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Nov 2009Present

It's going well so far....

Online Social Networking Workshop

Purpose: To provide an overview of social networking and resume and profile websites to participants who operate computers with a moderate to high level of comfort. To review how job seekers and employers may use these tools to find each other. To provide participants with a chance to begin building an online profile in class.

Websites to be covered: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, VisualCV, Emurse, Website and blog hosting sites

Prerequisite: Moderate to Strong Computer Literacy, Completed Resume (Preferably with professional feedback) in electronic format – stored in a web-accessible e-mail account or on a flash drive.

Workshop content:

  • Definition, overview of how social networking is used in job searching.
  • Is social networking effective? Uses, limits, hype vs. reality.
  • General “Netiquette”, spelling, phrasings, etc.
  • DOs and DON’Ts of social networking, dangers and advantages
  • LinkedIn
    • Premier professional online social networking website
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Down sides: Fewer users than some, limited control over content layout, not the most user friendly
    • Up sides: Highly professional, dedicated sections for recommendations, lets you view other people’s rolodex, fairly popular.
  • Facebook:
    • Premier overall online social networking website
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Downsides: Less professional look and reputation, non-professional content can distract, pages can look crowded or clownish if not carefully managed
    • Upsides: More people than anywhere else, groups dedicated to specific interests good for networking, ability to add multimedia content (video, photo, etc), has a job posting search tool
    • Privacy settings: Advantages, disadvantages, how to change
    • Techniques for connecting to others in a job search
      • Join groups, writing on walls, finding ads, finding employers, networking with non-employers to generate leads
      • Using Facebook to advertise your job search
  • Myspace:
    • Don’t promote it for your job search
      • Too crowded, too childish, bad reputation
      • Delete any offensive content from website or temporarily shut down myspace if you have one.
  • VisualCV
    • What it is. Advantages of having an online profile instead of just a resume.
    • Places you can link with this site.
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Explain how to integrate multimedia (photos, videos, etc) with the profile
  • Twitter:
    • What it is. How conversations are structured on the website.
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • How to search for content on the site itself
    • Applications
      • What they are
      • Which ones are best for use in a job search
    • How to link Twitter to an online profile or resume
  • Wrap-Up:
    • Summary of benefits, drawbacks, methods of using
    • Q/A period for follow-up on any topics no earlier covered.


Oct 2008Present


Clackamas Community College

A Major in general awesomeness, with a concentration on building awesome workshops for job seekers. Intensive studies in how to make you a better job seeker! Minor in how to make you a dynamo of the online social networking field.

Strong emphasis on:

  • Providing measurable and noticable results to workshop participants
  • Building workshops that focus on popular and relevant topics
  • Again, awesomeness.

What's Facebook Even Look Like?


Mark Gerlach

I've never heard of Mark Gerlach building a workshop for Clackamas Community College or Worksource Clackamas that wasn't awesome! He'll do a great job for you. I know he has for me!

~Mark Gerlach.

Michelle Anonymous (no relation)

[I am] grateful that I was fortunate to take your Clackamas Community College...Since then, I have revised my resume...and I have already received 2 interviews in a very short time! Thank you."


Sarah Anonymous (Might be related)

"My expectations of learning 'something' were exceeded tremendously. The information provided was geared toward professionals such as myself and the tips/advice were very logical. Thank you again."


Marti Anonymous (Still no relation)

"[The workshop at CCC has]

  • A great approach
  • lots of enthusaism
  • fun dynamics

Hope you know how much it's appreciated."


Carla Anonymous

Mark "has a passion and excitement which makes it fun". "I will be implementing what I learned in your class. Thanks again!"


What are we talking about?

Hear the Proposal

Online vs Traditional Networking



Social Media Awesomeness
Promoting everything online.
Giving awesome workshops
I design and deliver all the job search technique workshops offered by the employment department in Clackamas County, Oregon.
Teaching about Social Media
Then I describe what it is that I've been doing with social media.
Sitting inside on sunny days
Man, this sucks.
Social Media Instruction
Describe the skill.
Teaching workshops
Teaching workshops that I have designed to help people find work.
Talking Quickly - smoke & mirrors
Describe the skill that I'm talking about.


Stuff for Social Media Class


Social Networking is the new buzzword in job seeking. What is it? How does it work? Is it actually useful, or is it all hype?

If you take Online Social Networking at CCC, you'll learn answers to that and MORE!

We'll explore what most of the major social networking sites look like, how they can be used in a job search, and we'll even give you a chance to start building one during the workshop!

So get ready for a trip, stick out your thumb, and find yourself a sweet ride on the information superhighway!

You WON'T be sorry!


Follow-up Articles for Social Networking

Please Note

This is a proposal for the CCC online social networking workshop. A formal proposal has been submitted in Microsoft Word format, and is copied on this profile.

Everything else on this profile is written in a slightly tongue-in-cheek playful manner. The author would appreciate it being taken as such.

Thanks, and enjoy!!!

Why Two Workshops?

Click HERE to hear more!


  • The subject matter, despite a similarity of name, is notably different.
  • Many participants who need help talking to people have no trouble building online profiles. Many participants who do not understand online social networking have no trouble at all talking to people in person and on the phone.
  • It will help us address generational/technological differences in job seekers.
  • Different Participants have different computer skills. Participants with few computer skills will waste a lot of time sitting through a class involving online social networking just so they can learn how to talk with others in a job search.
  • Online Social Networking as a dedicated workshop has a particularly high value in the public eye with regard to the “modern” job search.
  • Participants who feel a consistent sense of value (i.e. feel all material presented is applicable to their search) are more likely to attend further workshops than those who feel half of their time was wasted in class.


  • It costs more to operate two separate workshops
  • Potential for small amounts of material to be redundant
  • More workshops create a greater need to coordinate between instructors to make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Some participants who might benefit from both classes may only come to one


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