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  • High potential Solution Architect with 11.10 years of experience as Designer / Developer/ Technical Lead and Solution Architect.
  • Working as a Solution Architect for Charging Reporting System (CRS) node of ERICSSON’s Charging System and as a Technical Architect for Technology and Quality (T&Q) Product Development Unit of ERICSSON.
  • Various roles performed during my Career includes responsibilities like Leading technical teams, Requirement Gathering, Application Designing, Development, Product Customization, Development Reviews and Testing.
  • Played as SCRUM master and Product Owner in Agile methodologies
  • Worked as Technical Lead, Developer and OSM (Operative Systems Manager) for Research & Development (R&D) and Design Maintenance (DM) teams of MINSAT node of ERICSSON’s Charging System.
  • Developed different tools named MINSAT ANALYZER & CRS ANALYZER to monitor the health of the MINSAT and CRS nodes of ERICSSON’s Charging System, which helps to identify and resolve the customer issues in very short period.
  • Worked as a consultant for MOTOROLA from Satyam Computer Services, Bangalore.
  • Involved in all possible phases of implementation life cycle. Expertise in building GAP analysis, Design documentation and Architecting technical solution
  • Involved in many Product Customizations of the product on the basis of customer requirements.
  • Awarded as Power Performer by ERICSSON for solving multiple critical issues and designing/implementing multiple new features in MINSAT node.
  • Awarded as BRAVO Engineer by Motorola India Electronics Limited for solving many critical issues and implementing multiple enhanced features
  • Good Understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile Practices.
  • Given Corporate Trainings to multiple MNCs like WIPRO, SASKEN from CRANES.

Work experience

Nov 2004Jun 2007

Sr Software Engineer

Satyam Computer Services Pvt.Ltd

Worked as a Consultant to MOTOROLA.

Oct 2003Nov 2004

Software Engineer

Cranes Sofware International Pvt.Ltd.

Instructor on C++ and Unix, Corporate trainer.


Jan 2013Feb 2014

International MBA

Ulyanovsk State University, Russia

International MBA on Project Management with aggregation of 67%.

Jun 1997Apr 2001

Bachelor of Engineering

University of Madras

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications with aggregation of 72%

Jun 1995Apr 1997

Intermediate (10+2)

S V Junior College, Tirupati

Intermediate Education specialization on Maths(M), Physics(P), Chemistry(C), with aggregation of 69%

Jun 1994Apr 1995

Secondary School of Education (10th Standard)

Z P High School

SSE with aggregation of 83%


Domain Knowledge

Ericsson Charging System for Pre-paid services. Different Modules in Ericsson Charging System like MINSAT, SDP, AIR, CRS.

GSM Pre-Paid Charging System, TCP/IP suite

Good Understanding of GSM network.

Development Tools

GCC/G++, Make, GDB, DBX, DDD/MDB/DTrace

Purify, Pure Coverage, DBX, KlockWorks, Visio, UML, Covarity

Clear Case, CVS, SVN, GIT

Operating System

Solaris 9.0, 10.0, Linux, VxWorks, Unix,Windows


Sybase ASE 12.5/15.0, Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL


OOAD, Design Patterns, Client/Server, UNIX Internals, IPCs, Socket & Multithreaded Programming,Hadoop(Big Data)


C, C++, Shell Scripting, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js


Jun 2014Jun 2014

Big Data (Hadoop)

Cloud Era

Big Data Administrator

May 2009May 2009

Sybase DBA


Sybase DBA

Jun 2002May 2003

Embedded Systems (Vx Works)


Certified VxWorks Developer

Career History

Grown from Software Engineer to Solution architect with different projects are done at different organizations.

Ericsson India Global Services ( June 2007 - Till Date)

Project Charging Data Reporting System (CRS)
Client Ericsson
Role Solution Architect


CRS is one of the 7 Nodes in Ericsson Mobile charging system. CRS is the reporting

tool used in the charging system service for telecom operators. CRS has external

interfaces with other nodes within Charging System SDP, AIR, MINSAT, AF, HLR, and

OSS to collect information.

Substantial achievements included:

  • Preparing Solution for CRS upgrades/installations.
  • Designing and Developing Customized reports in CRS.
  • Feasibility Analysis on MINSAT reports in CRS for operator Soft Bank Mobile(SBM), Japan
  • Solution Design and Development of Customized reports in CRS for operator SBM, Japan.
  • Installing Business Object Reports in CRS for GrameenPhone (GP), Bangladesh
  • Providing solution design for customized reports in CRS for Mobinil, Egypt
  • Providing solution document for CRS System upgrade for ATM Mobilis, Algeria
  • Preparing solution for imeplemeting Next-Gen CRS using Hadoop (BigData) architecture.
  • Provided UAT document and Sanity test cases.

Project EGI Technology & Quality
Client Ericsson India Global Services
Role Solution Architect


EGI Technology & Quality is an Ericsson’s internal team which develops multiple tools for Ericsson’s internal use by using latest technologies with best quality.

This is an extra job done with personal intrest along with the CRS product development.

As part of EGI T&Q’s team involved in developing and designing solution for below tools.

  • ERICSSON’s Next Gen Time Reporting POC.
  • ERIFLY Automation
  • EGI Management Dashboard (EMD)
  • Resource Management POC
  • ERILEAN (Ericsson’s Lean Six Sigma)
  • EGI Service Request Forum (SRF)
  • Reviewing the test cases and helping the team in monitoring the performance of the products.

Substantial achievements included:

  • Design the architecture for internal tool development with Flexibility, Configurability and Openness for future requirement changes.
  • Design the development environment setup (server and database).

Project Mobile Intelligent Network Service Administration Tool (MINSAT)
Client Ericsson
Role Sr Software Engineer,OPM and Product Owner


MINSAT is one of the 7 Nodes in Ericsson Mobile charging system. MINSAT is the service administration tool used to administer the charging system service for Telecom operators.

The MINSAT system, part of Ericsson's Charging System Platform Comprises of client and server applications responsible for performing administration within the Charging System.

MINSAT Has external interfaces with other nodes within Charging System SDP, AIR, VS, DWS, EMA, AF, HLR, OSS to collect information. The MINSAT system interacts with Ericsson's Account Finder (AF), HLR and the SDP during the provisioning of subscribers.

Substantial achievements included:

  • Gathering requirements, application design, development and testing.
  • SAT member to design the architecture and improve the process..
  • OPM member to resolve the customer queries.
  • Redesigning and coding the existing MINSAT product.
  • Developing extra features in latest releases of MINSAT.
  • Provided Sanity test cases.
  • Received Power Performer award in completing the tasks in short period of time with good quality.

Skills Used:


C,C++, Hadoop, Java Scripting,Shell Scripting,


Operating System Linux, Solaris 10.0
Database Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MongoDB
Tools Used Eclipse, BonitaSoft (BPM),SVN,GIT,Sonar

Satyam Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. (Nov 2004 - June 2007)


GSM Operation Maintenance Center – Remote (GSM OMC-R)

Client Motorola
Role Software Engineer


GSM-OMC is the Network Management software for the radio part of GSM cellular network, which performs configuration, fault, event or alarm and performance management for the Motorola GSM network. The product is successfully deployed in many countries and also in India,China etc. The product is developed using a middleware called OSP developed by TCSI (Textron Communications Systems Inc). OSP is a C++ based software platform similar to CORBA, which provides the necessary tools and building blocks to assist in developing a distributed, Multi-User, management system. Apart from providing persistence storage, memory management, concurrency control, bulk service, security service it also provides a X-Motif based GUI.

Substantial achievements included:

  • Gathering requirements, application design, development and testing.
  • Fixing Service Reports.
  • Developing extra features in OMC-R
  • Received BRAVO award in completing the tasks in short period of time with good quality

Skills Used:


C++, Java, Shell Script

Operating System Solaris 9.0
Database Sybase, MySQL

Cranes Software International Ltd (Oct 2003- Nov 2004)

Given Corporate Trainings to Wipro, Sasken successfully on Unix Internals, Shell Scripting and C++.

Given Trainings on Unix Internals and C++ at Cranes Varsity.

Helped the students in executing corporate projects after trainings.