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Cedric Forêt

Enthusiastic biochemist⎢Open to new opportunities


I performed my master thesis at the University of Dundee (Scotland, UK) during which I independently performed experiments in a research lab. This experience, along with the various lab sessions during my academic career, helped me to develop my laboratory skills.

Filled with the need to further develop and expand my laboratory expertise, I am looking for a full-time/part-time job (or internship) in order to help life science companies or research labs in achieving their scientific goals.

Feel free to contact me by phone (+32 476 361 330)
or by email ([email protected]).

Work experience

Nov 2012Jun 2013

Master thesis via Erasmus

Centre for Gene Regulation and Expression, University of Dundee (UK)

· Carry out lab techniques such as SDS-PAGE, western blot and transfection

· Select, synthesize and assess relevant information from the scientific literature · Analyze and critically evaluate experimental results -scientific writing, oral presentation and defending

Apr 2011Apr 2011


Laboratory for Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene, University of Antwerp

· Carry out elementary microbiological lab techniques

· Scientific writing


Jan 2013Jan 2014

Specialization year

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

During this one-year specialization program, I took courses and participated in lab sessions in the field of protein chemistry, structural biology and food science.

Jan 2011Jan 2013

Universiteit Antwerpen

· Broad knowledge of proteomics, genomics, biotechnology and laboratory animal science

· Practical experience in protein technology, proteomics, molecular biology and laboratory animal science

Jan 2008Jan 2011

Universiteit Antwerpen

· Basic knowledge of (bio)chemistry, organic chemistry, cell biology, microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics and bio-informatics

· Practical experience in protein technology, microbiology and molecular biology


Presentation Skills
Scientific Writing
Food Technology
Food Chemistry
Food Science
Cell Culture
Molecular Biology
Protein Crystallization
Western Blotting
Protein Purification


Certificate 'experimenter (category C)' - FELASA