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Champion Learning Center is a New York-based tutoring and test prep services company. Maintaining a unique position in the industry, Champion Learning Center offers its clients fully customized tutoring solutions. Through this approach, Champion Learning Center has helped thousands of students in the New York City area learn to stop fearing school and enjoy learning. Champion Learning Center tutors students of all ages in reading, math, writing, and study skills. Champion Learning Center also provides test prep services for SAT, ISEE, SHSAT, ERB, COOP, and other standardized state and national tests. Prior to beginning a tutoring session, Champion Learning Center first determines a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive diagnostic assessment test. After the results of the assessment are analyzed, Champion Learning Center creates a personalized tutoring plan that includes specific short- and long-term progress goals. The results, which regularly include students jumping multiple letter grades, are proof Champion Learning Center’s methods work. The results are also indicative of the quality of Champion Learning Center’s tutors and the company’s commitment to include parents in the tutoring process. To read testimonials from students who have overcome their academic obstacles through Champion Learning Center or to find more information about enrolling your son or daughter in Champion Learning Center, visit Champion Learning Center is led by Mr. Abraham Sultan.

Champion Learning Center Specialties

Champion Learning Center specializes in addressing the most prominent needs of today’s students and offers tutoring in reading, writing, and mathematics. All of our tutors are substantially trained and certified in providing the highest quality of one-on-one instruction. Tutors work directly with students, parents, and preliminary assessments to create focused and individualized curricula that address all students’ needs. Using proven reading instruction methods, Champion Learning Center teachers help students improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills through fun and reinforcing activities. Students build on their existing skills and strengths while forging new ones. The tutors at Champion Learning Center implement innovative writing programs for their pupils that address specific needs at any level. Our teachers approach the entire writing process, teaching students proper grammar and punctuation in addition to organization, outlining, sentence structure, and detail relevancy. Students learn how to eloquently express their opinions using cogent arguments and unique style. Our mathematics teachers understand the value of taking education one step at a time and creating a solid foundation on which to build additional knowledge. Students at all levels of mathematics can gain a serious advantage in comprehension and reasoning through the one-on-one tuition at Champion Learning Center. Frequent assessments let our tutors zero in on the precise difficulties that students face and track progress to ensure that these concepts become clear. Mathematics skills are important not just for coursework, but for standardized tests such as the SAT and many other academic pursuits, ranging from archaeology to engineering.