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Senior Executive with international sales & marketing management and leadership skills, building significant global market presence and driving profitable revenue growth. Direct reports include sales, marketing, engineering, and product development personnel.


Leader of cultural change creating aggressive international product development, sales and marketing presence.Recruited “A” level performers; coached, mentored and motivated “B” performers. Established consistent control systems to manage individual and team accountability standards maximizing organizational performance.Trained product development, sales and operations staff to be successful in closing and maintaining “Smart Growth”business.Training includes LEAN / Six Sigma / Total Quality and William Edwards Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge™.

Business & Product Development,Customer Relations,Sales

Identified and led the expansion into more profitable industry segments. Turned the market perception of companies from troubled to innovative. Led increase in customer satisfaction ratings from failing to highly regarded partner.


Leader in establishing brand identities. Revamped UPG and Nexpak corporate marketing plan;hired and managed public relations firms to improve corporate image. Created new products and services and re-created existing products and services. Performed as media liaison, nurturing relationships with key industry journalists to assist in gaining positive industry exposure. Managed multiple advertising/PR agencies.


Conceived and executed major shifts commercial strategy resulting in key business awards with major new customers including Novo Nordisk, Whirlpool and GE Energy.Drove the sales and marketing efforts within the organization: creating market awareness, establishing a consistent focus on efficiency, protecting critical customer relationships, exiting unprofitable segments and developing new, smart business.

Leveraged existing IP of Nexpak to develop new business segment; NexAlert Security Products. Re-positioned existing product STACKpak, to highlight “Eco-Friendly” attributes – targeting major studios as a platform storage case product for multi-disc catalog releases. Developed new business segment leveraging existing sales channels in commercializing Audiblepak, a preloaded, self-contained, ready to play MP3 audio player packaged in a SecureCase ONE media storage case. Target industries include Libraries, Schools, Universities, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Government.

Incentive Plans, CRM, P&L, Technical

Led many aspects of effective installation and utilization of sales & marketing improvement tools such as incentive compensation plans, CRM and annual individual Goals & Objectives and Annual Budgets. P&L responsibilities on pricing on a global scope. Executive team member monitoring and scrutinizing P&L on all facilities. Lowered overall RFQ pipeline by 30%, improved win rate by 25% and improved new win program gross margins by 7%.


Extensive effort in personally building customer and supplier relationships to support building China, Mexico and Europe business. Organized and managed international marketing, direct sales force and manufacturing representative alliances in Mexico, Europe and China.

Work experience


Executive Vice President

Direct report to the CEO; member of the executive team

Responsible for New Product Development, Sales & Marketing

Nexpak, Inc., a portfolio company of Highland Capital Management, is a global manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of media related storage cases and packaging products.

Lead efforts in identifying and assessing new, global business opportunities for Nexpak - highlights include

§Leveraged existing Nexpak IP, initiated new business segments focused on developing security packaging products for the retail and library markets

oManaged industrial design, intellectual property evaluation, engineering and product development

oDeveloped costs and resource requirements

oDeveloped sales and marketing strategy - Formed distributors/reseller agreements

oFull NexAlert business plan presented and approved by Nexpak Board of Directors

oIntroduced SecureCase ONE - one piece, fully enclosed, sliding lock security case for DVD discs

oPrimary target market: libraries, schools and universities

o2009 Forecast: $450,000 - - 2010 Forecast: $675,000


§Initiated and led product development, commercial and marketing efforts in introducing a preloaded, self-contained, ready to play MP3 audio player packaged in a SecureCase ONE media storage case.

oDeveloped licensee agreements with audible book publishers

oDeveloped data integration supply chain partner

oLeveraged existing operational expertise & sales channels to build new revenue stream for business

oTarget industries include Libraries, Schools, Universities, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Government.

o2009 Forecast: $1,690,000 - - 2010 Forecast: $5,200,000

§Repositioned existing product, STACKpak, as an “ECO-Friendly” product and marketed it to Movie Studios for TV catalog and DVD collector series, as well as for video games.

§Led efforts to closing new business with a major, global software company – new design for customer’s entire product line of media storages cases – 2009 Forecast: $2,250,000 - - 2010 Forecast: $5,400,000

§Co-inventor of novelty submitted for patent July 2008 - ECO-Friendly Polypropylene DVD Case labeled with digital Polypropylene base label.

§Board Member of CDSA (Content Delivery & Storage Assoc.) and active member in leading industry related sustainability efforts with the ESCA (Entertainment Supply Chain Academy).


Vice President Sales & Marketing

UPG International

Commercial leader of $180 million company with 1,500 employees and 11 facilities on three continents; founded in 1999 when five companies were combined and funded by private equity firm Aurora Capital.

Led commercial development and implementation with redeveloped sales and marketing strategy – highlights include:

§Managed global direct sales force of 20 based in Europe, Mexico, Asia and US, including three directors and five independent representative firms (US and China).

§Migrated manufacturing to Mexico and China. Drove the sales effort to lead to the establishment of “medical grade” molding and integration facilities in Suzhou, China and Tijuana, Mexico. Lead high-profile consumer and automotive projects in Monterrey, Mexico and Cardiff, Wales. Grew China and Mexico sales to account for 31% and 28% of total company sales respectively.

§Represented company at highest level of customer contact and expanded the relationship with many major customers including Hewlett Packard, Black & Decker, K2, Whirlpool, Fluidmaster, GE Energy, Sensata, Novo Nordisk, Smiths Medical, and Covidien (formerly Tyco Healthcare).

§Reorganized commercial team, standardized metrics, G&O’s, quote/final sell price parameters, developed sales incentive plan, set annual sales budget, and led sales strategy change from “injection molder” mentality into an innovative, full-service, global manufacturing partner. Transformed business development approach from a sell-price culture to one of a value-added service offering.

§Redeveloped and directed the execution of corporate marketing plan; retained and managed public relations firms to improve UPG corporate image. Performed as media liaison for company, nurturing relationships with key industry journalists to assist UPG in gaining positive industry exposure.

§Initiated and provided guidance to build proprietary, web-based knowledge management/CRM center designed to support customers and new product introductions.

§Developed a cross-functional team-selling approach that integrated sales, engineering, program management and operations.Managed team progress with key customers from concept to final production.

§Refocused corporate sales material, emphasizing value-added and higher-margin service offerings while deemphasizing injection molding plant capabilities.

§Lead internal and external branding efforts of company; initiating and developing a regular, consistent message. Proactively delivered monthly HTML email campaign to over 2,000 customers, prospects, suppliers and key industry personnel.

§Targeted sensible industry niches in medical and consumer-industrial industries, including:

oMedical industry wins with new customers including Tyco Healthcare, Smiths Medical, and Novo Nordisk; moved the manufacturing of mature products to low-cost regions; segment attained 24% growth in 2007.

oConsumer-industrial team proficiency in selling on “total landed cost” as well as low-cost, complex integration.  Achieved 23% YOY growth in 2007.

§Cultivated extensive outsourcing relationships in low-cost countries (China and Mexico)

§Led effort to secure significant business with GE Energy for New England plant versus Far East competition.

Vice President Medical & Consumer Industries2002 - 2004

§Direct report to the Executive Vice President and part of an entirely new management team.



Conferos (

Initiated and formed internet business based on integrating best-of-breed web-based collaborative design, project management and CRM tools for OEMs and suppliers within the Plastics Industry. Business model was based on providing web-tools to cost effectively improve a customers' project “knowledge management” and speed to market on new product development. Investment partnerships were established with PTC, IBM and Ticona. Highlights include:

§Raised $2.5 million of capital and services

§Formed/recruited senior management team.

§Closed investments with PTC, IBM, and Ticona.

§Lead business structure, branding, web-site development, business overview presentations and literature, marketing and communications strategy.

§Established alliance partnership/market channel in South America (Latin Plasticos).

§Customer base included Fortune 500 companies and top industry related suppliers.


Director, Business Development - Healthcare


Responsible for the growth of global custom processing and contract assembly business with multi-national OEMs of the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Industry. Responsibilities included overseeing global activities and growth of key customers such as Abbott Laboratories, Baxter Healthcare and Johnson and Johnson. Combined global revenue of over $75MM annually.Led business development activities with other key customers including Cardinal Healthcare (Nypro Dominican Republic), J&J Consumer (Nypro D.R. & Nypro China), and Schering-Plough (NyproSingapore).


Market Manager, Consumer Products Industry

Honeywell (AlliedSignal)

Responsible for the growth of Honeywell Plastics products (nylon 6 and PET) within the Consumer Products Industry.Business leader of global multi-functional industry team.Primarily focused on developing OEM accounts within the market segments of Lawn & Garden (Housings and Trimmer Line), Sporting Goods, Wire and Cable, Telecommunications, and Furniture. Highlights include:

§Initiated and directed internal and external launch of AlliedSignal Plastics’ Capron XFI and UltraTough Nylon 6 product families.Developed XFI and UltraTough names, sales tools, literature, advertisements, and industry promotions and announcements generating over $45MM in new, qualified target opportunities through 1999.

§Lead business segment to 12% growth in 1998; $50MM in sales (Industry growth avg. 4-5%)

New England Territory Manager

Responsible for $15 million sales region.Recognized as one of the top sales representatives in organization.Increased sales approximately 25% annually vs. plan through direct sales and distribution in the New England area.Primarily responsible for closing the divisions’ major new account of the year in 1996, generating $2.0 million annually of new product business.

2008 Commercial Highlights



Bachelor of Science