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Ph.D.; Learning, Design, & Technology

The University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Dissertation:  Augmented Reality Information Overlay Mapping: Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Direct Learning Experiences

Committee: Michael A. Orey, Robert M. Branch, Martha M. Carr, Nancy F. Knapp


M.Ed.; Learning, Design, & Technology

The University of Georgia

Athens, Georgia

Thesis:  Implications in Learning Domain Specificities, Adaptive Learning, Feedback, Augmented Reality, and The Future of Online Learning

Chair: Michael A. Orey

Academic Work History


Instructional Design & Development Administrative Support

The University of Georgia
  • Provide major instructional assistance for IDD courses each semester
  • Participate in planning meetings with faculty instructors
  • Lead major instructional units
  • Support student projects
  • Grading
  • Coordinate spring EDIT 6210 comprehensive exam sessions
  • Coordinate summer portfolio defense process
  • Assist with execution of [email protected] annual conference

Graduate Researcher

The University of Georgia
  • Project manager for a 2 year implementation and iterative cycle development study for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research InstituteShepherds Center Spinal Care Injury Hospital.
  • Identified key competencies and learning objectives for the patient and family education program.
  • Established a mechanism for assessing and prioritizing patient learning needs and customizing instruction to address needs.
  • Developed discrete instructional models that chunk content into brief instructional sessions.
  • Incorporated reverse classroom and blended learning strategies that combined online and face-to-face instruction 
  • Developed Sharable Content Object Reference Models (SCORM) and analytic tracking for custom online learning simulation modules housed in a Learning Management System (LMS) within the Shepherds Center's online database.
  • Adaptive eLearning content accessible to current Shepherds Center patients on mobile devices (Smart phones, tablets) and personal computers.

Graduate Assistant

The University of Georgia
  • Managed development and implementation of several web-based and interactive design based research training projects
  • Lead developer for the United States Army & USDA eLearning project
  • Lead developer for the How To Teach Online Project with the University of Suwon in South Korea
  • Instructional support and teaching assistant

Research Interests and Academic Concentrations

Primary Research Interest: Future Learning Technologies

I am currently conducting research on: Working Memory & Cognitive Training with Augmented Reality Mobile Devices, Human Performance Technology & Online Learning, Rapid Student Feedback Response Systems and Mobile Just-In-Time (JIT) Learning, Augmented Reality Implementation Designs,  Mobile Learning Implementation Strategies, Simulations & Cognitive Modeling, Online Learning, Instructional Strategies & Integration Development, Multimodal and Adaptive Learning Designs, Encryption and Data Security In Online Learning Environments, Instructional Design, Mixed Methods Research & Data Analysis, Online Course Authoring Tools and Learning Management.

Peer Reviewed Scholarly Publications

  • Squires, D. (2014). M-Learning: Implications in Learning Domain Specificities, Personalization, Feedback, Augmented Reality, and the Future of Online Learning. Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Squires, D., Orey, M. (2015). Multimodal & Adaptive Learning Management: An Iterative Design.  Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Squires, D. (2017). Psychometric Studies: Review on Theories of Intelligence and Achievement. Journal on Educational Psychology.
  • Squires, D.  (2017). Augmented Reality Application Classroom Development: New Technology and New Media, Education and Intelligent Classrooms. Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Squires, D. (2017). Working Memory & Augmented Reality’s Trajectory: A Literature Review of AR in Education, Online Learning, Workforce Training, and Working Memory Research. Journal of Educational Technology.
  • Squires, D. (2018). Bridging the Learning Gap Augmented Reality's Impact on Associative Information Processing, Cognitive Load, & Working Memory: A Mixed-Methods Research Study. Journal of Educational Technology.

Scholarly Presentations

  • Squires, D. (2013). Augmented Reality and Virtual History Applications in Georgia. Presentation at the 2013 Frasier Equity and Excellence STEM Talent Development Conference, Athens, Georgia.
  • Squires, D. (2014). Augmented Reality and Classroom Applications. Presentation at the 2014 Frasier Equity and Excellence STEM Talent Development Conference, Athens, Georgia.
  • Squires, D. (2015). Augmented Reality Training Applications. Talk Tech, Boyd Science Library, Athens, Georgia
  • Squires, D. (2015). Augmented Reality Application & Classroom Development. The Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) - Learning and Knowledge Analytics in Open Education, Shanghai, China.
  • Squires, D. (2016). Augmented Reality Application Classroom Development: New Technology and New Media, Education and Intelligent Classrooms. Educational Technology World Conference (ETWC), Bali, Indonesia.
  • Yohan, Y., Squires, D. (2016). Understanding Value: Online Learning  Designed for Performance Excellence Using Lean Six Sigma Principles in Business. Instructional Design & Development (IDD) Conference, Athens, Georgia
  •  Squires, D. (2016). Augmented Reality Information Overlay Mapping Cognitive Training and Working Memory DesignEmerging Technology Showcase, Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Squires, D. (2017). Augmented Reality Bridging the Gap Between Virtual and Direct Learning Experiences. Emerging Technology Showcase, Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Squires, D. (2017). Augmented Reality Information Overlay Mapping: Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Direct Learning Experiences. Innovation, Reform, and Education Change in a Contemporary World, The World Educational Research Association (WERA) & The Hong Kong Educational Research Association (HKERA), The Education University of Hong Kong, China.
  • Squires, D., Elwood, S. (2018). Augmented Reality With IDET ARTS.  Research Brown Bag Series, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, Texas.

Proposed & Funded Research Grants

  • Squires, D., Elwood, S. (2017). Instructional Designs and Educational Technologies within Augmented Reality Transmedia Storytelling (IDET ARTS). $2,208, Office of University Research, Commercialization and Outreach, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.   — Funded.  [Click Here For More Information —]

University Teaching Experience

The University of Georgia: Instructional Technology Education - EDIT

Graduate Assistant Co- Facilitator for Dr. Michael A. Orey, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, 2014 - 2017 

Date Course Credit Level
Fall, 2014

EDIT 7520 Distance Learning/Telecommunications

An introduction to the world of teaching and learning online, including discussion of instructional strategies and current innovations and issues. From choosing and setting up course elements in a Learning Management System through the actual delivery and interactions of an online class.

3 Graduate
Spr, 2015

EDIT 6200  Learning Environments Design I

Instructional design, learning theory, project management, and evaluation of designing interactive learning environments for education and training. Students and faculty work in teams to produce interactive multimedia, electronic performance support systems, internet resources, and other evolving forms of technology-enhanced learning environments.

4 Graduate
Fall, 2015

EDIT6150E Intro to Digital Learning

Introduction to ideas, concepts, and strategies for using digital technologies to enhance and support learning and performance in a variety of contexts. The course focuses on models for integration, specific applications, and how they can be used in classroom and other learning contexts.

3 Graduate
Spr, 2016

EDIT 6190 Design and Development Tools

Students learn a variety of tools appropriate for computer-based development. These include graphics, media, and software development tools. Students are required to write a contract for the specific tools to be learned

3 Graduate
Sum, 2016 EDIT 7520 Distance Learning/Telecommunications, 3 Graduate
Fall, 2016 EDIT6150E Intro to Digital Learning 3 Graduate
Fall, 2016 EDIT 6200  Learning Environments Design I 4 Graduate
Spr, 2017

EDIT 8400  Games and Learning

Combining hands-on experience with relevant research and theory, this course examines how games of all kinds, both existing and new, can be used to foster learning in school and out.

3 Graduate
Spr, 2017 EDIT 6190 Design and Development Tools 3 Graduate

Open Online Courses 

Instructor of Merit, Hosted via Piazza LMS The University of Georgia, 2013 - 2016

ARV Mobile Learning & Augmented Reality, 2013 

Students learn how to implement Augmented Reality based trigger images in both a synchronous and asynchronous classroom environments. The course structure is designed to account for uninitiated learners experience with AR systems, and help to shed light on AR's use, functionality, and integration within manifold learning environments.

ARV 2 Mobile Learning & Augmented Reality, 2014 

ARV 3 Mobile Learning & Augmented Reality, 2015

ARV 4 Mobile Learning & Augmented Reality, 2016

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi: Instructional Design and Educational Technology - IDET

Instructor of Merit, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX, 2017 - Present

Date Course Credit Level
Fall, 2017

IDET 5304 Instructional Design

Provides an introduction to instructional design theory, principles, and techniques and related learning theories. Considers various instructional design models including the Instructional Systems Development Model. Includes development of a final instructional design project.

3 Graduate
Fall, 2017

IDET 5320 Strategies for Technology Integration

A course designed to enable participants to thoughtfully plan for integration of computers and other media in instruction. Examines the Project-Based Learning Model to engage learners in projects requiring investigation, analysis, synthesis, and presentation in real-world situations. Considers a rationale for technology integration, learning theory, evaluation of interactive media, strategies for technology integration, and related student assessment.

3 Graduate
Spr, 2018

IDET 5303 Instructional Hypermedia

Application of a variety of computing applications integral to effective hypermedia development. Study of hypermedia design research. Production of a series of hypermedia objects in audio, video, and graphic production, as well as a final project related to selected instructional goals.

3 Graduate
Spr, 2018

IDET 5397 Educational Technology Practicum

A capstone experience in the planning and use of educational technologies and instructional design skills in educational settings. Prerequisites: 24 semester hours of approved IDET coursework to be eligible to complete this course.

3 Graduate
Sum, 2018

IDET 5360 Design Strategies for Online Instruction
& Learning Management Systems

This course is designed to provide educators with an overview of the instructional and programmatic factors that should be considered when designing, developing, and delivering an online course. Incorporates research-based knowledge consistent with International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) standards. This course considers the specific needs of online students as well as the pedagogical and technical skills necessary to succeed when teaching online. Aspects of course website usability and accessibility are also addressed.

3 Graduate
Sum, 2018

IDET 5365 Instructional Materials Development for Learning Management Systems 

A course addressing research and best practices related to the development of instructional activities and materials for online instruction within a learning management system environment. Incorporates research-based knowledge consistent with International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) and Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) standards. Consistent with those standards, researches sound instructional strategies for promoting student success. Covers legal, ethical, and safe behavior related to technology use. Considers research on the development and delivery of assessments and assignments that meet standards-based learning goals. Reviews research on assessment and measurement of learning and use of data from assessment and other sources to formatively modify content.

3 Graduate
Sum, 2018

IDET 5310 Internet Resources in Education and Training

Surveys uses of Internet resources for instruction. Considers design standards and software tools for web development. Considers instructional strategies involving use of Internet resources to support learning.  

3 Graduate

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi: Education - EDUC 

Instructor of Merit, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, TX, 2017 - Present



Credit Level
Fall, 2017

EDUC 5358 Applied Research and Professional Writing

A course emphasizing the finding, interpreting, and use of research to achieve a stated educational goal for each individual student. Concepts of tests and measurements are emphasized for interpreting research results and gathering data for applied research. Students will develop and execute an applied inquiry project. Prerequisites: EDUC 5351, 5352, 5353, 5354, 5355, 5356, 5357.



Spr, 2018

EDUC 5358 Applied Research and Professional Writing



Sum, 2018

EDUC 5358 Applied Research and Professional Writing



Software & Development Qualifications 

Date Title Organization
2012 - Present iOS Apple Developer Program Apple, Inc.
2012 - Present Adobe eLearning Suite: Adobe Captivate 11  Adobe, Inc.
2012 - Present Web Development;  PHP and MySQL  Wordpress
2013 - Present Google AdWords & Analytics Partner; Goolge Hosting; SEO Google, Inc.
2013 - Present Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform Microsoft, Inc.
2013 - Present Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing Amazon, Inc.
2013 - Present Google Play Developer Program Google, Inc.
2014 - Present Google Glass GDK Developer Program Google, Inc.
2014 - Present Myo Gesture Control Armband Arm-Band Software Developer Thalmic Labs, Inc.
2015 - Present Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains - Kennesaw State University Coursera, Inc.
2015 - Present The Data Scientist’s Toolbox - Johns Hopkins University Coursera, Inc.
2015 - Present Articulate Storyline 2 & 3‎ Course Authoring Articulate Global, Inc.
2016 - Present MAXQDA Data-Analysis  VERBI, GmbH.
2017 - Present Google Certified Educator (LEVEL 2) Google, Inc.
2018 - Present Magic Leap LuminSDK Spatial Computing Magic Leap, Inc.

Samples of Development Work

Professional Memberships


HTTPS Everywhere Project - The Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2013 - Present

Consultant for the Georgia Family Connection Partnership Oconee Resource Council: Facilitating the Oconee Resource Council's online presence and development, 2016 - Present

Canvas Learning Management System User Testing/Research Pool, 2017 - Present

Open Educational Resources Committee:  TAMU-CC, 2017

Curriculum, Instruction, and Learning Sciences Marketing & Recruitment Committee, TAMU-CC, 2017 - Present

TAMUCC Aquatics Swim/Surf Club Faculty Advisor, 2017 - Present

Developed online presence for Instructional Design and Educational Technology Program:, 2017 - Present

Academic Journals / Proposals Reviewed

Academic Awards / Honors

  • The University of Georgia Learning, Design and Technology EDIT 6210 Studio - Blue Sock Award for Development  Project Excellence (2013).
  • The University of Georgia Learning, Design & Technology Masters Program Graduate with Distinction (2013).
  •  Best Paper award at the Educational Technology World Conference in Bali, Indonesia. Augmented Reality Application Classroom Development: Education and Intelligent Classrooms (2016).

Additional Work History



Turnkey Digital, Inc.

Business Intelligence Data Analytics for Higher Education Solutions

Blockchain Distributed Ledger Technology Systems & Ellucian Integration

Augmented Reality Smart Dashboards

Educational Technology Consultant


Email: [email protected]


Chief Technology Officer

Adaptive Learning Reality (ALR), LLC.

Web Development - Custom Website Building Platform & HTTPS Implementation

App Development - Multi-Platform Developer (iOS, Android, Windows)

Electronic Learning - Custom Course Modules, SCORM and Learning Management

Augmented Reality Development

Featured Clients: The Progress Group, Heisman Trophy Foundation, Samsung Panama, HT Live, Marketing Trends & Innovation Expo  


Email: [email protected]  /   [email protected]



Docebo Srl.

Handling the localization of technical and custom Learning Management System software documentation


Multimedia Developer

Kashida Learning

Beirut, Lebanon

Multimedia, Electronic Learning, and Information Technology  Developer


Dr. David K. Scott 

Dean, College of Education and Human Development

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5818

Corpus Christi, Texas 78412


[email protected]

Dr. Robert M. Branch

Professor and Department Head, Learning, Design, and Technology

The University of Georgia

129 River's Crossing

Athens, Georgia 30602


[email protected]

Dr. Michael A. Orey

Associate Professor, Learning, Design, and Technology

The University of Georgia

216 River's Crossing

Athens, Georgia 30602


[email protected]


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