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Regular presence on seminars, journeys and conferences about cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep medicine.

Interested on Cardiovascular and respiratory health/diseases, patient education and self-management and researching cardiovascular, respiratory and sleep medicine.


"If there is anything that a man can do well, I say let him do it. Give him a chance"

by Abraham Lincoln

Work experience

Full Time Cardiographer

Southend University Hospital NHS

Electrocardiogram and Spirometry performing, Tape, R-test, BP monitor fitting

Trainee on Exercise testing, Tape analysis and Cath Lab

May 2013Present


Gourmet Burguer Kitchen
Aug 2013Sep 2013

Locum Cardiographer

Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust

Electrocardiogram performing

24h, 72h and 7 days Tape, R-Event fitting

May 2012Oct 2012


Esfera Saude Clinic
Sep 2009Jun 2011

Cardiac/Respiratory Physiologist

Several Public Hospitals ,Private Clinics, Airproducts company and National Emergency Service

Completed one year and three months of internship on 3th and 4th course years . Areas:

  • Respiratory Studies - duration: one month /grade: 15.4 values (0 to 20 scale)
  • Exercise Electrocardiography- duration: one month /grade: 18.0 values
  • Ambulatory Electrocardiography- duration: one month/grade: 15.5 values
  • Cardiac Ultrassonography - duration: one month/grade: 16.0 values
  • Paediatrics - duration: one month/grade: 17.5 values
  • Noninvasive Ventilation Mechanics - duration: one week/grade: 16.0 values
  • Community - duration: one month/grade: 17.0 values
  • Polysomnography - duration: four night per month/grade: 17.0 values
  • Peripheral Vascular Ultrasound - duration: one month/grade: 14.53 values
  • Extracorporeal Technology - duration: one month/grade: 17.0 values
  • Hemodynamic studies - duration: one month/grade: 12.5 values
  • Respiratory Studies (revision) - duration: one week/grade: 16.0 values
  • Electrocardiography (revision) - duration: one month/grade: 15.1 values
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring-duration: one week/grade: 18.0 values
  • Emergency Medicine - observation during one week (no grade)
  • Emergency Service - duration: one month/grade: 17.0 values
  • Pacing and Electrophysiology - duration: one month/grade: 17.0 values


Oct 2012Present


University of Aveiro

Acquiring knowledge to perform research in biomedical laboratories, in industries manufacturing materials and components for biomedicine, and with suppliers of implantable components and devices and instruments for diagnosis, amongst others.

Sep 2007Sep 2011

Bsc Honours in Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Sleep Physiology

Superior School of Health Technology of Porto
Sep 2010Sep 2011

Superior School of Health Technology of Porto/Hospital of Guimaraes

Cardiac resyncronization therapy with left ventricular transvenous versus epicardial stimulation route - A comparative study (in review at Portuguese Journal of Internal Medicine)


Sep 2011Present

Member of Portuguese Association of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Sleep Technicians

Sep 2011Present

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technician (Number C-038948044)

Central Administration of Portuguese Healthcare System
Mar 2011Present

Oral Comunication

Superior School of Health Technology of Coimbra
May 2013May 2014

Moving and Positioning of People

Protrainings, UK
May 2013May 2014

CPR/BLS and AED Level 2

Protrainings, UK


Nicola Baines

Christina Tewkesbury

Maria Assuncao Alves

Mentor of the investigation project

Ana Cristina Silva

Recomendation letter avaiable