Aim in life

That's easy! I want to be a game developer, and make a living out of it. I have the brains and the drive to do it, and I will succeed in doing it.


I love reading; my favourite genres are essays and philosophy, but I read pretty much anything anyway.

I'm currently entertaining myself with Yoga (which is quite awesome), which I practice while listening to all kinds of music; but mostly Rock, and Classical music.

My main hobbies remain programming and gaming, though!

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2011 - Present

Editor, Writer, PR

The Indie Shelter

I'm currently working as a writer, editor and PR at The Indie Shelter, an Italian gaming website about the independent scene and culture. I write about anything that is able to pique my interest, which means interviews, reviews and in-depth articles about the state of the industry.



ActionScript 3

Currently developing some flash games in AS3 to improve my knowledge of this language

C++ Programming

Just started learning C++. POINTERS!

Fruity Loops

I'm learning to use Fruity Loops; this will make me a better all-around game developer. Plus, you know, it's fun as hell!


Writing at The Indie Shelter I learned to efficiently utilize the Wordpress blogging platform, in all its many facets.

Java Programming

I'm developing my Java skills thanks to courses and personal projects; what can I say, I like it!

The GIMP 2

Pretty much the usual stuff you see in articles, plus some personal knowledge. I'm definitely not an artist though!


Though it's not considered a skill by the majority of people, the older I get the more I notice that there are few who are able to stop, shut up and truly listen to what someone says. Hence me including this skill in my résumé.


Sep 2010 - Present

Ingnegneria dell'Informazione

Università degli Studi di Trieste

The course focuses on the basics of engineering (math, physics, electronics) as well as more IT-oriented subjects like programming, algorithms and computer architecture.

Sep 2005 - Jul 2010

Diploma Scientifico

Collegio "Don G. Bosco"

During the five years I received education in both humanistic and scientific fields including History, Philosophy, Italian Literature, English Literature, Latin and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.