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Work History


Work Experience


I completed a week-long work experience at the Houston Industrial Estate Depot of DHL in early 2014. This involved shadowing the technical support manager and participating in some of his duties, ranging from basic office errands to creating security passes, as well as learning about solving common technical support issues.


Credit Union Volunteering

Blackburn and Seafield Credit Union

In my last year of primary school I volunteered with the credit union when it ran in my school. This involved collecting money, giving change and clearly updating written accounts of different members of the school over a period of a year.



Bathgate Academy

I am currently awaiting results for National 5 qualifications in Physics, Computing Science, Business Education, Mathematics and English. I completed a National 4 qualification for Practical Electronics and passed, though I am still awaiting physical evidence.

2013Nov 2013

Beginning Programming with C#


In 2013 I completed a course from the University of Colorado which taught many of the key principles in programming, as well as constructs specific to games development. This, in turn, taught skills to improve logical thinking.