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Jan 2019Jul 2019

Entrepreneur in Residence


  • Explored new startup ideas.
  • Completed 11 hackathons, 5 team buildings, 8 pitches, and 1 final pitch to the investment committee.
  • Worked on ideation, business model, and marketing.
  • Built an MVP for FoodIQ image recognition using deep learning and Python.
  • Developed a web scraper in Go for mining 1 million food images.
  • Created a food dataset using Apache Beam.
May 2016Sept 2018



Built a SaaS product for real-time medical image diagnostics that reduced physicians turnaround time by 80% using React and JavaScript in front-end and Go, SQL, and PyTorch in back-end.

Mar 2011Dec 2017

Technical Lead


  • Lead developer for [email protected] mobile app launched by Singapore Minister.
  • Cut Samsung Robin TV kiosk development time by half by using React Native.
  • Developed the official 2016 F1 Singapore Grand Prix Android app.
  • Improved site performance by 50% by optimizing legacy e-Learning SQL databases.
  • Reduced cost by 20% by implementing a web framework for multi-tenant medical e-Learning.
  • Modernized legacy systems by developing a REST API in Node.js and Express.
  • Saved cost by migrating e-Learning infrastructure to AWS.
Nov 2008Jul 2010

Senior Software Engineer


  • Improved travel agencies ROI by 10% by implementing a full-stack web travel booking engine.
  • Improved productivity of team by mentoring and empower new programmers.
May 2006Jun 2008

Systems Analyst


  • Redesigned TodayOnline CMS for traffic growth and editors productivity.
  • Reduced cost by developing and migrating to a new magazine subscription system.
  • United all MediaCorp TV online assets by building a web framework.



Programming Languages

  • Proficient: Go, JavaScript
  • Fluent: TypeScript, Python
  • Familiar: Rust, Java

Web Development

  • How browsers and Web work.
  • Front-end development in React, JavaScript, Next.js SSR, and Webpack.
  • Back-end development in Node.js (Express) and TypeScript.
  • REST API and services development in Go, Redis, Kafka, and gRPC.
  • Database modeling and development in SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB (NoSQL).
  • JavaScript test framework - Mocha, Jest, Enzyme, Cypress

Mobile App Development

  • React Native iOS and Android development.
  • Native Android development in Java.
  • Hybrid mobile app development using PhoneGap, vanilla JavaScript and jQuery Mobile.
  • Mobile game development using vanilla JavaScript and Webpack.
  • Publishing app to App Store.

Engineering Practices

  • The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code.
  • Ultimate Go design guidelines.
  • Clean code.
  • Maintainable codebase.
  • Code reviews.
  • Unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing.
  • Continuous refactoring.
  • Documentation.
  • Optimize for developer happiness but don't forget about your customers.
  • Simple and low complexity solution.
  • Debugging - learn your tools well.
  • Agile software development.
  • Agile delivery with automation through CI/CD.
  • Start with monolithic/macroservices architecture until you don't have a choice. Microservices if the trade-offs are worth it.

DevOps, Data Management, and Others

  • Linux, OS, and networking.
  • Local development using Docker Container.
  • Deploy containers to GKE or Google Cloud Run.
  • Create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on AWS using Infrastructure as Code tools such as Pulumi or Terraform.
  • Basics of scaling apps such as load balancing, caching, message queuing, and database scaling patterns.
  • Use PaaS such as Heroku to deploy, manage, and scale apps.
  • Set up Jenkins CI/CD pipeline or use commercial CI/CD such as GitHub Actions or CircleCI.
  • Basic knowledge of OWASP principles and WebAppSec.
  • Basic of data engineering in Apache Beam.
  • Vim (remote SSH development), VS Code (web development), and Sublime (writing).


Dec 2016Jul 2019



Practical Deep Learning for Coders



The work was done in my earlier jobs. Most of them was created at modern digital agency, Vintedge and my startup, Trinine.