Ccc Social Networking

Ccc Social Networking

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2009 - Present

It's going well so far....

Online Social Networking Workshop

Purpose: To provide an overview of social networking and resume and profile websites to participants who operate computers with a moderate to high level of comfort. To review how job seekers and employers may use these tools to find each other. To provide participants with a chance to begin building an online profile in class.

Websites to be covered: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, VisualCV, Emurse, Website and blog hosting sites

Prerequisite: Moderate to Strong Computer Literacy, Completed Resume (Preferably with professional feedback) in electronic format – stored in a web-accessible e-mail account or on a flash drive.

Workshop content:

  • Definition, overview of how social networking is used in job searching.
  • Is social networking effective? Uses, limits, hype vs. reality.
  • General “Netiquette”, spelling, phrasings, etc.
  • DOs and DON’Ts of social networking, dangers and advantages
  • LinkedIn
    • Premier professional online social networking website
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Down sides: Fewer users than some, limited control over content layout, not the most user friendly
    • Up sides: Highly professional, dedicated sections for recommendations, lets you view other people’s rolodex, fairly popular.
  • Facebook:
    • Premier overall online social networking website
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Downsides: Less professional look and reputation, non-professional content can distract, pages can look crowded or clownish if not carefully managed
    • Upsides: More people than anywhere else, groups dedicated to specific interests good for networking, ability to add multimedia content (video, photo, etc), has a job posting search tool
    • Privacy settings: Advantages, disadvantages, how to change
    • Techniques for connecting to others in a job search
      • Join groups, writing on walls, finding ads, finding employers, networking with non-employers to generate leads
      • Using Facebook to advertise your job search
  • Myspace:
    • Don’t promote it for your job search
      • Too crowded, too childish, bad reputation
      • Delete any offensive content from website or temporarily shut down myspace if you have one.
  • VisualCV
    • What it is. Advantages of having an online profile instead of just a resume.
    • Places you can link with this site.
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • Explain how to integrate multimedia (photos, videos, etc) with the profile
  • Twitter:
    • What it is. How conversations are structured on the website.
    • Show what a profile looks like
    • How to search for content on the site itself
    • Applications
      • What they are
      • Which ones are best for use in a job search
    • How to link Twitter to an online profile or resume
  • Wrap-Up:
    • Summary of benefits, drawbacks, methods of using
    • Q/A period for follow-up on any topics no earlier covered.


Oct 2008 - Present


Clackamas Community College

A Major in general awesomeness, with a concentration on building awesome workshops for job seekers. Intensive studies in how to make you a better job seeker! Minor in how to make you a dynamo of the online social networking field.

Strong emphasis on:

  • Providing measurable and noticable results to workshop participants
  • Building workshops that focus on popular and relevant topics
  • Again, awesomeness.

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I design and deliver all the job search technique workshops offered by the employment department in Clackamas County, Oregon.

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