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Work experience

Aug 2009May 2012


Student Center Activities Board


Aug 2009Present

Bachelors of Youth Ministry

Cedarville University


Looking to obtain a rewarding position of a Student Ministries Director in a church where my experience and leadership skills will be valuable to the tasks I am accomplishing.

Philosophy of Ministry

My philosophy of ministry is to accomplish what needs to be done. I am here because I want to serve Christ, build relationships with the students of the church, and guide the future by showing those students the love, depth, and sacrifice God wants us to realize about him. I am here because I want to guide students in the way they should go. I want to accomplish that guidance through a caring leadership style that never gives up on the youth of the church. I want to share life with them and show them a friend, not fully in myself, but in Christ. I also want to accomplish this through showing them how to enjoy the Christian life, both in thought and action. To promote fun with events and activities and also through sincere thought about how the world works with Christ as its center.

My leadership would be designed in a way that there are checks and balances throughout. I would be the head youth director and then my desire would be to have an accountability group under me. This group would be composed of 3-4 male and female leaders who would have both my best and the youth’s best interest at heart. The rest of my team would be composed of male and female leaders as well who would be deeply invested in the teens and who would also help with thecoordination of event planning. Then I would of course have the teens who I would spend a majority of my time with.

A couple parts of my ministry I would like to highlight are the mentoring/discipleship ministry and the relational evangelism ministry. First off the mentoring ministry would be a ministry where the leaders and myself would meet with the teens once a month one on one and develop steadfast relationships with them, pouring into them the Bible and Christ’s love and our love. Secondly the relational evangelism ministry is where the teens are encouraged to build long lasting relationships not with the intent of evangelism but with the intent of love and with that comes a sharing of Christ as father and Lord. This teaches a spirit of love towards those some may fear, not to become a part of the world but to bring the world to Christ.

Personal Biography/ Personal Testimony

My personal story starts when I was 4 and accepted Christ for the first time. We had just finished gardening and I asked my parents how to become a Christian, they explained and I accepted. From there on it has been an up and down road where I struggled to get past peer pressure and culture to get to a good relationship with Christ. God has been working in my life over the years in several ways. He first put in my heart that I should do ministry. It has never felt more right to be what I know my God wants me to be. He has been working in my mind and in my heart to show me who and what I should be for others.

My ministry has been always focused directly on God and that has stemmed from the life that I have grown up in. My family has been a solid rock for me to go to and my friends have always been there trying to maintain my thoughts towards God. Although I didn’t always stick with my family and my friends they have guided me in ways that have focused my ministry so intently on relational ministry. Because my family and friends changed my life for the good I see that I can and with the help of other leaders we can change student’s lives in positive ways.

One of the largest ways my life has been guided is through the guidance of mentors. I have been blessed to have had two solid mentors growing up that pushed me comfortably towards ministry. They showed me the qualities of a good man and pointed out reasons to be a join ministry. I have ever since wanted to be like those two Godly men and have ever been amazed at how a simple relationship guided my future in such a good way. This is how I am who I am today.