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Jane Virro is the Executive Director of Cells for Life in Toronto, Ontario. At Cells for Life, medical professionals offer a service where they isolate and concentrate stem cells and store them for their clients.This technology provides an immediate supply of cord blood stem cells should a person’s baby or a family member require a stem cell transplant.

Jane Virro received her B.Sc. (OT) from the University of Toronto. After working clinically at a number of hospitals, Jane was chosen to participate in research projects with Neuroscientists at John Hopkins University and the University of Toronto. In 1988, she changed her focus to business and continued her education in this field. Jane worked as the Financial Director for the Markham Fertility Centre. She was also sole Owner and Executive Director of the International Fertility Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana and the International Fertility Centre for Surrogacy in Hot Springs, Arkansas from 1997 to 2003.

Cells for Life

585 University Avenue

Toronto, ON M5G 2N2

Tel: 416.260.0808