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Catherine Vey

Work experience

Work experience

Customer Service

Aug 2013 - Present
Kimono Girls Jewellery Store 
This job requires me to help the customers with the products and then take them through the cashier.

Kitchen Hand and Customer Service

Sep 2013 - Present
Katsu Japanese Take Away
Responsibilities: Helping the chef, preparing the sushi, serving customers, cleaning dishes and wiping tables.

Baby Sitting

May 2012 - Present
Various Families
Responsibilities: Picking the kids up from school on a weekly basis, looking after them for 4 or  more hours. Putting them to bed, and giving them a bath and preparing them for bed.


Dec 2012 - Jul 2013
Bright Bakery
The job required customer service, making of sandwiches and dishwashing.


Feb 2012 - Nov 2012
Humble Spud Cafe
This job required customer service, dishwashing, serving ice-cream, taking orders and barista.



Corio Campus

Jan 2015 - Present
Geelong Grammar School
I attained a scholarship to Geelong Grammar School which allowed me to attend this school. I live in Elisabeth Murdoch House. Living in a boarding house has provided me with an environment to 

Timbertop Campus

Jan 2014 - Dec 2014
Geelong Grammar School
Timbertop was an amazing experience that allowed me to extend myself to achieve things i never knew i could achieve before. Living in a unit with 14 other girls for a year provided me with an environment that allowed me to flourish and develop skills such as resilience, fairness and forgiveness, all of which are impeccable to working and living well toegther.

Prep - Year 8

Jan 2005 - Dec 2013
Bright P-12 College
I attended the school in my town for my primary and some of secondary school.


I will be undertaking the International Baccalaureate program for years 11 and 12. My subjects will be:
- Chemistry SL
- Language and Literature HL
- Economics HL
- Math Studies SL
- Geography HL
- Spanish SL

Character Strengths

1. Forgiveness

Forgiving those who have done wrong; accepting others’ shortcomings; giving people a second chance; not being vengeful.

2. Humor

Liking to laugh and tease; bringing smiles to other people; seeing the light side; making (not necessarily telling) jokes.

3. Kindness

Doing favors and good deeds for others; helping them; taking care of them.

4. Zest

Approaching life with excitement and energy; not doing things halfway or halfheartedly; living life as an adventure; feeling alive and activated.

5. Love

Valuing close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing & caring are reciprocated; being close to people.

6. Gratitude

Being aware of and thankful for the good things that happen; taking time to express thanks.

7. Teamwork

Working well as a member of a group or team; being loyal to the group; doing one's share.

8. Hope

Expecting the best in the future and working to achieve it; believing that a good future is something that can be brought about.

9. Fairness

Treating all people the same according to notions of fairness and justice; not letting feelings bias decisions about others; giving everyone a fair chance.

10. Social intelligence

Being aware of the motives/feelings of others and oneself; knowing what to do to fit into different social situations; knowing what makes other people tick.

2015 - http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths/VIA-Classification


  • Red Cross Door Knock - Term 2 & Term 3 2015
  • Bronze Duke of Ed Certificate
  • Part way through Silver Duke of Ed Certificate
  • Coaches Award Soccer 2015


At the end of 2013, I was lucky to be selected to take part in the Bogong Outdoor Education Camp, Extend your mind and body, program. This experience allowed me to meet new people and develop myself as a person.

I attained a scholarship to Geelong Grammar School, for the beginning of 2014. This allowed me to attend the year 9 campus of Timbertop. Timbertop was a once in a lifetime opportunity that provided me with an environment that enabled me to develop myself and push myself further than I ever saw I could. 


  • Japanese
Computer skills
  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Internet
  • Photoshop
  • Video Making