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Work History

the Coop


Mother Clucker (Community Catalyst)

I sit at the cafe. I smile at people. People smile at me. Soon, strangers become friends who become family. The relationships spill out of the cafe into birthday parties and rides to the airport. After 7 years of this, hundreds of locals have formed a loose but organic network of authentic community, radiating from interactions begun over lattes. I'm grateful to be raising my son amidst such an amazingly diverse "framily." And I'm excited about equipping others to build relationships wherever they are.


Feb 2014Present

Communications Catalyst

Bridges is a start-up non-profit that equips leaders to develop hyper-contextual relationship-centric projects where they live, work, and play. I direct communications to capture the stunning array of work being done by diverse lay leaders across the U.S. Web, Social Media, Video, PR, Content Development, etc. See: 

Cat Moore Art & Events


Writer, Artist, Event Producer

Articles, Columns, Blogs about parenting, relationships, and the artist's life. Lately I'm finishing a memoir + how-to manual detailing the last 7 years building community through the local cafe scene and equipping readers to do the same in their own social wastelands. I've also instigated local art, music, and education markets as an avenue to support local artists and businesses and build community. My favorite part of these events is live, participatory art that involves both people who consider themselves artists and those who've never held a paintbrush.

See: and 



Applied Philosopher/Researcher

I observed, analyzed, and reported on leadership development, relational health, and character across all levels of the school district. This investigation necessitated the pioneering of non-existent research methodologies, creating new reporting mediums, and consulting literature and experts from fields as diverse as psychology, business, poetry, and ethics. Findings were adopted by division management to inform the contextualization of all phases of the research process.




I'm raising my energetic, hysterical son, Noah. This is by far the hardest, most important, and best-paying of any job I've ever had. 


Dallas Willard



I tagged along beside USC Philosophy Professor, Dallas Willard, for ten years learning how to be a good person. I also assisted him (by getting him coffee) in developing a book called Professions and the Public Good in American Life.



B.A. - Philosophy (summa cum laude)

My honors thesis dealt with the preconditions for pluralism to flourish in American communities. My directed research analyzed St. Thomas Aquinas' view of the soul. My year abroad at the U of Edinburgh focused on changing culture through clubs and cafes.