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I am an award winning film maker with films featured in multiple festivals, a published academic visual anthropologist, as well as a having my first film a main feature in the Women Cinemakers magazine. 

My anthropological understanding has given me skills in a huge foundation of different themes. I would excel in any role with a need to understand audience, have inter-personal skills or understand creative aesthetics.  

I am an experienced videographer and video editor with a unique skill of empathetically gaining the most out of my clientele, I capture beautiful candid moments and ensure a classic and beautiful finished film that, through feedback and communication, everyone is happy with. 

A published visual anthropologist with a first class degree in anthropology (BSc), I also hold an MA in film with practice at distinction grade, with experience in distribution management, producing and fiction writing and film making. My strengths are camera work and editing.

An experienced academic film maker in the social sciences,  I am particularly passionate about culturally specific and universal dealings with death and theological imagination, embodied practice and embodied pedagogy, and bleeding edge methodology.

I am a creative writer, editor and film-maker with a wide-ranging knowledge of anthropological sub-disciplines. I have a unique ability to listen and collaborate, to inspire passion within others, and am prolific with far reaching, creative ideas. 

I am able to work as part as a team as well as independently, I am empathetic and understanding; I get along with people well, yet lead with confidence.



MA in Film with Practice

University of Kent, Canterbury

This masters degree was a combination of film theory, writing and production of a short fiction film dissertation. I graduated with a distinction and the prize for the highest overall grade of my year.


Anthropology BSc

University of Kent, Canterbury

This degree was a mixture of medical, physical, biological, evolutionary and social and cultural anthropology. I developed a deep understanding of biological complexities within human behaviour as well as cultural theories and evolutionary psychology. I wrote a first class dissertation research project in my final year as well as a first class film, edited and filmed myself. I graduated with first class honours.



The body; A phenomenological psychological perspective

The Open University

This 15 hour course explored, from a psychological perspective, how we relate to other people and the world about us through our body.

Work experience


Academic Filmmaker

University of Kent

Working with Proff. Richard King on films regarding religious studies and 'capitalism as the new religion.' 


Academic Filmmaker

University of Kent

Working with Dr. Jennifer Leigh on Exploring Embodied Academic Identity through creative research methods


Academic Filmmaker


Working with Dr. Jennifer Leigh and Nicole Brown on Ableism in Academia - post conference films.


Video Editor

Katherine Hall - Actress

Editing for a actor's showreel.


Audio and website production for local event

Alex Vellis

Audio recording and editing, website production and distribution


Wedding Videographer

Cherish Films

Filming and editing for my platinum package from Cherish Films (Canterbury)


Visual anthropologist - co-author

Research in Dance Education

Phaedra Petsilas, Jennifer Leigh, Nicole Brown & Catriona Blackburn (2019) Creative and embodied methods to teach reflections and support students’ learning, Research in Dance Education, 20:1, 19-35, DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2019.1572733


Documentary ethnographic film maker

Self Production and distribution

An edited version of my undergraduate visual anthropology project Cooking Ghosts which was showcased in the Los Angeles CineFest and the Ramsgate Film Festival 


Self produced documentary - Rosie Duffield MP Canterbury Pride 2017

Canterbury Pride

Showcasing Rosie Duffield at Canterbury Pride 2017


Course representative for students of Anthropology BSc and Biological Anthropology BSc

University of Kent, Canterbury

This role involved co-ordinating with a co-representative and putting forward opinions and relevant points of the student consensus at faculty meetings for the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent in Canterbury. 


Voluntary sling library specialist with the NCT


This role involved meeting and teaching new parents how to safely carry their children in slings. The role involved publicising events through social media, planning events and organising rentals of slings. This role also involved a gentle and understanding approach to potentially vulnerable people.


Voluntary breastfeeding peer supporter

Kent County Council

After training for the role of breastfeeding peer supporter, which involved a course of breastfeeding learning as well as understanding of Kent county council's safeguarding initiative, I performed the role of supporting mothers with breastfeeding. My role involved creating a safe environment for potentially vulnerable mother's to divulge not only information about their breastfeeding struggles but potentially post-natal depression struggles. If the need was more than was within my range of responsibility I would refer these women to appropriate professionals such as their health visitors or the local lactation consultant.


Editing and Filming
  • Formally taught in the skills of Adobe premiere elements 12 and Final Cut Pro, I am also self taught in Adobe premier elements 15 and Adobe photoshop elements 15. I pick up such programs quickly and work confidently alone with a deep level of self motivation and initiative. 
  • I have been professionally skilled and experienced in filming with a DSLR camera, of which I own my own including stabilising bar and stereo microphone. I am professionally skilled in using the Canon C100, various audio recording equipment and using a boom microphone and stand.
  • I have a talent for editing and filming, I have received the runner up Hugh Brody award for my undergraduate film project 'Cooking Ghosts' as well as being selected for the semi finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest 2018 as well as appearing at the Ramsgate Film Festival 2018. 
  • I am excellent at behind the scenes production, organising and taking on various roles within film and event production as well as location scouting and casting. 
  • I am an excellent writer and often publish my writing on my own websites and blogs, my main areas of interest are politics, prejudice, anthropological understandings of millennialism, death and ritual. My interest in anthropology is rooted in the amalgamation of all forms of anthropology, the crossing of sub-disciplinary themes and understandings to make a more nuanced world view.
Social media skills
  • I am familiar with various social media formats and have a deep insight into the way that people consume media. 
Social and networking skills
  • I am a passionate, charming and inspiring person, I am a good listener and evoke a level of intimacy with other people. I tend to be memorable and network easily with other creatives. 
Leadership skills
  • Empathetic and opinionated, I make a good leader and co-ordinator. I am a good listener and guide people well while still understanding and taking on their specific insights to the project at hand. 


A passionate, knowledgeable individual. Catriona Anne Blackburn excelled at university receiving a first class honours degree, going on to further her education with a masters degree in film with practice.

Interested in film-making, editing, writing or reporting with an underlying understanding of anthropological themes. 

My experience and knowledge of visual creativity and my studies in anthropology combine to provide a wide-ranging skillset, making me well-equipped to perform any role that requires interpersonal skills and an understanding of audience and aesthetics.

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