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Christian Ehlers

Intelligent Network Specialist, Testbed Architect At Nokia Siemens Networks S.A.


  • Open Source development
  • Sailing, Tennis


Thank you for your interest in my CV. I am open for potential career advancements in the telecommunication industry.  I have extensive knowlege in Intelligent Networks (Mobile Prepaid) and SS7 (Telecommunication Signalling Protocols). I recently took over the position of Testbed Architect where I am now responsible for the interconnections of the entire mobile test platform for Nokia Siemens Networks in France, including remote access for developpers around the world. I am also still working as an Intelligent Network Specialist for the SFR Prepaid Platforms and the IMS Platforms for Orange.

With seven out of a total of ten years in the Telecommunication Industry, I have not only the technical and analytical skills necessary to fullfill my job but also the ability to work customer oriented to guarantee the maximum possible customer satisfaction.

While most of my work experience has been as a member of different teams, I am also working on several independant projects where I manage myself efficiently.

My superiors know me as very flexible, dependable team member and are giving me special preferences for trainings and business travels.

Work experience

May 2006Present

Intelligent Network Specialist, Testbed Architect

Nokia Siemens Networks S.A.
  • Testbed Architect responsible for the planning, interconnection and maintenance of the entire mobile test platform at NSN, including network design and Cisco router configuration & monitoring.
  • IMS Orange live platform installation, upgrade and regression tests; test platform management.
  • IN (Mobile Prepaid) hardware and software maintenance, update deployment, emergency technician.
  • Software development in Java for prepaid offer creation and deployment.
  • Responsible technician of the Telemaintenance platform for secure remote access to customer and test networks.
  • Development and deployment of a specialized Backup/Restore Solution for NSN and customer test beds.
  • Backup/Restore (Oracle Unix cluster) and @COM specialist.
Jan 2004Apr 2006

IN Testbed Engineer

  • IN Backup / Restore for long-term storage, BRS installation and administration.
  • IN SEP and @COM installation, system test and test bed maintenance.
  • Development of database driven web applications for the Siemens Intranet.
  • Teleservice administration and emergency support.
May 1999Apr 2002

Oracle Database Developer

  • Oracle Database development (SQL/PLSQL), GUI development in Clarion and Delphi.
  • Oracle and Linux administration, development in Perl for System migrations.


Cisco Router and Switch
I have received several trainings on Cisco router and switch configuration, management and trouble shooting allowing me to enter the Cisco certification program.
TCP/IP Networking
I have recently received several trainings on advanced TCP/IP Networking, including TCP/IP for mobile packet core, Sigtran, QoS and "Ethernet from LAN to Metro".
SS7 Network Administration
I have extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of the SS7 network infrastructure, including GSM signalling protocols and Sigtran / SS7 over IP.
Intelligent Network Administrator
I have extensive IN Hardware and Software platform knowledge, including the CAMEL Phase 4 Signaling Protocol
Oracle Administration
I am Oracle Certified Database Associate and have extensive knowledge in Oracle administration, programming and performance tuning.
Unix / Linux Administration


ITA Software Technology

BIB e.V.
  • Operating Systems and Networks (incl. TCP/IP)
  • Software Development in Assembler, Cobol, C/C++ and Java
  • System and Hardware maintenance
  • Office applications, Project management, Database management
  • Basic book-keeping, Communication skills, Mathematics
Sep 2002Sep 2003

Database Specialist Oracle

Siemens Business Services
  • Database Design, SQL & PL/SQL, Java Stored Procedures
  • Administration Oracle9i, MS SQL-Server, mySQL
  • Optimization, Performance Tuning, and Replication in Oracle9i
  • OAD, UML & Programming Java Applications with DB Support
  • HTML, XML, Javascript and webserver administration
  • Network Programming in Java, Servlets and JSP with Web Project
  • UNIX/LINUX and Windows Server administration with TCP/IP


Oct 2003Present

Oracle Certified Database Associate

Oracle Corporation