Chad Fust is a technology professional whose expertise ranges from repair and consulting to multimedia production and training. His experiences using and teaching about tech have cultivated a diverse set of skills and interests. A busy day might begin with him leading a group training session on Google Apps, visiting a colleague to solve a computer quibble, producing an instructional video, setting up a home network for a freelance client, and recording a gaming podcast in his home office.

Born on the cusp between two generations, Chad's approach to technology is practical, friendly, and humanist. He's a digital native, but he doesn't let jargon or technical terms obscure what he views as an inherently social profession. Working as an apprentice technician under his uncle, he learned that satisfying the person is more important than fixing the computer. Implementing elegant, expedient solutions (that are not just easy to use, but usable every day) is Chad's hallmark.

Chad nurtures other talents as well: he's a scuba diver, homebrewer, and photographer. He's written songs, penned fiction and prose, designed on paper and pixels. He throws himself into new interests with passion and curiosity.

Work experience

Work experience

Eye For Games

Apr 2015 - Present

AlphaFeed Co-Host

Co-host and create content for monthly video game podcast/videocast focused on in-development games. We play games that are still being developed, then analyze and discuss their merits and weaknesses. Our goals are to offer exposure to independent studios, showcase their production personnel and assets, and provide constructive feedback.

Vassar College

Sep 2007 - Present

Technology Training Coordinator

Develops training programs, documentation, screencasts, and curricula for new software and technologies. These materials include copy and tutorials for the web, video presentations with full voiceover and screen recording.

Trains users in one-on-one and group sessions at every level of technical aptitude, from basic word processing to database design and management. Works with students, faculty, and administration at every level of the college.

Works closely with other groups within CIS and throughout Vassar as a trainer and coordinator for rollouts and technology initiatives; notably, in training users on our content management system, campus-wide migration to Google Apps for Education, and an encrypted wireless rollout.

Hosts "Resident Expert" technology education sessions weekly in student union, offering computer assistance and advice to the Vassar community.

Works with help desk management to develop curricula and train student workers, as well as providing guidance and mentorship to students.

Functions as a special liaison to the Disability and Support Services office, acting as a technology advisor and trainer for text-to-speech software, accessible document formats, and scanning best practices.

Manages campus-wide software licenses and contracts for a wide variety of software.

Deploys and manages iPad pools for academic departments and internal loaner pool.

Administers local CrashPlan server, managing the backups of faculty, staff, and administrators.

Designs 3D representations of architectural spaces on campus, with a focus on future development of campus spaces for new technology initiatives.

Self Employed

2001 - Present

Technology Consultant

I've worked with hundreds of companies and individuals as an independent technology consultant. Projects involve myriad aspects of technology and range from virus removal and data recovery to home theater and media server installations.


Jul 2004 - Oct 2006


Co-owned computer consulting firm, focused on small to medium business and residential clients. Worked daily as a technology consultant, offering a wide range of services related to computer and network maintenance, repair, and installation.

PC Repair and Maintenance

Jun 2001 - Sep 2003


Founded and managed one-man computer service company, beginning as an apprentice to my uncle, who has 34 years of experience working as a freelance computer technician. Duties included on-site home and office computer repair, service, and upgrade, including a number of network servers in small to medium-sized companies.

Columbia Missourian

Aug 2000 - May 2001

Information Technology Specialist

Built and maintained a variety of servers and user workstations. Provided on-site support, repair, and troubleshooting. Assisted in maintaining and upgrading network infrastructure, from routers to ethernet cabling.

Energy A.D.

1994 - 2000

CAD Draftsman

Primarily worked with AutoCAD LT to create and revise plans for a small mechanical engineering firm.



Montana State University-Billings

2007 - 2009


Major in Communications. Studies focused on technology and communications as they relate to sociology, philosophy, and humanities.

Montana State University-Billings

2001 - 2003


Major in Computer Systems Technology. This course of study included the eight-semester Cisco CCNA/CCNP curriculum, as well as a variety of courses in Windows Server and Active Directory administration.