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Chance-Daniel J. Nobra III

Entry Level Music Producer


Entry Level music producer currently working on earning a degree in Audio Recording Technology. Seeking an job or intership opportunity in the music industry where to develop new skills and gain experience in a field that rewards those who are passionate about music.



AAS Degree in Audio Recording Technology

Houston Community College

Currently enrolled in these courses

Fundementals of Music production

Commercial Music Software

Audio Engineering


High School Diploma

Deer Park High School



Sales Associate


Regularly worked both day and night shifts as a cashier at multiple Timewise locations. On a daily basis I would be responsible for making over a $1000 in transactions, stocking the coolers, and helping customers with their transactions. 



  • T.A.B.C. Certification
  • C.P.R. Certification


Tristan O’Connor

[email protected]  (571)-278-7188

Ballyhoo! Merchandise & Tour Manager

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Chance Nobra, Chance and I have been friends for nearly 5 years, and have developed a friendship that spawned from his love of music and deep-seeded desire to venture into multiple aspects of the music industry. In that time, I feel that I have gotten to know Chance extremely well, and can certainly vouch for his drive and his abilities.

When we first met, Chance was delving into the recording aspect of music. He had developed an interest in different recording equipment and techniques, and was focused on expanding that knowledge with how that it may translate into other fields of work. It was clear as our conversations progressed his excitement for the behind the scenes aspects of the music business, be it live or recorded, was insatiable. His unique drive hasn’t yet stopped.

Chance has a thirst for knowledge and a passion and dedication to understanding the “behind the scenes” world of concert production, from the booking to the technical aspects. We often have phone conversations where he asks about my experiences in touring through different cities, at different sized clubs and venues, with different bands. He and I usually focus on the inner-workings of each venue in conjunction with the tours I am employed on. With his endless drive, open-minded attitude, and limitless ambitions, Chance would be the perfect moldable professional and the absolute best fit for your position. I can’t imagine a complaint from him, given his passion for growing as a working professional, and I’m sure he would be an excellent addition.


Tristan O’Connor