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Experiencia profesional


oct 2012nov 2015

Sales Account Manager

 I have contributed to  Lenovo consumer business as Nr 1 IDC Market position in sales of Notebook by 1Q 2015 in a record time starting from scratch end of 2012
I have achieved 1st position inside Hipercor in Sales of Notebook, starting one year before (33%SOW), and creating a very good relationship with my customer
I have achieved  2nd position inside Corte Ingles in Sales of Notebooks, with 25% SOW. I have created marketing campaigns with a mesurable sales of more than 25000 units.
I have become myself as a Top Talent Sales, highly competitive, fully oriented to sell a image brand Concept instead fo pure hardware price oriented products.
I have increased my Sales and the Business profitability Year over Year
I have created from 0 and I was responsible Distributors partner Structure: Esprinet, Ingram Micro and Techdata
I have builded a strong relationship with core customers , not only in Buying department, either in Marketing and Sales, online Sales, and Telco.
I have launched new product categories with special focus on mobility categories (tablets, convertibles and accessories), acompannied by a Marketing Campaing, offline and online, with a good welcome in Sales
Brand Building and Marketing strategy with customers having very limited resources, innovating and creating new ways to make Marketing and sales


sep 2007oct 2012

Key Sales Manager

My main Objective was open new customers and diversify Sales creating partnerships.
I have opened new customers as Pc City, El Corte Ingles, Carrefour, Makro, V y P, Media Markt Portugal, Orange, The Phone House and increase sales of the company.
I have collaborated to set the price strategy to the market taking advantage of my knwoledge of IT Business wiith the Country Manager
I have had weekly meetings with all my customer to follow sales and marketing actions and control Stocks, reinforcing good relationship
Management of my Marketing Budget
Design & Execution of marketing actions with my customers
 Management of sales crisis situation with total autonomy
I have received an Award in 2008 as the best Sales Manager (First Position) in Sales across Europe


may 2003sep 2007

Key Sales Manager

•During my professional life in this company, I have the chance of delivering results across different  channels:
    • Distibutors as UMD, Memory Set, Aryan, Techdata
    • Retailers as Pc City, Carrefour, Media Markt, Urende, Miro, UPI, FNAC, Boulanger
I have developed an alternative channel as traditional ones,  creating very good Sales and Marketing Campaigns with customers as V y P Promociones Bancarias, selling IT products across bank end customers

Another alternative channel to be developed by my responsability was HCI (Home Computing Initiative). I have created new distributors only  for this purpose: Sell Products to employees through their companies with tax rebates. We have sold to Ferrovial employees.
As a Sales Manager I have to create Monthly customer’s forecast .
I have participated in the definition of the price policy.
I have the control of sell out.
I have weekly Meetings with direct and indirect customers to strength relationship
I have trained  the sales team for the launch of new products
During those years I have received two Sales Awards as a reward for my performance.
                 • Top Performance 2005 1st Position
                 • Top Performance 2006 2nd Position

Formación académica


feb 2016presente

Digital Marketing Master

Affiliate Marketing, Analítica Web, Atención al Cliente, Blog, Branded Content, Management Copy, Creatividad Digital, Display Marketing, e-Commerce, Email Marketing, Estrategia de Marketing Digital, Estrategia Redes Sociales, Facebook, Gamificación, Geolocalización, Google Adwords, Internacionalización, e-commerce, Internet TV, Landing Pages, Linkedin, Logística, Medios de Pago, Mobile Marketing, Prestashop, Reputación Online, ROI en Entornos Digitales, SEM, SEO, Twitter y Usabilidad


oct 1991jun 1996

Sales Management and Marketing Bachelor

Introducción Al Marketing,Microeconomía, Contabilidad,Matemáticas, Empresa, Técnicas De Venta, Comportamiento Del Consumidor, Estruct. De La Comunicación,Sistemas Informáticos,Inglés,, Macroeconomía,Estadística, Tecnologías Multimedia, Introducción A La Empresa, Derecho Empresarial, Dirección De Comunicación, Análisis De Estados Financieros,


Spanish: mother tongue

Portuguese: father tongue

English: High


Sales Management

Focused on results


Strong network of contacts in the IT industry .


Running a one-year Master Degree in Digital Marketing to learn more about new ways of making Marketing and Sales


Always meeting  customer´s needs across different channels ( Retail, Distributors and on-line) 


Digital MarketingSalesOnline marketRetail Market


I have received 5 awards by Fujitsu, Medion and Lenovo, Awards to the top individual contributors across all Europe, for  sales achievement and leadership:

Top Performance 2005

Top Performance 2006

Top Key Account Manager 2008

President Club 2013

Top Talent 2014