solve engineering problems which were unaddressed for years. There is a lot more to be done, but there were significant steps we took in the right direction.

Mar 2017Dec 2017

Head of Engineering (VP)

WYDR - B2B Wholesale ecommerce

I joined WYDR at a stage where the business was ahead of its technology. The infra was unstable and latencies were high. In 3 months I helped WYDR sort out their technology stack.By moving to cloud and optimizing code & SQL queries, we got a performance improvement of 10X. Some other initiatives which helped were splitting the monolith into microservices based architecture. I also launched the Personalization initiative in the company and helped moved conversion up by 40% in repeat users.

Oct 2015Mar 2017

Sr Director (Technology)

Jasper Infotech Pvt Ltd (Snapdeal)

Phone Warrior got acquired by Snapdeal in Oct 2015. At Snapdeal it was an interesting journey to see an organization at that scale move tremendously fast. I have helped create Personalization engine & A/B testing framework called CEE within Snapdeal. After delivering CEE v1, I moved on to User Growth Engineering. I helped personalize and streamline all outbound communication, ran the Refer n Earn program, ran social shopping experiments like "Save with Friends". 

Aug 2013Oct 2015

Founder & CEO

Phone Warrior Inc.

I bootstrapped Phone Warrior's high tech products from ground zero in two years. I built first app on Blackberry on Android with the help of interns and freshers, achieving daily traction of 1k installs per day with a total spend of less than $5k.  I also wrote the initial ML  algorithms,  architected the backend and pioneered several innovations including the concept of phone graph in the company.

We generated good interest in the venture community and successfully closed a round of seed funding with Lightspeed Venture Partners in Dec 2013 and reached a scale of 6 million installs prior to exiting to Snapdeal.

Aug 2011Aug 2013

Founder & Sole Proprietor

Visinor Technologies

Visinor Technologies, was a test bed to try out my startup ideas after quitting my job at Impetus in Aug 2011. I played around with myriads of ideas and technology in the internet and mobile domain, before zeroing down on Phone Warrior as the most promising candidate in early 2013. 

Aug 2005Aug 2011

Lead Software Engineer

Impetus Infotech Pvt Ltd

Impetus was a young product engineering outsourcing outfit when I joined. I was driven by the opportunity to learn product engineering and get a flavour of working in a young company. It was a deeply enriching experience, as I got to work with Neustar Inc., a leading telecom service provider in US and  pioneer of mobile number portability.

I built and architected several services, notably Wireless Message Routing Service (WMRS) which was directly in the path of SMS and MMS delivery in US with customers like Verizon, Alltel, Google Voice. This service handled a 100  million queries every day with sub 10 mSec latency and 99.999% uptime.

I also developed other innovative products like Text Everywhere which allowed mobile users to send and receive SMS/MMS on internet capable devices like tablet, laptops etc.

Aug 2007Aug 2009

Co Founder

While I was at Impetus, I co founded along with couple of IIM-A alumni. We were moonlighting and attempting to build the "digg" (a social democratic media and content discovery platform) of India in 2007. I helped conceptualize the product and developed the website on LAMP stack single handedly. I went on to contribute to the product and business side as well. We were ranked amongst top 500 websites on India with a million of hits every day. We built this traffic organically and this was a tremendous learning experience. We shutdown Rambhai in 2010.

Jul 2003Aug 2005

Software Engineer

Infosys Technologies

At Infosys, I go an opportunity to work for an american banking giant , Bank of America. I worked for them offshore for a year and then lead projects successfully at onsite locations in Atlanta and California. I got exposure to thick banking applications, java & c++ middleware, web technologies and even mainframes. I enjoyed my time there  since I always got the most challenging assignments and was awarded for excellent performance