Lu Ann Wherry

Lu Ann Wherry


Sep 2010 - Dec 2010

Certificate in Adminstration

Foothills Adult Education Center
  • Creating  Word documents from memorandums and fliers to newsletters and outlines.
  • Creating Excel databases and documents.
  • Using mail merge to to do mailings and labels from Excel data base.
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations.




Microsoft Office Suite


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop


Photography and photo preservation, scrap-booking, reading, dance, writing short stories & poems and sewing & needlework.

Experience in Brief

  • Editing old and discolored photos to make clear, clean copies for informational posters.
  • Photos, logo, and brochure design for groups and companies.
  • Creating campaigns for label collection drives.
  • Formatting and designing curriculum units for children.
  • Publishing informative articles for target audiences.
  • Creating forms for print and on-line use for schools, businesses and other other groups.
  • Teaching Graphic Design skills to students in the 4th through 8th grades.

Design Experiences

Innovations Academy [ Charter School with San Diego Unified]:  Graphic Design Class 2011

  • Teaching students basic color & line theory, page layout design, typography and design skills.
  • Helping students understand design principles.
  • Educating students about design field careers

City Tree Christian School [First Presbyterian Church]: Yearbook 2006 - 2007; 2009-2010; 2010- 2011

  • Photography, photo editing and page layout for the 2006-2007 yearbook.
  • CO-Advisor: Teaching students photography, photo editing, page layout and copy writing. 2009
  • Co-Editor: Responsible for content and design. 2009-2010; 2010-2011.

First United Methodist Church: Mission Sewing 9/08

  • Designed logo, did photography & design for current brochure

First United Methodist Church: Covenant Circle 3/08

  • Edited old and discolored photos to make clear, clean copies for informational posters.

First United Methodist Church: Earth Care Group 4/08 & ongoing

  • Designed group logo.
  • Designed current brochure.

Western Mission Mortgage: 12/06-3/07, 8/09

  • Designed brochures for Astoria, Alta & Palazzo for mortgage products.
  • Created a template In Design according to client's request. 


Formerly, Soul of San Diego Magazine: 2/06 – 7/06

  • Responsible for preparing ads for magazine layout which included redesign to fit ad space.
  • Included logo clarification and simplification for ads. 

Work experience

Work experience
May 2008 - Present

Sunday Receptionist

First Untied Methodist Church of San Diego
  • Direct inquires by phone and in person.
  • Process requests for sermons, altar flowers, etc.
  • Provide directions and assistance.
  • Handling cash transactions. 
Mar 2011 - Present

Afternoon & Explorations Teacher

Innovations Academy
  • Teaching graphic design skills to students from 4th to 8th grade.
  • Guiding students in use of MS suite, Adobe Creative Suite and other design software.
Apr 2010 - Jun 2010


US Census 2010
  • Responsible for locating and assisting respondents in completing the questionnaire for the US Census.
Jan 2005 - Apr 2005


  • Responsible for verifying product inventory for clients using handheld scanners. 
Jan 1988 - Sep 2004


Children's Growing Center

  • Developed successful multimedia scientific exploration curriculum on whales, dolphins and porpoises for young children resulting in a multi-sensory experience for children expanding their knowledge of the subject. 


Photos & Refinishing