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Work experience

Distinguished Career as a U.S. Army Officer

U.S. Army


  • Served with the 101st Airborne Division
  • Highest rated Army Officer in peer group
  • Graduated U.S. Army Rangers – Highest Distinguished Honor Graduate
  • Graduated U.S. Airborne Training
  • Infantry Officer Leadership Training – Honor Graduate
2010Jan 2013

President & CEO


One of the largest Independent grocery chains in the US with revenues exceeding $700M. Founded in 1933, the company currently operates combination supermarkets / pharmacies throughout WA and OR.Recruited to transform operations, to overhaul customer image, and to deliver rebranding strategy that re-establishes company's position as a grocery retailer committed to giving customers a good deal without compromising quality. P&L of $600 million; 10 direct reports. Defined the corporate Vision, Mission, Goals and Operating Strategies for Haggen, Inc. Reversed a negative revenue growth trend within 12 months by employing strategies in consumer behavior analysis, rebranding, reformatting, and strategic pricing to develop a human-centric approach to understanding the factors affecting guest count trends and sales. Implemented a new renaissance-concept store design through a hyper-local branding strategy. Positioned company to gain 98% shopper satisfaction and a reversal of negative guest count trend in first 12 months through development of rebranding strategy founded on emotional experience of shoppers. Improved product penetration increasing total chain whole-dollar margin through introduction of private-label brands that improve price perception and elevate brand loyalty.

Jul 20052010

President & CEO


Provided retail and supply chain consulting for international organizations in purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, customer service, and total supply chain management. Provided real-time consultation and business expertise to improve supply chain processes, retail management, technology, and talent acquisition for highly technical, industry-specific executive talent. Served as interim CEO for a North American home entertainment specialty retailer, leading a 20,000+ staff, 3,000 retail outlets, four distribution centers; $2+ billion P&L.

Dec 2002Jun 2005

Executive Vice President


$40B retail food and drug retailer employing 250,000 individuals under nine brands with one of the largest supply chain networks in the US, providing product-supply lifeline for more than 3,200 retail end points in 35 states from coast to coast. $20B P&L; 10 senior executive direct reports; 21 million sq. ft. of facilities and 32 distribution centers.Led demand chain through merchandising, strategic sourcing, procurement, distribution, inventory management, and total end-to-end demand chain management for the company's 3,200 retail grocery stores, stand-alone pharmacies and 100 convenience and gas stores, and 32 national distribution centers.

Jun 2000Dec 2002

CEO / Chairman of the Board


Joint venture involving four Fortune 100 corporations specializing in retail merchandising and returns management service using cutting-edge technology for catalog, web, and multi-channel retailers. Developed partnership with USPS to serve clients that included:, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew and Road Runner Sports.Conceptualized and implemented strategic plan for highly innovative supply chain management company dealing in freight management, reverse logistics, small parcel delivery, and total returns management services. Key activities involved strategic business plan, overseeing operations, product line development, finance, staffing, and administration, technology, and P&L activities.

Oct 1997Mar 2000

CEO / Division President


$5B wholesale retail distributor of office supplies, furniture, stationery, and storage systems. An integral part of the fastest-growing office-supplies company in the United States, this subsidiary company serves as the delivery backbone for its parent company operating a global fleet in 230 worldwide locations. Managed full P&L and leadership team of 14.Lead turnaround effort focused on restoring operating / financial stability to company with five supply chain management divisions, 12,000 employees, and 230 worldwide locations. Served as company representative to key customers, suppliers, competitors, commercial and investment bankers, government agencies, and professional groups.

Sep 1986Oct 1996

National Director Selling & Delivery Operations – North America


Achieved $250 million in operating saving by studying operating models of nation's top retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club, Costco, Publix, and others. 

Positions Held:

  • National Director Retail Sales & Delivery Operations - North America
  • Area Vice President, Retail Sales & Delivery Operations - Upper Midwest
  • Division Vice President, Retail Operations & Supply Chain - Canada
  • Area Vice President, On Premise Supply Chain Operations - Tri-State Region

Member of executive team that executed the principle of the "Right Side Up Company," where the most important personnel are those who interface directly with clients, and senior management serves as support staff to those at the front lines. 


May 1977

Bachelor of Science Degree

University of Scranton


  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Elected Class President
  • University Senate Representative


Maximizing Financial Performance / ROI
Drove projected $120M in increased revenue and $24M gross profit gains by 92%.  Increased cash flow 34% by targeting store inventory that accounted for a 41% excess-no move inventory position, through a massive SKU-rationalization process. For more information, click here.  Recorded 25+% profit margin on return processing, which was previously a cost. Established solid EBIT, improved cash flow, and achieved bottom-line results in 1 year through a rapid deployment of a short-term (1 year) strategic plan, created within thirty days.
Executive Team Recruitment / Deployment
Recruited a high-quality leadership team to meet corporate objectives through further recruitment of top talent in senior management throughout all levels of the leadership organization. For more information, click here.  Improved staff morale, which in turn delivered results in customer service, through recruitment of entirely new senior leadership team.  Optimized manpower utilization through development and implementation of long-term plans for resource allocation and talent acquisition to accomplish stated corporate goals.
Multi-functional Collaboration / Leadership
Reversed -12% trend to +23% YOY revenue growth through a new and highly innovative prototype store format within 12 months through leading edge marketing and merchandising and design standards, to develop a human-centric approach to surviving in a highly competitive retail environment, increasing sales and guest count trends. For more information, click here.  Dramatically improved overall commitment to corporate success through establishment of product integrity and exceptional service culture throughout the entire organization.
Product Branding / Market Penetration
Increased total Private Label product penetration from 7.6% of total sales to 15.2% in one year, increasing total chain sales by 4.8% and improving whole dollar margin by 5.2% through introduction of a highly innovative private label brand strategy that improved price perception and elevated brand loyalty. The three-year target is 25%. For more information, click here.  Positioned company to gain 98% shopper satisfaction and a reversal of negative guest count trend in first 12 months through development of re-branding strategy founded on emotional experience of shoppers.  Reorganized 30% of product lines to drive each to profitability by determining product line profitability and brand value.
Complex Programs & Negotiations
Built a retail reverse logistics business from zero to $10s of millions in revenue and profitability in 3 years by negotiating funding from 4 Fortune 100 corporations. For more information, click here.  Cut remodel cost to $23.29/sq.ft. versus industry average of $84.43/sq.ft., finishing over 40% ahead of norm in the close management/leadership of renaissance-concept store design in a hyper-local branding strategy.
Optimizing Supply Chain & Retail Performance
Turned around Supply Chain and Logistics division of $1 billion complex international, intermodal supply chain company; reversing 3-year earnings decline and reversing a negative cash flow situation, driving the company to positive cash flow within 24 months. For more information,click here.  Generated anticipated 4% increase in store service level, 3% decrease of cost of goods, and an 11% decrease in overall inventory investment within 18 months by clearly defining supply chain mission and implementation strategy.  Maximized company's leadership in supply chain management through installation of leading-edge technology platform.
Opportunity Analysis / Solutions Development
  Achieved $250 million in operating savings by studying operating models across company's North American complex sales, merchandising, supply chain and manufacturing environment. For more information, click here.  Measurably increased foot traffic and re-ignited customer interests and sales through launch of well-defined and targeted marketing promotions.  Saved client companies 10% to 20% on FTL and LTL truckload shipping through implementation of advanced logistics and technology solutions.  
Macro/Micro Market Analysis & Product Pricing
Reduced costs over $780 million while reversing 10-year decline in foot traffic for $40 billion chain by defining performance objectives and key performance indicators to accurately measure progress. For more information, click here.  Coordinated with a Strategic Pricing Consultant to develop operational strategies that maximized EBITDA with pricing strategies that increased customer counts.  Facilitated sales increase of 4.7%, with a 5.3% increase in guest count by developing fact-based understanding of company's price position that identified and optimized 6 target dimensions.
Strategic Planning & Results-Based Execution
Reclaimed company's strong regional market presence through development and implementation of innovative strategic plan and rebranding strategies. For more information, click here.  Stabilized same-store sales from double digit declines to positive sales within 3 quarters through definition and communication of clear corporate vision, mission, and operating goals.  Halted 3-year earnings decline by conceptualizing long-term strategic plans involving acquisitions, divestitures, and business development opportunities.


C.J. Gabriel, Jr. (Gabe)

Mobile:  (407) 443-5424

E-Mail:  [email protected]


Accomplished senior executive with global experience and deep industry knowledge leading to dramatic successes across diverse supply chain, grocery retail, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) environments. 

Builder of highly technical and niche-specific teams that drive strategy and performance for Fortune 500, startup, growth, and turnaround organizations. Personal Business Philosophy: Care for your people, your company, and your shareholders; everything that enriches an organization flows from the principle of caring leadership. Driving sustainable performance improvements and revenue growth across complex, global operations by focusing on: Defining the Market - Aligning products and services with the marketplace to generate the greatest penetration at the highest margin of profit. Creating the Strategic Plan - Rapidly assessing core focus issues in highly complex environments, intuitively understanding implications of acquired data, and applying a causal perspective to generate a clear corporate vision and mission with core values, and a strategy for execution that drives results. Developing Teams - Executing a strategic plan by wrapping human resources around the strategic plan specifically, not the reverse. Therefore, recruiting and positioning the best people in the right roles, and providing the tools, training and accountability in a positive business culture to increase individual, team, and company performance, is critical to success. Maximizing Performance - Defining the corporate strategies and identifying available resources to create a continuous improvement (metric based) mindset that generates higher return on investment. Anticipating Change - Never assuming that the status quo is sufficient to protect the company's future; therefore, constantly reviewing and redefining the vision and direction of the organization to remain highly competitive in rapidly changing and fluid environments. Personal traits that have ensured success include:

  • Leader with passion and drive
  • Big picture, strategic thinker, and thought-leader
  • Innovative, intuitive problem solver
  • High-performance team builder
  • Morale builder
  • Trusted, ethical business partner
  • Highly analytical, metric based productivity strategist
  • Results oriented business leader


To secure a position as CEO, President or COO position with a dynamic company where I can use my experience, energy and leadership skills to develop, motivate, lead and encourage the organization to its maximum potential.

A position where my demonstrated skills in operations, finance, marketing, administration, technology, human resource management and sales can be translated into improved growth and profitability for the customers, people and stakeholders.

I am open to relocating.


My God, my family and way down the list... fly fishing.  And I am an avid outdoorsman.  

Objective Statement

To secure a position as CEO, President or COO with a dynamic company where I can use my experience, energy and leadership skills to develop, motivate, lead and encourage the organization to its maximum potential.

A position where my demonstrated skills in operations, finance, marketing, administration, technology, human resource management and sales can be translated into improved growth and profitability for the customers, people and stakeholders.


David Preslar

“Gabe Gabriel is a wonderful, dynamic business professional that is extremely passionate about the retail and supply chain professions. He is highly strategic, focused, organized; results oriented and is constantly researching the market, and developing methods of process improvement. Gabe has been so successful, because he is very concerned about people, his customers and his shareholders. In fact he will tell you that is all he really cares about.Gabe is a man of the utmost honesty and ethics. I would recommend this man highly.”

Shon Ramey

“I’ve had the unique opportunity to work directly with Clarence “Gabe” Gabriel on two occasions. In my experience Gabe has the ability to assemble world-class management teams and motivate them to identify, address and resolve the most compelling issues confronting their particular organization. Gabe has found success at every venture I’ve known him to be associated with and because of his efforts and attention left it a better managed and more efficiently run organization. Gabe’s results speak for themselves.”

Charles Garrett

“I had the good fortune to work with Gabe for several years at Pepsi. It became extremely obvious to me early in the relationship that he was an extraordinary executive. Gabe demonstrated an instinctive and comprehensive understanding of all facets of our business as well as masterful line and team management skills. He is highly intelligent, highly motivated and uncompromising in his approach to all matters related to business and his personal life. I consider him to be an inspirational leader and a standard to which executives should aspire. I again worked with Gabe at Corporate Express. As has been demonstrated, Gabe's talents and results have encouraged many high calibre managers to want to follow Gabe when he pursues challenging new assignments.”

Guy Marsala

“I have had the privilege of working with Gabe at American Hospital Supply Corporation, PepsiCo and Corporate Express. He is a professional, results oriented leader who knows how to build strong teams, value the customer and add shareholder value. One of his greatest strengths was his ability to recruit and develop outstanding management talent.”