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Global Product Manger with a strong science background

I am a global product manager who utilizes my science background to understand the voice of the customer, providing a more thorough customer insight, greater ability to target the correct audience, and knowledge to initiate new programs and products successfully. Passionate and caring, I utilize my drive and energy to motivate team members.

Work experience

WHEATON Industries

Oct 2011Present

Global Product Manager

Responsible for:

Global Market Planning                                   New Product Development

Product Life Cycle Management                  Marketing/ Product Launch

Plan/Design Facilitating Operations           Product-Specific Quality Management

Planning/Reporting                                           Customer Education

  • Increased portfolio success by greater than 30% in sales and 25% in profitability in 2013
  • Reconfiguration of entire focus product line to bring it more in-line with industry standards and increase profitability and sales greater than 30% in 2013
  • Development, design and launch of six new products
  • Instituted weekly task force meetings inclusive of departments heads to bring a focused direction to operations, quality and purchasing for focused product portfolio
  • Achieved a greater than 25% increase in sales year-to-date for 2014 for portfolio
  • Collaborated with vendors to facilitate better service to facilitate growth
  • Successfully brought on four new vendor or co-marketing partners
  • Overhauled key operations facilitating cost saving measures of over 10% and support of product line growth initiatives
  • Initiated on-going training and support for sales, customer service and technical personnel both remotely and at the point of sale
  • Developed and maintained a support network consisting of white papers, social and customer-specific media.
  • Non-product management related activities
    • Leadership
    • CRM restructuring initiatives
    • Design, build and support of an in-house Research and Quality laboratory
    • International training of distribution-partner specialized sales forces
    • Philanthropic initiatives to support endangered animal-focused research efforts and various other company focused initiatives

National Disease Research Interchange

Aug 2009May 2011

HBDI Director

Responsible for:

Business Development                   Database Development/Management Data

Grant Writing/Editing                       Migration/Scrubbing, Including ETL, Mining, Quality Assurance

Community Outreach                      Product Development                      

Scientific Outreach                           Marketing/Sales              

Budget Development/Tracking   HIPAA Regulations/Control            

Timeline Projections                        Project Documentation                   

Repository Maintenance

  • Increased efficiency of 30 year old registry by instituting a defined scrubbing of entire database
  • Decreased size of registry database by 50% while increased data points tracked by 35%
  • Successfully reinvested families in the registry project, with over 40% of families previously lost to follow-up recovered and re-enrolled
  • Recruited new families (10%) into the registry program by actively interacting with families and support networks, both in person and via social media
  • Achieved 80% new research contracts for data and biopecimens
  • Developed and marketed novel product line for service
  • Maintained and expanded grant funding for the department through state funds and collaborations with external research groups for federal funds.
  • Lead on mid-phase development of corporate software, including quality assurance, data migration/scrubbing and final revisions
  • Lead on successful grant NIH grant submission, including writing key grant and compiling all sub sections

Scientific Statements

Apr 2011Present


Responsible for:

Health Science Business Intelligence Consults         Development of Novel Databases

Scientific  & Grant Writing / Editing                                HIPAA/IACUC Consultation

Migration/Scrubbing Including ETL, Mining, Quality Assurance  

Henry Ford Health System

Aug 2002Aug 2009

Research Scientist

Responsible for:

Project Management                                 Experimental Design

Scientific Writing/Grant Review             Regulatory Review, Design, Tracking

Data Collection/Tracking                         Data/Statistical Analysis Data Presentation

  • Development of collaborative research endeavors with departmental and health system members, specifically in areas of glioblastoma tumor biology and therapy
  • Integration of a project between clinician, molecular epidemiologist and research scientist to develop a model for exploring the proteins and genes involved in the lymph node metastasis of breast cancer
  • Established Hermelin Brain Tumor Center Translational Therapy Core
  • Development of a novel in house circulating tumor cell assay, to quantify the CTCs in women diagnosed with breast cancer and accessing follow-up care at HFH
  • Successful implementation of research study into the contribution of immune imbalance to uterine fibroids (grant funded) 


University of Louisville School of Medicine



Thesis: Role of viral complement binding protein in nascent viral infection. Awarded Dean's Citation for prolific publication record during graduate career.

University of Michigan



Major: Biology



Leadership (2012-2014)

President’s Council (2013)

CRM Reconfiguration (2012-2013)

Customer Engagement (2013-2014)


Executive Administration, 2002-2006

Faculty Recruitment, 2004-2006

System Research Symposium Planning Committee, 2004-2008

Invited Symposium Planning Committee, 2004-2008

Josephine Ford Cancer Center Member, 2004-2009

Institutional Recombinant DNA and Biosafety Committee, Vice-Chair, 2005

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Vice-Chair, 2006-2008

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, At-large, 2008-2009

Wayne State University Institutional Biosafety Committee, 2006-2009