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Chan Dang Tran Bao

Industry Engagement Intern at RMIT University


During my time at RMIT University, I have involved in various projects not only from the university itself but also cooperate with many brands relating to advertising, public relation, marketing and events. I also had the opportunities to study and work with lots of lecturers and experts both are local and foreign to gain specialized-relating knowledge as well as develop my personal skills. Furthermore, I was in charge of numerous leading positions at university’s major clubs and groups to work on assignments and business projects.

Work experience

AVC Edelman
Jun 2015Sep 2015

Freelancer, Internship, Account Assistant

  • Develop social content (Facebook)
  • Crisis management support
  • Creare concepts ideas for campaigns.
  • Propose strategic plans
  • Document translating
  • Contract forming
  • Research (market, competitors, consumer's behavior)
Industry Engagement (RMIT University Vietnam)
Sep 2015Present


RMIT Vietnam Aikido Club

President, Advisor and Supervisor

 In charge of managing club's operation:

  • Practicing time arrangement,
  • Holding seminars Hiring and making contract with instructors.
  • Working with university's authority and outside firms to provide playground for university's students and workplace for volunteers.
RMIT Vietnam Student Council

General Representative

Represent for RMIT University's students in Saigon South Campus to:

  • Overcome personal issues,
  • Raise their voices to RMIT's managers.
  • Supervise Student Council's activities and management Propose plans,
  • Develop ideas to introduce and promote the Student Council towards RMIT students. 
Public Relation Writing Course (RMIT University)

Public Relation Practitioner

  • Design website for introducing San-Art’s new building. (use Weebly as tool)
  • Promote San Art as an artistic playground for artists and young generation to learn about contemporary art.
Specialist Public Relation Course (RMIT University)

Content Developer

  • Cooperate with NGOs organization attracts and inspires global travellers by creating an online campaign
  • This is also to promote the training packages of NGOs organization. Winners can have the opportunity to receive full packages for free.



RMIT International University

Professional Communication

Specialized in Advertising, Public Relations, Event Organizing

RMIT International University

Commerce degree



Experienced in researching marketplace, customer behavior, social trends to build brand image and clients relationships.

Soft skills

Active, hardworking responsibility with the work, able to work under high pressure, and work in group to meet deadline & schedule.

Socialized, creative, love challenges, adaptable in various circumstances.


Good in writing, reading, listening and speaking English (can understand different English accent).


Good knowledge and use of informatics (Microsoft Office Word, Power Point).


Capable to generate concepts, strategies, creative ideas to develop advertising campaigns, events, marketing plans.