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Personal Summary

     The struggle of applying, getting accepted, choosing, and surviving college will drive my goals for the next four years. Currently, the top three colleges on my list are Santa Clara University, University of Southern California, and University of California San Diego. These colleges are all very appealing because of their locations, prestigious engineering programs, and connections with local engineering firms. I am very interested in engineering and the engineering disciplines that are the most appealing are chemical and electrical engineering. Santa Clara only offers electrical engineering whereas USC and UCSD offer both chemical and electrical engineering. If I decide to pursue a degree in chemical engineering, I would like to work in production for a pharmaceutical company. On the other hand, If I choose to study electrical engineering I would like to work in hardware design for a tech company.

     Beyond school, however, I really enjoy having a good time with friends and family. My family and I take regular trips to the Colorado River where I wakeboard and paddleboard. These are two of my favorite activities. When I am not at the river, I spend time with my friends either mountain biking, going to the beach, or just hanging out at someone's house. One of my favorite activities is photography. I really enjoy capturing all of nature's beauty in pictures. 


Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Road, El Cajon, CA

GPA (weighted)- 3.96 (4.71)

ACT Score - 32 (36 is a perfect score)

Class Rank- 4/470

Future 12th Grade Schedule-

-AP Calculus, AP Statistics (or AP Environmental Science), AP Literature and Composition, AP Government/Economics, AP Physics

11th Grade Schedule-

-Honors Precalculus, AP Language and Composition, AP United States History, AP Chemistry, Honors Spanish 5/6

10th Grade Schedule-

-Honors Algebra 2, Honors English, AP World History (5 on the AP Test), Honors Chemistry, Spanish 3/4, and Photography 

9th Grade Schedule-

-Honors Geometry, Honors English, Pre-AP World History and Geography, Biology, Spanish 1/2,  and Physical Education


I have not participated in many extra-curricular activities at school that are not related to tennis.

-Varsity Boys Tennis (10th and 11th Grade)

  • 2x Most Inspirational Player  (10th and 11th Grade)

-Junior Varsity Boys Tennis (9th Grade)

  • Most Inspirational Player (9th Grade)

-World Team Tennis (Boys and Girls Tennis)(10th and 11th Grade)

-Summer Tennis (9th, 10th and 11th Grade)

Interests and Community Service

- I tutor students in mathematics (precalculus and algebra) and science (chemistry). During the middle of the school year I tutored at least three times per week. However, towards the end of the school year, I started to tutored less than two times per week due to work. I tutor close friends or lead study groups as a favor because it is beneficial to my studies as well.

- I was part of a confirmation prep group at The Church of Saint Luke's. The group met every other Sunday for two years. During this time, I helped the church with many service projects including its yearly toy drives that benefit families who are unable to fully enjoy their Christmas because they are unable to afford gifts for their children. I participated by wrapping gifts and loading them to be delivered. Additionally, I went on a retreat with the church for a weekend.

-My family travels very often. Five of the last seven years we took a summer trip to Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. This is our favorite travel destination because there are countless ATV trails and National Parks. Additionally, we have taken trips to Costa Rica and Hawaii as well as been to Canada and Mexico several times.

-My family also owns a trailer that we take on trips to the Colorado River and Imperial Sand Dunes. We try to take two trips per month. The obsession with the river and desert has caused me to adopt two hobbies. When at the desert, I enjoy riding quads and motorcycles. When at the river, wakeboarding and paddleboarding are some of my favorite activities (see pictures).

-This summer I plan to help test a beginning level computer science program that will be used at the University of California, San Diego. I have communicated with the teacher that is developing the program and she requested my help to test it.  

-Ever since taking a photography class in high school, photography has become one of my favorite activities. I use a Canon Rebel T1i to capture predominantly landscape pictures (see sample in Portfolio section)

-Beginning sophomore year, my friends and I began to enjoy mountain biking. Mountain biking is one of my favorite activities when I am not at the river or desert. Mountain biking is so appealing because it allows me to see places that I would not otherwise see while being an excellent workout.

Work History

Apr 2015Aug 2015

Prep Cook

Mamma Rosa's Restaurant

I began to help at Mamma Rosa's during my junior year in high school. Originally, I would occasionally help out when I stopped by to see my grandparents after school. However, as I neared the end of the school year I began to work several times a week for about three hours per day. I typically help to prep food during the time between lunch and dinner and occasionally do dishes. During the summer, I will up my hours and report to work earlier to prepare the restaurant prior to business hours.