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Chad O’Neill is the author of the book Houston We Have a Problem, put forth by independent publishing house Trafford Publishers. Drawing from his experience as an aircraft mechanic for the United States Army, Houston We Have a Problem discusses a number of subjects and topics pertinent to aircraft mechanisms and repair. For six years, ending in 1990, Chad O’Neill gained extensive experience regularly servicing a variety of aircraft, ensuring they safely delivered their cargo, human and otherwise. When the aircrafts were not in use, he performed checkups and other crucial diagnostic work to keep the aircraft in optimal condition.

In addition to his many years of industry experience working as a mechanic and authoring a book pertaining to those experiences, Chad O’Neill has also independently revised and redesigned aircraft, removing dangerous outdated wire splices, an unsafe technology which still unfortunately appears in a variety of both domestic and international aircraft manufacturing processes and establishments today. Trained in aviation maintenance at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Denver, Colorado, Chad O’Neill served on the crew of CH-47 and UH-1H aircraft. O’Neill made a significant contribution to the development of United States military aircraft when he delivered his plan for the revision of old-style wire splices to Congress in 1996. His redesign of aircraft wire splices has been installed in all military aircraft. O'Neill's design additionally replaced crimp wire splices on all equipment throughout the military. The substandard crimp wire splices, however, are still installed in small, privately owned U.S. aircraft and most foreign aircraft. It is O'Neill's mission to get all these unreliable wire splices replaced with his redesign as outlined in the book Houston We Have a Problem.

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