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Work experience

Aug 2007Mar 2009

M&A Manager Latin America

3M Argentina SA
  • o Responsibility: Lead the acquisition of strategic high quality companies to accelerate organic business growth.
  • o Achievements: Lead a multifunctional team who acquired Fiorentina, a strategic company to boost 3M Consumer business. That experience was replicated in the acquisition of ASA in Peru.
Dec 2005Mar 2009

Compliance Manager LA & Canada

3M Argentina SA

  • o Responsibility : Assure maintenance of Sarbanes Oxley framework and discipline on quarterly certifications and assist in US Gaaps compliance working with local teams in issues on time resolution and personnel training.
  • o Achievements: Culture and framework were successfully maintained. Audits done did not reveal any significant deficiency.


Aug 2001Nov 2005

Regional Audit Manager

3M Argentina SA
  • o Responsibility: Develop audit plans for the Region coordinating corporate requirements with specific customer´s requests based on risk assessment.
  • o Achievements : After 11 years I returned to the audit function with the additional challenge of serving 9 countries. I covered on time all the requirements answering in additional special customer´s requests in order to replicate best practices across the Region to save time and costs.
Jan 2000Jul 2001

Business Development Manager LA

3M Argentina

oResponsibility Help to obtain accelerated sales growth targets by using theCreating Business Value (CBV) tool

oAchievements : I participated on CBV application in order to learn about Electrical Companies needs where 3M had little participation. After 2 years market share grew to 20%.

Apr 1990Dec 1999

Sales & Marketing Manager Industrial Business

3M Argentina
  • o Responsibility: Development and execution of strategic business plans, creation of sales and tech service teams, distribution network and attention of key accounts with emphasys of automanufacturers.
  • o Achievements: I have prepared a business plan which met and exceeded original growth targets moving Abrasives sales from only $ 250,000 to $ 3,000,000 in the 1993-1999 period , with a consolidated distribution network, trained sales force covering the whole country, increasing market share and penetration in key accounts.


Mar 1998Jul 1998

Management Development


Postgrade program to upgrade management skills

Mar 1974Dec 1979

Public Accountant


Degree in Accounting covering also economics, societary and labor laws, taxes, auditing,macro and micro economy


Knowing Latin America
I run the Region several times in my different responsibilities. I feel very comfortable in all countries of the Region developing close relationships with customers which helped me and the Company to successfully achieve objectives. I am familiar with the different cultures, business attitude and regulations which allows me to move in all countries
Start of new functions/business from scratch
I  have started different functions and businesses from the scratch Examples: Mergers & Acquisitions Manager (latest position at 3M): Have to develop this function which was completely new in the Region. Plans were developed to train personnel, interconnect and lead teams to successfully complete 2 acquisitions by the end of 2008. Business Development: Also new function devoted to implement the use of Creating Business Value tool in order to support the accelerated growth plans for LatinAmerica. The function focused the attention over key accounts like Ford and Endesa. (2000-2001). Relaunch Abrasives Business (1993-99): develop strategic plans and execute to meet subsidiary goals, select and train sales+tech service teams, attend key customers and distributors for a business which was almost inexistant growing sales from $ 250,000 to $ 3,000,000 in 6 years period.  
Developed the audit function as external and corporate auditor during more than 18 years covering 9 countries in the latest position leading teams.      


Public Accountant with a postgrade in Management Development. Have experiencein the Finance, Marketing and Sales areas in an important diversified multinational American corporation. Spent my last 10 years working with responsibilities over Latin America and Canada allowing me the interaction with different languages and cultures, adapting to permanent change and demanding agenda.

Have communication skills and abilities to build interpersonal relationships. Also developed skills to initiate new functions or businesses, selecting and leading business teams.

I am looking to continue my professional development in the Finance area in dynamic companies which allow me the possibility to demonstrate and apply my knowledge and experience and at the same time live on a continuous learning process.


Looking to continue working in multicultural environments in dynamic and growing companies where I can apply my knowlegde and experience and at the same time have carrier opportunities and continuous learning in the Finance area