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A Consultant or Manager position in Aviation Industry where I can demonstrate my technical and managerial skills and contribute to the development of the aviation structure especially in developing countries.


I am a former military jet pilot retired from Polish Air and Air Defense Forces after 33 years of service. Holder of the Commercial Pilot License. Lately involved in a management of air operations within United Nations. The experience gained working  as an aviation specialist on various positions, pilot, aviation manager, aviation safety specialist and priceless knowledge received during highly specialized IATA and FAA courses allow me feel confident that I am able to run any aviation related projects or positions.

Work experience

Aug 2004Mar 2012

Chief Aviation and Movcon

United Nations Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone

I was responsible for :

  • planning and execution of day-to-day  air operations supporting Mission's activity
  • managing aviation contracts
  • planning and managing aviation budget app 4mln USD /per aircraft
  • staffing and development, training of personnel
  • implementation of the Aviation Risk Management into daily operations
  • keeping high standards of safety during air operations
  • managing movement of personnel and shipments
  • organization of electronically stored data base
  • high readiness of air assets and air crew in order to respond to any emergency situation.
Aug 2001Jul 2004

Air Operations Officer

UN Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone
  • planning and execution of daily flights
  • maintaining data base in regards to flight records, maintenance and crew members
  • maintaining data base about landing sites in the Mission area
  • cooperation with host country CAA
1994Jun 2001

2nd in Command, Air Training Regiment

Polish Air and Air Defence Forces
  • training flights with cadets and pilots
  • planning and execution of combat training
  • acting as an aviation safety officer
Dec 19721994

Military jet Pilot

Polish Air and Air Defence Forces
  • instructor pilot
  • combat training
  • flying as a display pilot


Jan 2010Feb 2010


Federal Aviation Administration Academy

Certification of an Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO)

  • Pre- Applications Phase
  • Formal Applications
  • Document Compliance
  • Demonstration and Inspection
  • Certification Process
  • Quality System Programme AMO

Air Operator Certification (AOC)

  • The Certification process (Pre -Application Phase)
  • Operations Specifications
  • The Statement of Compliance
  • Approval and Acceptance of Minimum Equipment List (MELS)
  • Approval and Acceptance of Configuration Deviation Lists (CDLS)
  • Conducting Stations Facilities Inspections
  • Demonstration and Special Demonstration Flights
  • Operational Control
  • Reviewing Acepting and Approving Manuals
  • Evaluating a Continuous Maintenance Programme
  • Conducting Aircraft and Equipment Inspections
  • Conducting An Inspection of the Operator's Maintenance Facility
  • Certification of an Air Operator
  • Quality System Programme




  • The CAA Vision - Regulatory Excellence in Aviation Safety and Security
  • The CAA Business Plan

                  - Executive Summary

                  - Description of Business

                  - Statement of the Vision 

                  - Strategies

                  - Objectives

                  - Financial plan

  • The Regulatory Framework

                  - National Regulations

                  - National requirements

                  - SARPs

                  - International Law (Conventions, multilateral treaties etc.)

  • Managing CAA

                  - Managerial skills

                  - Budgeting

                  - The CAA and Aviation industry Team

                  - Manging the policy makers

                  - Other Management Issues

  • Safety Mangement System (SMS)

                  - definitions of Hazard and Risk

                  - Risk Management

                  - Regulating SMS

                  - Evaluation SMS

  • Quality Management

                  - ISO - International Standards for sustainable world

                  - ISO 9001 general requirements

                  - The Quality Mangement Process Model



OHRM Staff Development Service

Supervisory Skills

  • Effective communications skills
  • OASIS Model for Effective Communication
  • Delegation and Feedback process
  • Recognizing and Motivating People
  • Behavioural Characteristics
  • Planning and Personal Time Management -PERT Diagram

Competency Based Performance Management

  • Competency -based HR System
  • Performance Management System


IATA Aviation Training and Development Institute


Transport Canad Training Institute

Fields of study during the course:

  • Classification of Aviation Occurrences
  • Human factors in Aviation Occurrences
  • The Conduct of Investigations into Aircraft Accidents
  • Occurrence Investigation Techniques
  • Aircraft Accidents Involving Composite Materials

Master in Pedagogics

Maria Curie-Sklodowska University
Nov 1968Dec 1972

Engineer pilot

High Military Aviation School

The main subjects during the course of studying:

  • Aircraft flight mechanics
  • Aircraft control systems
  • Powering aircraft
  • Aerial navigation
  • Aerial maps
  • Navigation aids
  • Air navigation systems
  • Classification of airspace
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Astro and radio navigation
  • Practical flying jet aircraft
  • Basic combat training


Execution of task and achievement
I am a person who is able to handle great variety of tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and efficiently. Strategic and organisational planning is my strong side. I am not afraid to take calculated risk. I am an expert at getting things done.