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Many individuals who bought homes at the height of the housing market before the recession have found themselves unable to pay their mortgages since the U.S. economy crashed. CDA Law Center has extensive experience obtaining loan modification agreements to assist these homeowners. For mortgage holders with loans that have an origination date within the past three years, CDA Law Center may be able to offer additional relief for those who have encountered predatory lending practices. CDA Law Center’s team of securitization and predatory lending auditors, licensed investigators, and attorneys has identified some of the common traits of predatory or fraudulent lending practices. Through research and experience, CDA Law Center has become familiar with many common indicators, such as excessive charges or pre-payment penalties; overly high interest rates; lending not based on ability to repay; or large balloon payments due at the end of the loan period. It is important to note, there is a three year statute of limitations on predatory loans, starting at the origination date. Homeowners who suspect that they may have been the targets of predatory lending within the past three years are advised to contact CDA Law Center before the statute of limitations expires--along with their options for legal recourse. Individuals should compare, or seek assistance comparing, the legally required Good Faith Estimate of rates and fees with the Settlement Statement provided at closing. For those who obtained loans from fraudulent lenders at a time that is outside the three-year window, CDA Law Center works with the California mortgage task force to identify, report, and endeavor to shut down the perpetrators of predatory lending. Further, CDA Law Center's attorneys may be able to work with lenders to lower your interest rate and payment, without the need for expensive litigation. With individuals for whom the limitation period has not yet run out, CDA Law Center offers comprehensive forensic loan audits, which are performed by a licensed investigator and judicially certified expert with 30 years of experience. The result is often a rescission of the loan, but it is important to note that this does not mean a borrower will receive a free house. However, borrowers may receive the opportunity to have any fees or interest they paid returned to them if they can pay back the lender the amount borrowed. A rescission makes it as if the loan never existed.

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