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Work experience

USA Technologies, Inc.
Oct 1997Present

VP Regional Account Sales

Responsible for increasing revenues in TX, OK, TN, LA, AR, AL, FL, GA, MS. Grew the base 157% propelled by new product introductions, increased market share, and additional customer wins. Under my leadership, created significant interest in the company’s comprehensive solution for wireless unattended small ticket cashless transactions used in a variety of industries including vending, hospitality, commercial laundry and energy management, fueled this growth. Exceeded the territory’s five-year revenue growth plan. In the most recent quarter alone, processed a record 14 million transactions for a total of $24.5 million on 82,000 network connections. 

  • Acquire and grow major accounts offering networking for data management, cashless payment processing and energy management.
  • Cultivate profitable relationships offering bundled applications to the automated retailing, hospitality and Energy sector.
  • Identify opportunities for a networking platform that enables host equipment to wirelessly connect to central network enabling non-cash transactions and remote data collection.
  • Introduce cost saving measures that impact profitability with a full-line of energy management products designed to reduce energy consumption in vending machines, coolers and office equipment.
  • Penetrate new markets with technology built on a thin-client architecture where centralized processing, storage, and applications occur on a server. Clients include Starbucks, Marriott, Sony, Compass/Canteen, Aramark, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola.

Brand Creation

Responsible for creating and maintaining the business plan for the markets served by our product line - Audio Visual, Hospitality, Energy, Automated Retail. In this role, I define our brand's distinctive competence and the product’s unique advantage. In support of the business case, we perform qualitative (aim to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that govern such behavior. We're interested in the why and how of buying decisions are made not just what, where, when) and quantitative research (using statistical methods, data collection, verification, validation and analysis) with existing customers and potential prospects. 

In addition to performing sales, trend, and profitability analysis, I collaborate effectively with decision makers in marketing communications and sales management to ensure that the product is correctly communicated to the market.

  • History of product management accomplishments and initiatives
  • Demonstrated ability to meet or beat assigned targets and deadlines consistently
  • Experience developing relationships with suppliers, VARS, resellers and co-marketing partners 
  • Provide in-depth market, industry and competitive analysis and positioning
  • Develop pricing and packaging strategies
  • Work closely with the sales team to develop sales tools and training
  • Develop and manage customer care programs
  • Work with the team to develop innovative marketing programs and show event campaigns
  • Develop content for product and company collateral
  • 5+ years of experience as a Product Marketing Manager
  • Knowledge of the Internet and experience utilizing the web as a marketing vehicle
  • Demonstrated success in product launches and end-to-end execution of marketing strategies
  • Superlative written and oral communication skills 
  • Dynamic presenter/demonstrator equally comfortable with small or large audiences


CHALLENGE: Assumed leadership position in the southeast channel which had been experiencing slow sales and negative profitability from initial product launch. Objective was to increase qualified pipeline of prospects by 50%, grow new product sales by 100% in 120 days and increase market share from 3% to 20% in 12 months.

ACTIONS: Reinforced and coached team of sales representatives through intensive training and innovative sales techniques. Introduced new marketing initiatives, which helped the company form strategic alliances with customers, regional distributors, resellers, VARs and vendors.

RESULTSProduced 65% increase in qualified pipeline opportunities. Grew new product sales 100% in 75 days and sustained 20% annual sales growth for five consecutive years by introducing new marketing strategies, forging profitable alliances, implementing innovative sales techniques and reengineering sluggish sales force. increased overall market share from 3% to 45% in 9 months.

    Other Sales Responsibilites:

    • Develop individual talent, form a team and execute a well thought out Sales and Distribution strategy. 
    • Become an expert on all aspects of the Company's core technologies.
    • Work collaboratively to create a compelling vision for our success in this market and gain the commitment of all appropriate stakeholders.
    • Communicate that vision openly and regularly across all levels.
    • Establish a credible execution plan that will enable my team to realize the vision.
    • Invest deeply in the existing teams and do everything within my resources to enable them to excel.
    • Establish a hiring philosophy and set of best practices that will ensure we hire only the best candidates.
    • Establish ongoing training and testing practices to ensure continual growth among existing team members.
    • Create a culture of accountability and professionalism that will define our reputation in the industry.
    • Leverage Strategic and Viral Marketing.
    • Capture feedback continually from customers about how we can make improvements in our Sales campaigns .
    • Create relevant collateral and other sales tools that highlight success stories and prove the value of our service.
    • Develop and execute a partnership strategy. Participate actively in industry events.
    • Establish and refine core business processes.

    Personal Performance

    Leadership – I always remain focused on doing what is right for the business. High energy and contagious enthusiasm. Willing to take on the tough projects and challenges to grow the business. I seek to create an environment where others want to follow. I govern myself with unquestionable ethics and unswerving integrity.

    Accountability- I take responsibility for my actions and for outcomes related to my actions (or inactions). I want to be held accountable for successes and failures. Share the credit and take the blame. More importantly, instill these concepts in my team.

    Analytical and Strategic Thinking – My experience has afforded me the ability to analyze business opportunities and read situations well. I am capable of developing compelling strategies that deliver results. I gather and use data to make informed decisions and persuade others.

    Networking – I am a believer in forging relationships with internal and external people. I am capable of appealing to executives and clients alike.

    Communication – I speak and write clearly, concisely with conviction. I am honest, open, and thoughtful in word and in action.

    Creative Problem Solving – I never give up. Continually finding ways to overcome challenges and obstacles is a trait I possess.

    Teamwork – Towards a shared objective, I work collaboratively with others. I share information openly, address conflicts professionally and fulfill my commitments. I work exceptionally well across functional groups.

    Auer Films
    Jan 2009Present

    Film Publicist for Bicycle Dreams (documentary on Race Across America)

    • The voice for Auer Films through social networking Twitter, FaceBook, Blogs
    • Responsible for taking a film to a mainstream audience by engendering partnerships with Limited Engagement firms, film festivals and one night only screenings in major metro markets
    • Solicit underwriting opportunities with Versus, ESPN, HD Net, etc.
    • Identify advertising partners in FRS, Nike, RoadID, etc.
    • Network with A-list celebrities like Robin Williams, Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConaughey through their Agents, Managers, Publicists, Foundations and Production Companies.
    • Promote the film to influential bloggers soliciting a review for their community of followers


    Miriam College - BA Business Administration

    Business Administration 

    LinkedIn Profile

    Speaking engagements


    • Interest in Film - Social entrepreneurship - Cycling - Tennis 
    • Publicist for 2009 documentary film, Bicycle Dreams - Race Across America. Winner of 15 film festival awards. Responsible for media outreach and brand creation entirely via social networks Twitter, Facebook, Blog
    • Lance Armstrong Foundation Leader/Volunteer/Recruiter/Grassroots, Local Organizing Committee for Philadelphia and Austin for the Livestrong Challenge Fundraising Events
    • Charity: Water fundraiser
    • Lived and traveled to the Philippines on a personal mission to assist the poverty-stricken and work with elementary school children
    • Cycled over 18,000 miles since 2004 promoting Cancer awareness and Livestrong brand
    • Certified Teaching Tennis Professional through USPTR. Trained at Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, FL
    • Ranked inside the top 100 Mid-Atlantic States United States Tennis Association in 1999
    • Former VP of the Philippine Powerlifting Federation. Strength and Conditioning coach for the Philippine Olympic Boxing and Water Ski team

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    Key Skill Set

    Branding • Leadership • Product Management • Territory Management • Lead generation • Prospecting • Business Development • Account Management & Retention • Contract negotiations • CRM  • Social media • Viral marketing • Inside Sales • Public speaking • Strategic Planning • Pricing strategy • Cost Control • Presentations • Proposal Development • Sales Cycle Leadership  • Forecasting • Account Expansion • ROI • P&L • Market Penetration • Sales Turnaround • Management • Business Planning • Value Proposition • Customer Service • Coaching & Training • Profit Optimization • Positioning • Product Prioritization • Consumer Trending • Product Introduction • Performance Improvement 

    Executive Profile

    Cecil Ledesma is a sales hunter, customer advocate, brand evangelist, a pioneer on the new frontier of sales. He is upbeat, direct and articulate. He answers questions thoroughly and succinctly, with complete authority. His delivery is fast paced and rapid fire, but every word is clear. He has no script. Selling isn’t scripted, but it is fiercely focused, and he moves inexorably toward the sale. He talks fast and asks leading questions. He controls the call, even though the customer is talking 80% of the time.

    Cecil starts by compiling a customer profile with a series of questions. He then proceeds to the heart of the sale. His knowledge of features and benefits is impressive. And he doesn’t waste time on small talk. Before you know it, he is winding up the sale. He assumes the order the entire time. Young, energetic and on the fast track, Cecil Ledesma is the new face of selling, wired to the latest technology and plugged into the promise of the prized sale. Cecil confirms that selling is very much a team environment. At the same time, you’re working in an extremely competitive atmosphere. 100% pure adrenaline. This is where the action is. You walk into his office and it brings chills to your spine. Cecil shares one trait with all successful salespeople: The burning desire to close the sale. Each time an opportunity is uncovered, you’ve got a mission. You want them to buy from you.

    Customers are the reason Cecil exists and he protects that sacred trust afforded to him.