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  • Established Kids' Kingdom (Children's Ministry) with 350 children in attendance.
  • Established a Singles Ministry September 22, 2000.
  • Established a Women's Ministry (Women of Faith) August 2001
  • Established a Men's Ministry October 2000

Licensure & Awards


  • Illinois Teaching Certificate
  • Licensed & Ordained To Preach the Gospel


  • Gus T. Ridgel Fellowship, University of Missouri, 1989
  • Distinguished Young Executive, Association of Christian Schools International, 1995
  • Outstanding Principals and Administrators Award, Illinois Congressman Danny K. Davis, 7th Congressional District, 1997
  • Outstanding Spiritual and Community Leadership for Youth, Dominick's Finer Foods, 2002
  • Healthy Church Award, Rick Warren Saddleback Church & Purpose Driven Ministries, 2005

Spiritual Formation

  • Created and designed Foundations Classes 101 (Discovering Church Membership), 201 (Discovering Christian Maturity), 301 (Discovering My Ministry), and 401 (Discovering My Life's Mission which are our foundation classes helping members become fully devoted followers of Christ. Over 1000 people have completed these classes
  • Established Digging Deeper (The Pastor's Bible Study). The Bible Study has grown to over 500 in attendance and is designed to help believers mature spiritually by studying the scriptures expositionally (verse-by-verse)
  • Envisioned the partnership of working with seminars to establish a church-based training program and saw it come into reality August 20, 2000 with Trinity International University

Summary of Qualifications

  • Increased membership by 1500 in nine years - Total membership over 2500
  • Visionary Leader of the Taste of Mars Hill Community Event - over 5000 in attendance
  • Sponsored Community Health Fair with area hospitals and clinics - over 1500 in attendance (500 children received free immunization shots)
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills
  • Able to direct and lead others to produce desired results
  • Fifteen years experience in congregational ministry
  • Increased stewardship in present church 150% in nine years
  • Expertise in new ministry development and major programmatic expansion
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • A good morale builder
  • An experienced team player, bringing enthusiasm and energy into group efforts

Pastoral Specialties

  • Planned and executed all major stewardship campaigns
  • Increased giving in present church 35% a year for the last nine years
  • Designed a stewardship education program now used in twelve area churches
  • Created and implemented men's, women's, couples, and young adult ministries
  • Design a new Spiritual Formation to help new and seasoned believers grow in Christ
  • Restructure and improve the church's evangelism and outreach ministry
  • Design and implement a new member assimilation workshop
  • Increased attendance 60% over the past six years by improving new member assimilation procedures

Ministry Objective

Senior Pastor of a dynamic congregation with a need for visionary leadership, enhanced stewardship, community outreach, spiritual formation, ministry development, new member incorporation, and leadership development


  • Investment of $100,000 in stage renovations and state of the art sound and audio/visual system to improve the quality of our worship services.
  • Introduced the "Melodies of Praise Dances" as an important part of worship in October 1999.
  • November 1999, the praise team V.I.B.E. (Vessels Inspired, Born-Again, and Equipped) was created.
  • November 2001, the drama ministry Vessels of Grace was created.
  • On Easter Sunday 2000, the church moved to 2 worship services
  • On Easter Sunday 2003, the church moved to 3 worship services

Evangelism & Membership

  • More than 1500 souls have been added to our church and the Kingdom of God.
  • January 2002, launched an evangelism campaign to witness to an lead 5000 souls to the Kingdom of God
  • Recruited and trained 209 believers to become successful Soul Winning Partners
  • Envisioned our church having a new logo, bulletin, pulpit, and altar and saw it come to pass June 2000.

Work experience



By Grace Ministries, Inc

By Grace is a comprehensive church based community impact program designed to impact the lives of individuals, family, church, and community. It is our conviction that true change must come from the inside out. Therefore, in order to impact lives we must address the moral and spiritual foundations upon which those lives are built, while simultaneously meeting felt needs. It is also our conviction that the church, not the government, is the best social service delivery system since it is closer to the needs of people. When churches develop a Kingdom perspective, they cease being ingrown and are then free to mobilize volunteers to meet the crying needs of urban young people while strengthening their family structure in a context of compassion, moral training, and spiritual accountability. By Grace provides a hand-up, not a hand out.


·Family Renewal - By Grace envisions showing churches how to reclaim and preserve the family. The church is assisted in establishing programs that come along side the family and helps rebuild broken marriages, provides mentors for single-parent homes, offers parenting classes, trains men and women through family enrichment seminars, supports through the family counseling center, and encourages adoption. These are resources that will be brought to the community through By Grace.

·Education Revitalization - By Grace works to rebuild this part of the community by becoming an education extension as they teach the head and the heart. This approach allows knowledge to become not only practical for daily living but also relevant to a larger purpose in life.

·Business & Economic Development - It has been our experience that most single parent females generally struggle with economic issues. Welfare is the commonly suggested solution, but By Grace provides an alternative. It offers lasting solutions as unique as the people who benefit form them.

·Health Revitalization - By promoting good physical well-being in the community, By Grace’s strategy involves the church in the everyday physical Issues of life. This area of interest is comprised of a variety of preventative healthcare resources including medical testing, nutritional counseling, team sports, aerobic classes, weight training, and prenatal and mental healthcare.

·Housing & Redevelopment - The By Grace strategy models for churches ways to address physical needs in the area of housing while teaching principles that unite the home. This includes a housing development component where emergency and transitional housing for families is offered to those in crisis. By Grace encourages residents in transitional housing to take advantage of related resources such as family and substance abuse counseling, prenatal and medical care, pregnancy alternatives (adoption instead of abortion), housing referral, budget preparation and even home-buying advice.

·Community Mobilization & Reconciliation - By Grace seeks to rebuild entire communities by teaching people ways to unite and take action. Crime has drastically decreased in communities where the strategy has been implemented. There is a feeling of pride among residents of these communities who now believe that major change will not take place without individuals and families changing first then giving back to their neighbors.

·Church & Leadership Development - It has been said, "when you have oneness of purpose you have true unity." More than fifty churches banded together across racial, class and denominational lines to unite their community in Youngstown, Ohio. Working together, citizens are transforming institutions, neighborhoods and individuals through a shared purpose of community renewal.


Executive Director

Mars Hill School, Inc
  • Responsible for budget development and long-range financial planning for school with 150 students and annual budget exceeding $500,000
  • Establish and supervise uniform accounting procedures for all financial transactions
  • Account for all bills payable and present them to the Board for approval
  • Participate in long-range facilities planning including renovation and building maintenance
  • Direct responsibility for the supervision of the computerized records management system including grade reporting, attendance and permanent records
  • Conduct performance evaluations of staff and faculty members


Sep 2005Present

Doctor of Ministry

Sep 1993May 1998

Master of Arts-Religion

Aug 1989May 1991

Master of Public Administration

Aug 1984May 1989