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Located in Central New Jersey, Central Career School seeks to provide its students with effective methods for beginning their careers. As a professionally-oriented school, Central Career provides training that is tailored to its students’ needs, while maintaining an overall standard of educational quality.Accordingly, Central Career School harnesses the input of employers in its region when establishing its course offerings. In keeping with this employer relationship, Central Career also provides features such as externship training in its Medical Billing and Coding and Dental Assistant programs. Furthermore, the school seeks to maintain a high job placement record for its students by providing instructors who are committed to their students' career development. Central Career School also maintains relationships with organizations including the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Association, the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and other related associations.In addition, Central Career School provides its students with several specific areas of study. Among these programs is Medical Assisting, which aims to train Medical Assistants to work in a clinical and administrative capacity in ambulatory cases. The Business and Technology Administrative Professional program prepares students to work in the software and personal computer fields, using spreadsheets, keyboarding, and database management skills.Finally, as an ACCSC accredited institution, Central offers such assistance as Federal Pell Grants and payment programs in assisting its students with finances. Its admissions process includes an application as well as a GED or high school diploma. Furthermore, Central Career School provides detailed information on its programs and admissions requirements on its website at