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Work experience


Project Manager

eo Networks

As a Project Manager responsible for managing projects from start to end. Project experience includes: online classified media sites, general web portals, backoffice solutions, IT administrative tools within IT, telecom, finance, insurance and bank industries.

Tasks include:

  • full responsibility for whole project from start to end
  • analysis and plan projects 
  • prepare offers for new projects
  • manage procurements and legal issues in projects
  • track projects’ progress and report on budget, scope, time, quality, performance and risk
  • lead teams, solve their problems, take care of good communication, - motivate and develop new skills
  • supervise younger PMs in their projects


  • most projects were within budget which resulted in significant revenue for company
  • large number of accepted and implemented projects’ enhancements with proven savings for the company
  • build great interpersonal contacts with all clients which resulted in long-term business relationship
  • introduced Agile/SCRUM methodologies in the company and incorporated into project management process. Be the first to implement "agile" in real projects which turned out to be great success

Deploy Manager

eo Networks

As deploy manager responsible for deploying and administrating JAVA based applications. Tasks were to take care of planning and configuring, installating and upgrading software through development process from developers platforms, integration, testing to production servers - in short, to coordinate whole application deployment process on the technical level. This required good organizational skills, on-time risk foreseeing and handling and also knowledge of Tomcat, Apache, Squid, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SVN/CVS and general Linux administration. Company's web sites were situated in many european countries and are visted by millions of unique visitors.


  • implemented deployment system which was used over a year for several projects
  • successfully worked with client's PM, administrators, own programmers and web developers in many releases (team had more than 50 people)

Release Leader

eo Networks

As release leader responsible for getting releases on time. This included tasks time estimation (working with developers), scope negotiating, resource allocation, team cooridination, tasks progress tracking and daily reporting - with geographically spread teams and clients.


  • delivery of all releases on time
  • maintained long-term client relationship


PZO Microscopes and Optical Devices

An engeener doing researches in area of electronics and computers on how to improve our products. Also did some IT work.


  • designed camera system for medical microscope that has proven to be successful after selling on the market
  • successfully organized IT infrastructure
  • developed innovative light source for medical microscope (light diode)
  • successfully chose power source vendor
  • designed TV system for medical microscope
  • made company's website
  • integrated CMS and CRM into company's infrastructure (third party)

Application Administrator

Warsaw University of Technology (WSISIZ)

An application administrator working with a team responsible for creating and managing university management system.


  • presented code control system which is still used
  • developed package manager implementation which helped to reduce installation time from 3h to 5min.
  • redesigned DB clustering system (Perl/C/PostgreSQL solution)
  • rewritten university's internal management system in Ruby

IT specialist

Gazeta Studencka

Worked as a WWW pages developer and system administrator.


  • won VIII edition of "Grasz o staz" - international contect held by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Gazeta Wyborcza to get job at Gazeta Studencka
  • designed intranet system and networking solutions which are still used
  • developed couple portals with own CMS, most significantly - newspaper main portal
  • developed long-lasting relationship with company which resulted in many years of part time job aftrerwards (remote servers administration)



Technologies I worked with include: C/C++, Python, Ruby, PHP, bash, LaTeX, PHP, Java EE, SQL, HTML, UML, XML,  Tomcat, Apache, Squid, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SVN/CVS and general Linux administration, Clustering, HA, redundancy,  CMS, CRM, ERP, intranets, CCTV, general electronics, digital electronics, signal analysis, microwaves techniques, tomography, USG, CAT, MRI, PET, radiology etc.
Language skills
Perfect English knowledge Basic German

Blogs & sites

My hobbies


Project Manager with strong engineering background - broad IT knowledge and impressive interpersonal abilities. Focused on expanding professional skills and seeking gripping challenges.

Career Highlights

  • 6 years IT experience, 3 years on management positions
  • proven track of delivering projects on time, within budget, scope and high quality
  • presented many project's process enhancements which were incorporated in company's environment (i.e. Agile Project Management methodologies and some TQM concepts)
  • lead company’s key project’s with up to 25 people


  • Sports: bike (track, road, MTB) and unicycle riding, ballroom dancing, hiking, sailing, rock climbing, yachting, skiing, squash, horse riding
  • Music: playing (guitar, ukulele) and listening (alternative, industrial, flamenco, traditional)
  • Photography: nature, animals, portraits
  • Work related: agile methodology, TQM, unconventional productivity enhancements, developing soft skills
  • Self-development: trying and learning different things

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