Carl Benson

Carl Benson


To work with a team of like-minded people to create dynamic products that make a statement in the marketplace.

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2009 - Present

Graphic Artist

ProFusion LLC
  • Developed company logo
  • Designed 2D and 3D graphic elements for use in multimedia training materials such as pamphlets, booklets, guides, handouts, manuals, videos, and Powerpoints.
  • Designed document layouts tailored to clients' specifications and branding guidelines.
  • Provided media production as a subcontractor to pharmaceutical companies such as Novartis, Eisai, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, and Celgene.
May 2011 - 2012

3D Artist

Simulation & Training Systems, Inc.
  • Responsible for the accurate recreation of real world vehicles and parts using 3D Studio Max.
  • Created assemblies of the modeled parts into functioning groups
  • Animated the mobile parts using proprietary software
  • Worked closely with a talented team and delivered products to meet deadlines
Oct 2010 - 2012

Graphic Artist

Codex Training and Development, LLC
  • Developed company logo and branding colors.
  • 3D content developer for proprietary marketing materials
  • Responsible for creation of graphic elements for use in pharmaceutical training documents such as pamphlets, booklets, guides, handouts, and manuals
  • Provided document layouts for these training pieces
  • Followed strict company branding guidelines as a subcontractor for other clients
  • Developed Powerpoint templates and layouts for presentations at conventions and conferences for pharmaceutical Account Managers and trainers
  • Provide continued support in updating materials for companies and their specific needs
Mar 2011 - Apr 2011

3D Artist

The Harrington Group, Inc.
  • Worked intimately with a small team to produce high quality training material for military simulation.
  • Responsible for the accurate recreation of real world vehicles and systems using 3D Studio Max.  By utilizing high resolution reference photos and technical manuals, we were able to create detailed, working mechanical parts.
  • Animated cameras and mobile vehicle parts using 3D Studio Max. 
  • Rendered passes from Max to be composited in Adobe After Effects and exported as HD videos.
Oct 2009 - Apr 2010

Character Artist

GCF Entertainment LLC
  • Modeled several low resolution humanoid characters and fantasy creatures from concept drawings for an independent film
  • Maintained specific polygon budget for each model
  • Textured several characters using custom toon shaders



Microsoft Office

Experience with: • Microsoft Word • Microsoft Excel • Microsoft PowerPoint • Microsoft Outlook/Entourage

Adobe After Effects

Familiar with basic video editing tools Familiar with basic effects and masking tools

Pixologic Zbrush 4

High resolution model creation

Adobe InDesign

Develop document templates and layouts using a combination of InDesign's graphic tools and Illustrator

Normal Map creation

Familiar with normal map generating programs such as Crazybump, xNormal, and Maya's Transfer Maps tool

Adobe Illustrator

Image creation using basic tools and methods

Adobe Photoshop

Efficient in texture creation and editing using a combination of photos and hand-painted texturing Efficient in creation of diffuse, bump, specular, and incandescence maps

3D Studio Max

Efficient with polygon modeling tools


Efficient in polygon modeling techniques Familiar with UVing tools Experience with lighting and animation tools Experience using Mental Ray


Aug 2007 - Jul 2009

Bachelor of Science

Full Sail University