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To become a professional expert in the field of Hospitality Industry associated with an esteemed organization with an objective to utilize my education and experience more meaningfully




Saint Louis University

Alfonso Bonifacio St.  Baguio City

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management major in Travel and Tours



Baguio City National High School

Governor Pack Road Baguio City

Special Program for the Arts



Lucban Elementary School

Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City

Work experience

Jun 2015Jul 2015

Service Crew

Cafe Yagam

Barista, Server, Cashier

Seminars and Trainings

November 29, 2009                       WOW Philippines, Cordillera's Best

            Melvin Jones Burnham Park, Baguio City 

August 25-26, 2013                      SLU Marching Band Team Building and Leadership Seminar

     SLU-LHS, Navy Base Baguio City

September 22, 2013                       Agrarian Reform Seminar

    SLU Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng,Baguio City

October 4, 2013                               Personality Development Culminating Program

     SLU Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng,Baguio City

August 8-9, 2014                            SLU Band Team Building

     San Fabian. Pangasinan

March 22, 2015                                Hepatitis Awareness and Culinary Trends 101

     SLU Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng,Baguio City

May 10, 2015                                    Baguio City Mock Tour

      Baguio City

August 1-2, 2015                             SLU Band Team Building and Leadership Seminar

     San Luis Del Mar Resort, Bauang, La Union

November 15, 2015                         Career and Internship Orientation

     SLU Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng,Baguio City


2012-2013                                          2nd Semester Dean's List

October 4, 2013                                 Miss Personality

2013-2014                                          1st Semester Dean's List

2013-2014                                          2nd Semester Dean's List

2014-2015                                          1st Semester Dean's List

2012-2015                                          2nd Semester Dean's List