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Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Senior Industrial Design Engineer

Atomic-Gaming Innovations Pte Ltd

1. Design and Development of Arcade Gaming machines from initial art concept till production.

Sep 2006Mar 2009

Senior Mechanical-Industrial Design Engineer

Hypercom Asia (S) Pte Ltd

1. Design and Development of POS devices from concept till mass production.


Aug 2006Apr 2009

Degree in Industrial Engineer

Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai
Jul 1995Mar 1998


Institute of Tool Engineering


Tool Design
1. Plastic Injection molds such as 2plate, 3plate and Hot runner molds. 2. Press tools such as Progressive, Combination, Bending and Forming tools
Product Design
  Product Designed and Developed:   Entertainment/Gaming Industry: 1.      Obelisk Multi-touch Machine – utilising the technology of “Infrared” touch screen, LEDs and Projector with controlled OS to detect bare finger, gloved finger, stylus and Pen. Suitable for Outdoor gaming application.  (Games : Photo Hunt, Jabbo, Music match etc)   2.      Dart Machine – Standard Dart machine with the technology of “Resistive” touch panel with voltage dividers connected output, and then integrated with Micro controller to process the location of Dart to calculate the Scores. (Games :  Standard 301, 501 and 701, Cricket, Competitions, Variety etc)   Telecommunication Industry: Point of Sale (POS) products 1.      Counter top Terminals – Hypercom Optimum® T42xx series, with variable versions of all the three communication technologies (1.High speed dial up, 2. Ethernet with dial back-up and 3. GSM/GPRS) together or individually in a Single terminal. 2.      Mobile Terminals – Hypercom Optimum® M42xx series terminals with different communication options of 1. Bluetooth or 2. Wi-fi or 3. GSM/GPRS or 4. CDMA along with external docking station consists of Dial up and IP port. 3.      Multi-lane Terminals – Hypercom Optimum® L42xx series with communications of RS232, USB (Client), Ethernet, RS485 and Bi-directional card reader, add-on external keypad and Stylus. 4.      PIN-PADs – Hypercom S9 family, PIN PADs with standard RS422 PIN, RS232 3-wire and optional Card reader. 5.      Self-Service/Unattended Terminals – Products suitable for outdoor applications such as kiosks, ticketing, vending and parking machines. Products designed with suitable ingress protections, vandalism, wear and tear ratio etc. All terminals are capable of reading Smart card, Magnetic Swipe and optional Contactless options.   Automotive Industry: Þ      Instrument cluster – Both Electronical and Mechanical clusters with Speedo meter, Tachometer, Temperature gauge and Fuel gauge. Þ      Auto fuel cocks – With different type of mounting either Nut or Flange or Bracket with inlet and outlet pipes and optional reserve features. Þ      Headlight switches – Stages of Off, Parking, ON with DOME light with Resistive wire DIP-DIM feature. Þ      Stop light switches, Ignition switches, Neutral safety switches, Rotary Ignition coils and Pressure switches. Þ      Contact points, Ignition locks, Petrol tank lock and Wipers. Þ      Relays – Latch Relays with NO (Normally open), NC (Normally Close) and CO (Change over) or DT (Double throw) Þ      Water Meters and Ventilation units for NISSAN Cars and SBS buses in Singapore.   Consumer Industry: Þ      Fans – Ceiling Fans and Table fans, Suction fans Þ      Mobile phones, Canon Printer parts   Others: Þ      Special purpose machines – Customized equipments designed to perform a particular operation repeatedly…e.g. testing of a product at a lab, Component machining at production shop etc.  
Project Managment


Daniel Sim

Tracy Nelson


1.Over 8years of experience in design and development of various projects for diverse areas, including Automobile, Telecommunications, Consumer electronics and Retail market from concept stage till mass production.

2.Utilize ideal research and analysis skills to prepare costing for products according to market sectors, to develop financial strategies, cash flow chart and business plans.

3.Develop industrial design concepts for products followed by designing final shape until getting approval from Product marketing and top management.

4.Develop detailed road map for launching products in the market.

5.Superior communication and interpersonal abilities; work well with all levels of staff and management.

6.Sourcing and Development of new vendors for production, prototype quantities for plastics, sheet metal and machining components by using diverse payment plan, supplier strategy, vendor quality rating and supplier assessment documents.

7.In-depth knowledge of numerous research tools and computer programs.


1. Product Design

2. Supply Chain and Vendor Development

3. Product Marketting

4. Developing a team


Objective: Create Integrated Strategies to develop and expand Effective planning, co-ordination and execution of products to confirm specifications, quality, budget, cost effective and delivery.