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Lead tech with a background over 13 years in web development, I am confortable with the complete steps of a web project realization.
My full-stack developer skill allow me to operate during the differents cycles of the project : from front-end, back-end to system administration.

I master differents steps of a digital project : from brief, zoning, wireframes, functionals and technicals specifications, developments, performance testing to go-live.
During the project my goal is to scaffold out the complete app and reached objectives in alloted time. My place is to support, manage or beeing part of the dev team in the project.

Serious, proficient, rigorous i am aware with the problematics of code optimization for high solicitation structure and clarity code. Conscious of load average problematic, I attend to produce reliable solutions to optimize performance and guarantee system availability.

I have interest to work on international projects and exchange knowledges / experiences with others. I am very carreful to the care taken to UI and UX and the importance it imply to optimise user experience.

Most of previous projects i worked on was usually in a LAMP stack but I am (totally) open to learn and adapt myself to project specificities on others technologies.

French : native
English : professional proficiency

Work experience

Mar 2013Present

Co-founder / CTO

Carnomise SAS

Carnomise offers travelers free airport parking by renting their cars out to other travelers while they're away. The car owners go to the airport using their cars, get free parking and earn money with the rentals. Car renters on the other side pay in average half the price they would normally pay.

Participated to the 1st European accelerator StartupBootcamp session 2015 program.


team of 3 developers - scrum methodology

Field of competences
  • project management : android business app, web, IT
  • optimization : UX,UI, A/B testing, GrowthHacking, SEO compliant 
  • development : front/back-office  (front/back-end)
  • server administration (Debian)
  • IT kiosk solution deployment inside airport
  • International environment (France, Netherland)
  • Web design

LAMP, Bash, Python, Zend Framework 1.x, AngularJs, Grunt, Bower, Jquery, Bootstrap, Git, Sass, Smarty 3, Javascript

Jul 2008Jun 2014

Project Manager & Lead developer


Media company around entertainment, trend, travel which manage more than 40 websites  in an international environment. (,, 
26M Monthly unique visitors

Project manager on 
Project manager on 
Project manager on, L'Oreal brand pusblishing  (Italy,France,Brazil,Spain, Germany, Canada, Mexico)

- group websites realization in a scallable way
- advertising inventory management plateform realization 
- CMS and platform tailormade based on Zend Framework
- back-office optimized, UX/UI frontend based on Extjs/Sencha
- website WYSIWYG RTE tools realization (Prototype)
- rich media tools realization (Extjs)
- advertising creative dedicated for luxuary / high profile brands
- responsive, parallax mobile skins
- participate to Webediads realization (tailormade Adserver)
- SEO optimization tools realization


Manage part of developers in a team of 15 developers - waterfall methodology

Field of competences
  • project management : web desktop, web mobile
  • optimization : SEO compliant 
  • development : front/back-office  (front/back-end)
  • infrastructure : 15 servers, detained and managed own
  • International environment (France, Brazil, Germany, Lebanon)
  • high performance and high availability infrastructure requirements

LAMP, Nginx, Bash, Zend Framework 1.x, Jquery, Prototype, Extjs, Git, SVN, Less, Memcached, TinyDNS, Dovecot, Postfix, Mysql (master-slave), Mysql Administration, Mnogosearch,Smarty 2, Javascript

Sep 2007Jan 2014

Co-founder / Lead tech

Press and edition company, is the most popular french website about natural, bio and organic thematic.

160k Monthly unique visitors

Field of competences
  • project management : web desktop
  • optimization : SEO compliant 
  • development : front/back-office (front/back-end)
  • deploy webservice with Free/Microsoft/Marmiton
  • Web design

LAMP, Nginx, Bash, Zend Framework 1.x, Jquery, Extjs, SVN, Memcached, Dovecot, Postfix, Mysql Administration, Mnogosearch,Smarty 2, Javascript


Web Developer

Condé Nast

CondéNet - CondéNast web subsidiary - Press & magazine edition /
- CMS tailormade realization (Back-Office/Front-Office)
- group's forum realization
- CondeNast subscription website realization
- innovative display creative

Field of competences
  • web desktop development
  • optimization : SEO compliant 
  • development : front/back-office (front/back-end)

LAMP, Mysql, Smarty 2, Javascript


Freelance - Technical Consultant


Boston Scientific, Crédit Agricole, ETDE, Osiatis, Bouygues Télécom, Thalès

Field of competences
  • Network deployment
  • IT service
  • Web development



Web Developer


Startup which supply Web TV portal for companies (Pechiney, Le Point)

Field of competences
  • Development
  • Web design



Stack of work

LAMP - Zend Framework, NodeJs
AngularJS / Bower / Grunt - Jquery, XHTML (5) - CSS - Native Js

Server administration

Apache, Nginx, Memcached, Mysql , Samba, postfix-dovecot.., backup procedures, live production procedures

Extra knowledges

Sass, Less, Python, Yeoman, Bash, SVN, Mnogosearch

Great interest for new technologies

Falcor, Nodejs, Ember, Polymer, Angular, Ember, React...

Other interests in

UX/UI, SEO, entrepreneurship



BTS informatique industriel

Jules Ferry

Programmation Langage C, assembleur