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Cassianne Cavallaro

high school student

Looking for part-time employment as a student. I am looking to gain more experience in the work field to prompt me for a successful future career and preparation for professionalism in business. 

Work History

Jul 2012Jan 2016


Children between ages 2-12

I have babysat four girls in my experience. I first babysat a seven year-old when I was twelve and am currently an on-call babysitter for three girls ages two, five, and eight. I charge $3.50 per child/hour.

Sep 2014Jan 2016

Commissioned Artist

Private Purchases and requests available

I am an artist and have been selling private pieces to both public and family members within and outside of New York. Commission prices range from material, size and request and whether it is a digital or physical art piece. I do paintings and illustrations. Currently continuing commissions.  

Jul 2013Aug 2013

Volunteer at Zoo

Rosmond Gifford zoo

Did research on animals to give public lectures at Zoo to tell of animal and Zoo rules and regulations. 



East Syracuse Minoa central high school

I am currently on the High Honor role within my school (90-100 overall average) and am in my school's Honor's Society. I value education and currently take two AP classes including AP Art History and AP World History. In addition I also take Honors 10th Grade English and take two music classes (Wind Ensemble and Chorale Choir) alongside Advanced Art 2.

I am involved in the ESM Spartan Marching Band, Winter Percussion Ensemble, Parade Band, Jazz Band, Art Club, and Spring Musical.

I annually participate in the Central New York Scholastic Art Awards and currently claim two silver keys and three gold keys. Furthermore, I've been awarded "Best Science Symposium Presentation" last school year.  

Contact me at

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       [email protected]

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      6482 Fly Road, East Syracuse NY


technology understanding

Being a millennial, it is only natural that I would be well rounded in technology since I've grown with it and its developments to the present. 

Social ability

I am confident and very down to earth in conversation. I am well versed in many worldly aspects which allows me to connect to a large group of individuals through extensive knowledge in various topics. 

Work Ethic 

I am hardworking and believe that I have strong self-discipline and an excellent working attitude. My advanced classes alongside my extracurriculars show my excellent work ethic both inside and outside school. 


My work ethic is precise and consistent in my ability to keep documents, events, and scheduling orderly. I maintain my affairs and responsibilities in a mature manner  that allows me the ability to maintain my extracurricular with my school work. 

About me

Hard-working, responsible, ability in time management and overall well-rounded in a plethora of aspects, there is not much more to be said about me then what has already been stated. I have a set plan for what I would like to obtain in my future including college and my career and understanding that looking at the bigger picture of things pays off in the end with proper planing. I take each day as an opportunity to improve myself and my life and hope that you will see that through my work should you employ me.

As stated before, I have knowledge of many aspects in life that allow me maturity through universal views and life experiences. I am easy-going in conversation, yet I am highly professional and serious when it comes to work and my responsibilities in life. I do not procrastinate and maintain my information, activities, and documents. I am personable which allows me to do preform well in social settings including costumer service and other social affairs.

Thank you for your consideration!