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Work History


Hoover  Institution

Notetaker for Office of Accessible Education

Stanford University


Cornerstone Communities

Front desk experience; Created Excel spreadsheets; Word; Ordered office supplies; Wrote for the website; Trained new receptionists




Chemistry/Mathematics Tutor

Valhalla High School

High school level for grades 9 and 10


Sep 2015June 2019

Stanford University

Current Sophomore


Extra-Curricular Activities

Health Advocacy Program:  Health Advocacy Program is committed to teaching and empowering kids to make healthful food choices. We teach nutrition classes to local students through the Boys and Girls Club with hands on activities such as cooking demonstrations, and making art to make not only learning about health fun and engaging, but also give them the skills and yearning to easily incorporate health into their everyday lives as they grow.  We meet once a week to create a Nutrition-Cooking Course curriculum.

Stanford Pre-medical Association's Diversity and Empowerment Leader

Natives in Medicine (Financial Officer):  At Stanford, I am the financial officer of Natives in Medicine.  We meet once a week to learn about academic opportunities in the health field.  We volunteer together and support each other.

Chi Omega Sorority

Interests and Community Service

At Stanford:

Project Dosti:  I lived in India for two months of the summer of 2016 teaching grades K-12. I predominantly taught English, but taught a wide range of subject matter as well. I brought new teaching strategizes to motivate the students by providing lessons taught differently than they are accustomed to. In addition to teaching, I painted a mural at the school, administered assessments, spoke on a radio show, and worked on compiling the English translation of their daily prayer. This project was an outreach program that connects two cultures.

Women in Medicine and Science:  This was a conference at Stanford that, through sessions of lectures from esteemed physicians and authors, showcased remarkable contributions of women in medicine and the sciences, as well as addressing the issue of gender bias in the medical field.  As the only undergraduate present, I went to this conference through Stanford Women In Medicine.

Speed Reading and Memory Class:  I took these classes in my free time because I believe my reading speed is something I need to improve, while techniques to improve memory can always be beneficial.  I believe one should keep their mind active and work to improve their weaknesses. 

Dickens Book Club:  Because I am pre-med my course load is often STEM heavy.  However, I have a deep passion for the arts so I look for opportunities to remain active in the humanities.  During my freshman year, the Dickens Book Club met once a week to discuss our weekly reading.

SPOT:  SPOT was a 5 day backpacking excursion on  the Pacific Crest Trail with Stanford to foster identity, community, and personal growth through activity, self-reflection, and mentorship.  This was a trip was my first experience with any type of camping and I chose to embark on the trip in order to get outside my comfort zone.

Visual Arts Class by SAP School of Design:  This was a class I attended with the design school.  I was the only undergraduate student at Stanford in attendance.  We looked at and discussed various art pieces using Visual Thinking Strategies. Class Description:  "Visual Thinking Strategy is a collaborative, open-minded discussion method that is used while observing pieces of art.  Visual Thinking Strategies has been shown to improve observational skills, collaboration among teams, critical thinking and metacognition, and increase comfort with ambiguity.

Stanford Premedical Association:  Through the Stanford Premedical Association I am able to attend talks, conferences, and workshops about all things in medicine.  My favorite talk so far was Dr. Michael McCullough's "Dispelling the Premedical Myths" where he shared nontraditional approaches to medicine.

Stanford Women in Medicine:  Through Stanford Women in Medicine, I attend a diverse range of presentations from "Women@Work: The Art of Negotiation" to a talk given by Dr. Maya Ragavan on her field studies in public health and intimate partner violence.

Powwow Committee Fun Run:  I worked at Stanford's Annual Powwow and helped put on a "Fun Run 5K" for the community.  It required outreach to multiple companies.

RoHo:  I hosted three prospective Stanford students during my freshman year.

24 Hour Dance Marathon:  I personally raised $240 for Partners in Health.  Partners in Health is a non-profit providing quality healthcare to low-resource communities across the world.

Native Fit:  Native Fit is an open club that meets twice a week with the goal of decreasing the obesity and health problems Natives face.

From High School:

Cross Country

4 years/ 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


2013- Cross Country Most Improved

2014- Cross Country Captain

2014- Coaches' Award

2014- Varsity Letter

2013-2014-  Union Tribune All-Academic Team

Freshman Class Treasurer 2011/2012

Principal's Honor Roll 2011-2015

Senate Certificate of Recognition in Honor of Outstanding Dedication of Time and Resources to San Diego Charities 2012

Senate Certificate of Recognition in Honor of Outstanding Community Service 2014

The President's Volunteer Service Award 2014

Sharp Hospital:  I was a junior volunteer at Sharp Hospital and worked as a patient floor aide.  Working on the patient floor, I delivered and picked up specimens from the lab, went through charts, visited patient rooms, assembled packets, and completed tasks to help the nursing staff.  (100 Hours of Service Award) 4 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, 2 years

COSMOS Biomedical Sciences:  COSMOS is the California State Summer School for mathematics and sciences.  It is a four week long residential program at UC Irvine.  I attended class Monday-Friday from 8:00-5:00 and completed a final research project on Autism.  I studied under esteemed professionals, professors, and physicians.   

Key Club (Treasurer):  Key Club is the oldest and largest international volunteer organization for high school students.  Key Club promotes leadership and civic service.  Led by students for students, we meet once a week and usually have a volunteer event every week.  I made the movement to raise money for the Eliminate project and raised $150.  As treasurer of the club, I handled all fundraisers and keep track of all 75 members dues and membership.  I was club treasurer. 2 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, 2 years

SPRITES:  SPRITES is a philanthropic women's organization dedicated to service and individual growth.  We meet every month, hold an annual benefit, and among my volunteer opportunities, my favorite is Sevick School during the summer.  I worked with children with Autism ages 2-5 as a teachers assistant.  I really enjoyed working with children and seeing their progress over the weeks. 1.5 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, 5 years

Club Eco (Vice President):  Club Eco is an ecology and sustainability club.  We met once a week and discussed volunteer opportunities, specifically how to better the environment.  We also discussed the science of civic responsibility.  I was the Vice President.  .5 hours per week, 52 weeks per year,  2 years

Key Leader:  Key Leader is a camp dedicated to the development of service leadership.  At the camp, were several presentations and team building activities and challenges.  I attended Key Leader my junior year of high school.