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Hello im Cecibel Marisela Ventura i am very interested in this position, im available emmiadtely to work.Im currently in desemployement. I am a very hard worker, always willing to learn anything new. In all my jobs i do always what im asked to do, everything in order. I get along with all my co-workers. Missing work is not something that i like to do as long as its a emergency. I like to be on time.  My personality reflects with my work, if its a busy day i do what i can as fast as i can, if its a slow day i always try to keep my self busy so theres always something to do. My languages are spanish & English. I speak them both and write to.

This is my resume below:

Work experience

Dec 2005Present


Ruiz Food

Job - Roller

Supervisor - Gabby

My job here was to roll burritos, tacitos and other foods. The time to learn in this job was 6 months , in 6 months they hired. My intelligence was fast so i learned in less than 2 months so i got hired at 2 months exactly. I worked here for 11 months, this job was a night shift. I left this work for a day. I gave a notice before leaving work.

Oct 2008Jan 2009

Data entry

Job - Data entry

supervisor - Corina Reyes

My position on this job was Data entry. I was asked to weight the trucks and also do data entry. Also i had 2 months of shipping and a little of inventory. My abilities where many, i learned so fast, how to get evreything together. This was the Job that I most got familiar with for the reason that I use the computer very often.

For this job i used the computer alot. I was layed off on january 2009 doing to that i was in this company through an angency, and they layed us off.

Apr 2008Aug 2008


Ito Packing

Job - Packer

The position that I did in this job was to pack fruit. In this job i was payed hourly, but also was payed bonus after how many boxes i made. I also was giving a notice that i  found another work. The Job here was about 3 hours a day and 2 days a week.

Sep 2007Oct 2007


Gerewan Farming

Job - Grape Packer

 The Job that  I was asked to do here was Packing Grapes. The same here i was payed of what i packed the faster i packed, the more money i won. I was layed off doing to that the temporary was over.

Jun 2007Aug 2007


Rios ag management

Job - Grapes

Packing grapes was my position here. Sometimes they payed me by what i packed or by hour. This job was an agiculture kind of job.

Jun 2006Jul 2006



Job - packer

Supervisor - Nelda

The job that was developed here was packing fruits. The job was extremely fast & clean.

I left this Job because the job was finishing  so i gave a notice that i was moving on to the fields, for packing grapes.

Nov 2006Mar 2006


Job - Editing

Supervisor -  John

The companys name was VF Outdoors, here the positions where to work with clothes. My Job was to make sure the all the pallets of clothes where in the right place. Every pallet had a code in the floor, so i had to match the code of the boxes & the one on the floor. This job had to do a little with computer skills.

I was layed of because it was a temporary job. I worked by an angency.