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Executive with over thirty years experience in turnaround management, sales, business development, P&L, operations, strategic planning, negotiation, recruitment, procurement, logistics, facilities, and training. Successful in generating multimillion-dollar revenue and profit gains utilizing diverse workforces.Successful track record in developing team members and providing mentorship which resulted in career growth both in terms of compensation and role within the organization. Adept at achieving extraordinary results with ordinary employees and resources.

Shareholder Value Improvement

Increased Gross Revenues $1.1M 30% - eleven times base compensation 2006. Reduced Operating Expenses $1.6M – sixteen times base compensation 2007/2008.Transformed a failing operation from $1.4M loss to $500K profit and moved from #48 of 50 locations to #17 in profitability.Doubled net profit within one year by gross profit margin increases and logical staffing changes.

Customer Loyalty Builder

Proficient in building and retaining customer loyalty in a highly competitive marketplace. Listened and responded to the customer’s needs, exceeding customer expectations, and consistently provide superior service.Overcame customer resistance to increased share of business and proved our capacity to deliver 2.5 times their original expectation.

Operational Efficiencies

Increased sales/employee ratios 50% by: continuously eliminating and replacing the bottom 10% of performers, consolidated business functions, encouraged “thinking outside the box”, created atmosphere of excellence with each team member, set and communicates high results driven performance expectations, implemented quality improvement program including on time delivery performance, provided training/tools/resources to support productivity increases, and constantly sought out new talent to bring to the organization.