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My Portfolio


PAINTING & PRINTMAKING ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Ranked top of class in juried critique of the four major printmaking disciplines: Intaglio, Relief, Lithography and Screenprinting.  Leveraged both traditional techniques and contemporary avenues such as Computer Imaging Studio to create designs and illustrations. "Best-of-Show" award (annual student competition 2006) for outstanding album cover design.

FASHION DESIGN ACCOMPLSIHMENTS:All student-produced garments are critiqued at each step of the process and are juried by a panel of outside professionals.  21 of my garment designs have been selected and featured in the quarterly runway fashion shows.


Holly Rosenblat, MFA

Ms. Rosenblat holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Pratt Institute.  She has directly reviewed and critiqued my work.  As Director of VCU's Internship Program, I have reported directly to her for the past two years.  Feel free to contact her for a reference.

Guillaume Fontaine de La Toure Dautreive

Mr. La Toure Dautreive is the Fashion Editor for La Mode Francaise (French fashion e-zine) – New York City Bureau.  He has personally reviewed my portfolio and will provide a positive reference.

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge is a fan of my album cover art and will also provide a glowing reference.



The majority of my interests allow me to exert my true creativity by allowing me to add my own personal touches.

  • Painting (right: Black and Platinum Clothing Design, The Poor Yorricks)
  • Drawing (right: Nouveau Feathers, Green with Envy)
  • Creative writing
  • Baking
  • Asian and Salvadorian cuisine
  • Swing Dancing
  • Bookbinding
  • N64/Sega Gensis/Xbox 360


To be a world-class digital designer, fashion designer, painter and printmaker.  My passions include tattoo art, gourmet cooking and the video game Mortal Kombat.

Seeking internships, entry-level, or project-based opportunities to apply my advanced design and production skills using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and video editing suite.  Prefer a position that affords a flexible schedule that accommodates my on-going studies at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Sep 2006May 2008


I am in my sophmore year as a full-time student.  My focuses are currently life drawing and printmaking.


Fluent language skills in English, French and Spanish, both written and conversational in each language.
Wacom Tablet Guru
I own and extensively use a Wacom tablet.  Many of the designs included in my VisualCV were created using that tablet.
Digital Photography
Experience designing and lighting photo shoots for fashion shows and design applications.
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop skills include illustration, photo editing and manupulation.