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Accounting and finance, speaking presentations, marketing, budget planning, event coordination, interviews, interpersonal relationships.

I am interested in a dynamic and free-thinking company or corporation, where employees are free to mingle with the firm hierarchy.


I was a manager in the dining hall of Rutgers University before transferring to the University of Virginia. My responsibilities included: maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of the hall, delegating tasks to each student worker in order to take a preventive stance against possible setbacks, and acting as a liaison between students and dining executives regarding dining procedures. Coinciding my term as manager, I also worked for Rutgers Intramurals, as a sports official. Duties pertaining to this position included: analyzing athletic situations and exercising quick judgment in pressure situations, while also assisting recreational staff in the logistical side of intramurals, which included scheduling fellow officials and aiding in training. My goals are varied and flexible; I would enjoy a job in either the accounting or finance sector of the business world. Accounting intrigues me due to its growing dynamic lifestyle; more specifically, due to the client-based services accounting now provides. The art of analyzing industries and the firms that encompass those industries also interests me. I enjoy studying how companies impact their industries, and how each microeconomic decision could lead to major repercussions for the entire market. The type of firm I would want to work for would have a social, yet professional atmosphere, where employees are free to float around the office interacting with peers and executives alike. In my opinion, in order for a firm to maintain high success with high morale, its hierarchy must not create a fear to interact. I do not wish to be intimidated by my superiors; rather, I want to hear how their experiences allowed them to ascend to their present position. One can only become more knowledge by learning from those who went through the same process.

Work experience

Jun 2007Aug 2009

Senior Counselor

Sep 2008May 2009

Meal Manager for Tillett Dining Hall

Rutgers University
Sep 2008May 2009


Rutgers University




University of Virginia