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Are you looking for writing jobs? Do you need translation works? I'm here to help you!

I'm a native French speaking writer working as a freelancer. I'm interested in a lot of subject and I would pleased to work with you to build projects that work well and make you and your company successfull!


I'm interested in a lot of things. I like learning so I spend a lot of time to discover new subjects. During my free time, I do:

-oriental dance


-learn Spanish

-create jewels

-write on my blogs



I've studied foreign languages and translation for five years and I've made several trainings. For my master's degree, I've worked for a year while studying.

Several trainings, good studies and after that, I become a freelancer!

Work experience

Jan 2006Jul 2008

translator/project manager

Consultants Philippe Willemetz

I've worked for almost two year as translator and project manager. During this time, I've learned a lot about how to do my job better and how a translation company works. Ad the company is specialized in financial translations, I've learned a lot about finance. It was a very good experience!

Jul 2006Aug 2006


Proverb France

Proverb France is the French subsidiary of the German translation agency Proverb Deutschland. I worked here during a sommer training, as I was looking for getting more experience. During this time, I worked as a translator, but I also learned how to contact potential customers. This part was new to me but I think it is useful to know every aspect of a translation project, included getting customers!

Mar 2006May 2006



The only time where I've been translating in English. I usually don't translate in English, but I was willing to try and see how I could handle this. I've worked on this project with a friend of mine and we both managed to organize the work and time to do this job. It has been a good experience!

Apr 2005Aug 2005


My first long work experience. I spent 4 months in Francfort, so I improved my German while working. From all my experience, Siemens is the biggest company which I worked for. I was translating and I had to plane my schedule alone, so I could try and see how to be the most efficient. I really enjoyed working there!

Jul 2004Aug 2004


BHKW Info Rastatt

The first training I've ever made. A good experience, one month spent in Germany, working in a very little company. I had to translate the website of the company, managing my work freely. A nice training!


Sep 2005Oct 2007


Université Paris VII
Sep 2002Jun 2005


Université de Provence


Writing is not only a skill, it's a passion! I really enjoy writing since I was a child and people do appreciate my style. I'm a blogger and I can write about any subject, providing you give me the guidelines to deliver work that meet your expectations!
Teaching French to kids from 6 to 12 is not as easy as one may think. But I did for 3 years, giving private lessons to several children. They all increased their marks, so of them also came to like reading books! I'm pretty proud of it!
I've been learning English also for 15 years and I also translate from English into French!
I've been learning German for about 15 years, now I translate from German into French and, well, I live in Berlin!
I'm a native French speaker and now, speaking French is almost my job ;)